Leverkusen Sign Mainz Starlet Andre Schuerrle

Andre Schuerrle Signs For Leverkusen.

Bayer Leverkusen and Mainz have agreed terms over German starlet Andre Schuerrle, who will make his move to Leverkusen official in the summer. Schuerrle has been on excellent form so far during this Bundesliga season, and has come under the radar of many of Europe’s top clubs. Leverkusen have tabled the best bid for both Mainz and Schuerrle, however, and have captured the young player.

Bayer Leverkusen president Wolfgang Holzhauser and head coach Jupp Heynckes had praise and for the player and for the deal which will see Schuerrle play for Leverkusen until 2016.

Holzhauser said, “We are glad to have signed a long-term contract with one of Germany’s biggest talents. We have tried to persuade him to come to us for over a year.” Schuerrle has already netted twice this season in just two league games, and could soon be making an apperance in Joachim Loew’s national side if he continues on this vein of form.

Heynckes praised the player and named him as one to lead the club into the future, “Andre Schuerrle is one of the outstanding offensive talents in the Bundesliga. We are delighted about his decision to join Bayer Leverkusen, and we are positive he will make it to an even higher level with us.”

Schuerrle also made a statement about his move, and is looking forward to joining up with Leverkusen: “I am very grateful to Mainz of how Christian Heidel and coach Thomas Tuchel went about my wish to join Bayer Leverkusen, and that they made my next step in my career possible already.”

Great move for Leverkusen, and definitely a star for the future.

4 thoughts on “Leverkusen Sign Mainz Starlet Andre Schuerrle”

    1. They may have snapped Schuerrle up for a fairly low price, so if they sold one of those three they may make a fair profit. Helmes and Kiessling were once top prospects but never really rose to the level a lot of people expected them to. I can see Derdiyok staying, he’s a well-rounded striker. Schuerrle can also play deeper positions, after all. It’ll be interesting to see where he ends up fitting in. I’m just excited at the prospect of seeing him at an international level some way down the line.

      1. Agree with Kiessling case, as a matter of fact Kiessling play more as a winger in Germany U-21 (quite strange considering his height).

        But as far as I can remember, Helmes name come to surface just a few years ago, he is not building his career through NT junior rank (CMIIW). So, in that matter, I can’t really agree that he disappoint expectation toward him. If it wasn’t of his injury, maybe he could did well in WC2010. In his prime condition, I rate him as one of Germany best striker (along with Gomez).

  1. I have to say, even those these kinds of deals are commonplace now, they still piss me off. The smaller clubs get shafted out of the benefit of having a growing talent help them progress in the league, while the bigger teams only solidify their upper-table positions.

    Yes, Mainz will get a healthy fee should Schuerrle be sold on by Leverkusen, but I’d think the least they should do is buy & then loan back for a season or two. Especially now at the really big clubs, you often see the young ones sign & then rot (Ryan Babel being one example,) having never been given a real chance.

    I guess the lure of $$ is too strong, but then again if you spend your early twenties never playing you’re not likely to get that big contract in what is supposed to be the prime of your career.

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