Wayne Rooney's 'Welcome To Manchester' Billboard: Picture

Football supporters are already beginning to have a bit of fun at the prospect of Wayne Rooney leaving Old Trafford. And it looks like one of them is already one step ahead of Manchester City with this proposed billboard (Tevez style) that could adorn the entrance to the northern city.

So far it seems that most United supporters want Rooney to leave especially the way he’s handled the situation. So is it only a matter of time before he leaves United and heads to cross-town rivals Manchester City? We shall find out.

Created by Bearded Genius.

9 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney's 'Welcome To Manchester' Billboard: Picture”

  1. Most United supporters don’t want him to move to another club. We don’t want any player playing for the club that doesn’t want to. If he wants to go, then go. No player is bigger than Man United. Well at least for a few more years anyway.

  2. Welcome to Manchester that sign makes me laugh. The best places in Manchester are :p

    1 Manchester Airport :)
    2 Manchester Picadilly Train Station

    1. lol yeah liverpool is a paradise (of guns,pedos and scouse tragedy) hillsbrough,jamie bulger ken bigley take ya pick

      1. Guns haha (moss side) Pedos haha (FERGIE) Tragedies (Munich) granny fckers (Shipman & Rooney) Mongs & Inbreds (you) – Nuff said

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