Feuerstein’s Fire Episode #27

Daniel F Daniel Feuerstein Joins Major League Soccer Talk

Monday, October 4th 8:00PM EDT – 5:00PM PDT

Lamar Hunt US Open Cup Preview Show
Seattle Sounders Head Coach Sigi Schmid
Columbus Crew Technical Director Brian Bliss
NASL Segment: Garrett Tozier, FC Tampa Bay Rowdies Supporter
Re-Capping the Red Bulls one goal clean sheet victory against Kansas City & Clinching a playoff spot

Thursday, October 7th 8:00PM EDT – 5:00PM PDT
Lamar Hunt US Open Cup Review Show
David Faulk of Goal Seattle Blog & Blake Compton Columbus Crew Supporter

3 thoughts on “Feuerstein’s Fire Episode #27”

  1. Hey Daniel Did you here the great news, San Antonio is joining the NASL in 2012 and will be playing Exhibabitin games in 2011 like Edmonton did.

  2. Yes Dan, I did hear that. I think San Antonio will make an excellent NASL Side. Very happy to hear this and maybe this might make Austin move to NASL and stay in second division. We shall see, but fantastic news for San Antonio.

    1. Yea I hope Austim makes the move to NASL because an Austin/ San Antonio derby would be alot of fun. I think NASL is moving in the right direction to make their league a viable d2 league and maybe NASL,USL, and MLS could find away to wrk together to build soccer in this country.

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