Manchester United Game Is Roy Hodgson’s Acid Test

Roy Hodgson Manager Liverpool 2010/11 Birmingham City V Liverpool (0-0) 12/09/10 The Premier League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom
After a fairly solid start to life on Merseyside, Roy Hodgson will today take his Liverpool side along the M62 for the crunch meeting with arch rivals Manchester United. The meeting will be a real indication of Hodgson’s time at Liverpool so far, and a win could set the tone for his tenure.

Without a doubt it’s been a very difficult start for Hodgson. Opening games against Arsenal and Manchester City were never going to be easy, couple that with the low confidence of Steven Gerrard after a woeful World Cup with England, and an injured Fernando Torres and Hodgson’s task looks a lot harder.

While the defeat to Manchester City was a low point, Liverpool’s excellent result in Turkey which saw them qualify for the Europa League was a major high. But against Birmingham last week Liverpool were criticised for overly negative tactics, and the jury is very much still out on Hodgson as things stand.

However a win at Old Trafford and I think Liverpool fans will once again be filled with the optimism which was so desperately missing during the later stages of Rafael Benitez’s days at Anfield.

Whether Liverpool can get a positive result at Old Trafford is a different question, and personally I think if you offered any Liverpool a fan point now, they would quite happily accept. But unfortunately I think the only way they can get a result will be if the hosts drastically underperform.

Having said that though with players like Gerrard and Torres Liverpool will always have a chance. If both of them perform to their ability then we could all be in for a real treat. The worry for Liverpool is that Torres currently looks a million miles away from his best. But Hodgson will also be able to turn to Joe Cole after his return from suspension and that will be a big bonus as Liverpool looked desperately lacking in creativity at Birmingham.

But still I just think United will have a little too much in their tank for Liverpool and can see Hodgson having to rebuild the clubs fragile confidence once again.

What do you think, can Liverpool get a result to kick-start their season at Old Trafford? What do they have to do to get a result?

10 thoughts on “Manchester United Game Is Roy Hodgson’s Acid Test”

  1. Would not miss this one for anything. are showing it and will be setting the alarm clock for this one – oh yeah!

    1-0 to Liverpool and Torres gets the goal…………

  2. You really can’t predict this match based on normal factors. This is THE game in the top division in England. Both sets of fans will tell you that, it is a local rivalry and a long one that has seen both teams take the role of “most dominant team in the land” and “so close to returning to glory”. Even when the fortunes of the clubs is at the furthest point, it is still a game that can give fans a short term bragging rights.
    As to the game itself, I think it will be tight and a testy affair. Fergie and Roy know each other well, and are friendly, unlike the Rafa Fergie relationship. Things to watch for (a) If the Ref is up to making big decisions against the home side. (b) If Vidic lets his past performances agaisnt Torres rattle him this time (c) If Joe Cole can show quality and intelligence and change a game in a positive way. (d) If any of the new players freeze and (e) If the game ends with 11 v 11.
    My prediction, Carragher and Rooney tangle and both get sent off and Konchesky wins it late with a once-every-three-years unstoppable rocket. Or not. About 12 hours until we find out.

  3. Roy Hodgon in the headline? Missing “s” there, folks.

    United to edge this one – MU have a shade too much quality at the moment for RH’s lads. It’ll be a dour affair.


    1. I’ve seen nothing this year that tells me this United team is close to what they’ve been in years past. Tomorrow will be a great litmus test for both teams.

      Hoping and praying that Liverpool comes out and plays the way I keep hoping they will, but I know it’s going to be a really tough day to get a result.

  4. Roy Hodgson has not shown anything so far to warrant any confidence that Liverpool have the right manager in place. His team selections, tactics and substitutions have been poor. Tough times ahead for Reds fans. I’d be suprised if Liverpool finish in the top half.

  5. Based on today’s performance and from what I’ve seen from Liverpool so far this season I honestly think Hodgson has failed. Liverpool still play some of the worse football of any top team in the world. Even among the mid-table teams in the EPL Liverpool look poor. If Hodgson weren’t British it’s safe to say he would be criticised more in the English media and maybe even call for his removal.

  6. Hodgson failed today and I haven’t seen anything from him to believe he will be a success at Liverpool. His Liverpool team shows no sense of purpose.

  7. Hodgson failed the test against Manchester united and he has not been impressive at all as Liverpool coach so far. It may be early days but things don’t look good for Liverpool. That and Hodgson’s away record at Fulham was horrible. His philosophy and tactics are more suited for mid-table teams. Liverpool is no longer a top-tier team. Oh how the once mighty have fallen!

  8. The problem with liverpool is that they have a manager that thinks like a mid-table manager. His tactics are all wrong. As far as I’m concerned Hodgson has failed as Liverpool manager not just because of the Manchester United result but the team’s overall performance since the season began. Liverpool are now clearly a mid-table club. Very sad.

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