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FIFA 11 Video Game: Next Gen Gameplay Footage (Video)

EA Sports has released footage of the next gen gameplay for the FIFA 11 video game, which is scheduled for release this autumn.

In the above video, you can see gameplay from Arsenal versus Real Madrid. It features the Next Gen Gameplay Engine which will be available on FIFA 11 for the Xbox 360, PC and PS3.

As you can see from the above FIFA 11 video, the graphics are exceptional and so too is the commentary which really feels real.

The demo for the FIFA 11 will be released on September 16 for Xbox360, PS3 and PC. The game is scheduled for release on September 28 in North America, September 30 in Australia and October 1 in Europe.

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18 Responses to FIFA 11 Video Game: Next Gen Gameplay Footage (Video)

  1. Allen says:

    Looks fantastic the game does. What I’m more surprised about, though, are the release dates for North America versus Europe. In the past few years, EA has released the European versions of the game at least two weeks before the drooling US audiences (like last year was October 1st in EU, 20th in USA), so it’s interesting that they’re releasing the North America/USA version before the rest of the world this year.

    A sign that they’re noticing that Americans love their FIFA? Maybe? Strange coincidence? Maybe, too.

  2. rob says:

    1) certainly looking forward to fifa11, just wish they would put it out prior to EPL kicking off
    2) ‘the commentary is really real’??!?! have you ever watched a match on Televsion? The commentary has always been a weak spot for the game, and it’s certainly very difficult to make it realistic, but you missed the target completely with that.
    3) the graphics are very nice.

    • The Gaffer says:

      Rob, not sure what you mean by the commentary #2 point. What I meant is that the commentary sounds much improved compared to previous versions. It sounds more authentic and natural.

      The Gaffer

      • Red20 says:

        I thought the commentary sounded exactly the same as last year. I think I heard one new comment, and that was after a missed shot early on. Game looks fantastic, but I certainly didn’t notice any appreciable difference in the commentating.

  3. Because everyone knows Robin van Persie is Arsenal’s set piece specialist, and not a certain Spaniard.

    • ArsenalFan says:

      if a free kick is within 25 yards, you’re more likely to see RVP take it than Cesc.

      RVP actually takes some corner kicks as well.

  4. 50 says:

    Why are two teams,with two of the most recognizable stadiums in the world,playing in a generic stadium?

  5. The Gentleman Masher says:

    Looks about the same as ’10 to me…

  6. Fee says:

    Looking good! Can’t wait, but I am still playing Fifa10! They did such a good job with it that I hope they keep the momentum with 11. The commentating was good in 10 and the only way is up in my opinion, sure it’s not perfect but let’s face it that’s impossible. It’s as close as anyone has ever gotten and I love how they throw in little stats and have little conversations. Like about the new Wembley, how Arsenal play nice football but win nothing and one of my faves; Tyler: What’s gone wrong Andy in the first half? Gray: Two words – Can’t defend Martin. Tyler: That’s 3 words. Andy: Aahh!
    The crowds sound great too. I just hope they get rid of pointless animation cut scenes for booking and substitutions and have the squad menu be a click away. Oh and update results in the background…

  7. It’s more of a gradual improvement with FIFA now, there isn’t much really from FIFA 10 that you’d want overhauled completely. Does anyone know when the demo is out?

    In this video I imagine it isn’t the final version so they haven’t completely put all the commentary in, in any case I always get the Spanish commentators when I get FIFA, Martin Tyler and Andy Gray are so annoying and dull. But the commentary is a lot better than games on the old consoles, stick on an old version of PES and you’ll realise!

    I’ve also been hearing that PES has been making huge improvements this year, i’ll try out both the demo’s when they’re out.

  8. Robert says:

    looks the same as fifa10. One thing i hope they improve on is substitutions. I hate having to push pause go to team management and sub in people. Can’t it be a menu that pops up during a dead ball and rotate players in and out?

  9. erik says:

    I believe for like the first time ever, the US is actually getting FIFA before Europe, by a few days or so.

  10. Ryan says:

    At 6:48…”Absolutely no trouble for the goalkeeper here…” lol That’s the one complaint I have about the commentary.

  11. jonathan says:

    i love the 2010 world cup game because the commentary and stadium atmosphere made it feel more realistic. i wish that would carry over…

  12. caleb says:

    looks AWESOME

  13. Elodie Poke says:

    Wonderfull ! I think most people have the same idea about this no ?

  14. lada says:


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