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Brits Falling In Love With the Boston Red Sex Baseball Team

boston red sex Brits Falling In Love With the Boston Red Sex Baseball Team

It seems that the Brits are having a tough time getting to grips with the name of the Boston baseball team, the Red Sox. Both on Sky Sports News (see above screen capture) and in conversation (see video below), the Brits keep on calling them the Boston Red Sex.

Or maybe it’s a Freudian slip or a joke?

Thanks to reader Tom Cooper for the above screen capture.

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17 Responses to Brits Falling In Love With the Boston Red Sex Baseball Team

  1. BA14 says:

    Boston Red Sex???

  2. BA14 says:

    this is funny.

  3. Michael Fahey says:

    On Tuesday, I was was at a Cambridge MA. pub, The Phoenix Landing, which is a haven for Liverpool FC fans, and also show international matches. I was accompanied by some visiting Irish relations who, as we were leaving spotted New England Sports Ventures poo bah John Henry.
    I’m not sure which of the Euro qualifying games he was watching, but he was accompanied by two television camera men with English accents. I’d say Mr. Henry was publicly showing his love for Liverpool before flying to London.

  4. Norfolk Enchants says:

    Red sex………can be fun but always feel a little skieved out after.

  5. Sully says:

    So… Will Tessie now become a Liverpool song???

  6. Gaz Hunt says:

    Here the next debacle.

    A Liverpool press release says that H&G got a restraining order against the board members in order to prolong the sale.

    These guys are burning bridges left and right. I think it’s officially safe to say they will never own a sport club in Europe ever again. If teams in the States are smart they’ll do a little research and hesitate too.

  7. SantaClaus says:

    They got the restraining order from a judge in Texas and are also seeking damages in the amount of 1.6 billion pounds (or it could be dollars, I’m not sure). Anyway, these guys are not going to go away without creating more difficulties for Liverpool. This circus has only just begun.

  8. David says:

    They have experience in developing a team with a wonderful history and bringing it back to winning and it’s winning ways… yea… only took em 100 years! Kinda ironic, if you ask me.

    • Gaz Hunt says:

      He didn’t own the Boston Red Sox for 100 years, silly.

      They didn’t win the title for over a 100 years. He owned them for a few seasons and they won the title.

      That’s the point of bringing it up. It only took them a few seasons to do something other owners were unable to do in over 100 years.

  9. MNUfan1991 says:

    (and I don’t even care for baseball)

  10. Gaz Hunt says:

    Even more mess. After a judge in London voted against H&G and said the sale could go through, they got a restraining order. And now…

    The High Court today issued an order against the legal action taken in Dallas last night by Tom Hicks and George Gillett Jr
    • Hicks and Gillett have been given until 4pm tomorrow to withdraw their injuction otherwise they will be found in contempt of UK court
    • There is currently a hearingtaking place in Dallas
    • NESV claim they are now the owners of the club and BBC 5Live are stating that the deal could be done tonight
    • In the High Court today NESV lawyer David Chivers said the sale would go through once the Texas case is withdrawn. “We are the owners,” Chivers told the High Court. “The owners from beyond the grave are seeking to exercise with their dead hand a continuing grip on this company.”

    Mostly taken from

  11. greggymo says:

    Wait’ll they see a healthy Jacoby next year!

  12. humza says:

    red sex…was that intentional or…

  13. CTBlues says:

    It should read Boston Red Sux.

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