Ferguson Confirms Rooney Wants Out Of United: Video

Earlier today Sir Alex Ferguson conducted a press conference where he revealed that Wayne Rooney wants to leave Manchester United.

In the above video, the unusually solemn Ferguson recounts his side of the story in terms of Rooney’s injury and what the club has done to help and support him. He talks about how he can’t believe that Rooney wants to leave a club with a great history and stadium as well as a support system that helps his footballers thrive.

Ferguson says he doesn’t know why Rooney wants to leave.

From a PR perspective, it’s a good move by Ferguson and Manchester United. The ball is now in Rooney’s court to decide what he wants to do. Ferguson remained open to having Rooney stay with the team, but the pressure is definitely on Rooney now.

6 thoughts on “Ferguson Confirms Rooney Wants Out Of United: Video”

  1. I honestly hope he goes and somehow becomes the new Cashley for the country to boo whenever he touches the ball.

    Regardless, anyway you look it it, this is a PR nightmare for Rooney’s people to have to deal with. I don’t envy them at all right now.

  2. I don’t get it. In the press conference, Sir Alex looks as if he’s lost his best friend, his dog has died, and his wife has left him . . . but he’s known for TWO MONTHS that Rooney won’t be signing a new contract. I question the sincerity of Sir Alex’s demeanor. I think he’s a better actor than I had ever given him credit for. Appalling. And, of course, Rooney is a miserable excuse for a human being. The two deserve each other.

    1. Ferguson is definitely a quality actor. He played the father who was appalled that his son has left him. It’s one of those scenes where you have a bit of pity for Ferguson.

      The Gaffer

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