Football Manager 2011: Sneak Preview (Video)

It’s incredible to think of all of the enhancements that are made to Football Manager year after year. The game becomes closer to real life football management with each release. And now we have a sneak peek of what will be featured in Football Manager 2011 which will be released before the end of 2010.

Sports Interactive, who produce the game, have released a video interview featuring SI Studio Director Miles Jacobson where he describes many of the new features in FM 2011. Plus, the video shows ‘work in progress’ versions of the improved match engine.

Some of the new features include:

  • New live contract negotiation system,
  • New conversational player interaction, and improved board and backroom staff interaction,
  • New match preparation system, and a revamped training module,
  • Massively improved match view with player emotions, improved graphics and goal celebrations,
  • More immersive in-game news service, and
  • Dynamic league reputations.

In Europe, the game is tentatively scheduled for release on October 29, 2010. And it’ll be released in North America before Christmas 2010.

9 thoughts on “Football Manager 2011: Sneak Preview (Video)”

  1. Agreed, best game ever. I buy every two years cuz I don’t have enough time to play. I can’t wait to see how much better the game will be after two years of improvements.

  2. Sorry, I’m going to take a contrarian view here.

    I stopped playing this game around 2003 when it became necessary to spend less time playing games and more times setting up training routines and tactics.

    I just watched the first minute or so of the video and I’m already nodding off to sleep. Agent types? Negotiating contracts? Wake me up when it’s Saturday, please!

    Is there a better football manager game for people like me? I’d happily sacrifice realism for fun. I strong multi-player game, so I could go up against my mates, would be a huge plus.

    1. Good point Phil. The game is too intimidating to me from a perspective of the amount of time it requires. With kids and a family, I don’t want to dive into a game like Football Manager where it sucks up too much time. That’s why I enjoy playing FIFA with the kids on a Wii. It takes a minute to set up and it’s over in 10. It’s a totally different experience, but it would be nice if there was a FM lite version for people who don’t have as much time to invest.

      The Gaffer

      1. Well Phil then you should go and buy Fifa Manager or championship manager and “play”. The guys at SI want to make a football manager simulation, and that’s exactly what they are doing. peace :)

  3. I’m a newbie to the FM franchise (having logged about 60 hours total, all in FM 2010) but I am super excited about this new version as they seem to be specifically addressing some of the things that bug me.

  4. This game is great and god knows it has cost me a few good grades while in college. I can do things like get rid of Robbie Savage and enjoy that. I can’t wait for FM 11.

  5. FM is one of the best computer game series ever. It is high end goodness. I can’t see how people could play this or want to play this on an iPhone though. Not my idea of fun.

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