Fox Relaunches In Time for EPL Season

Fox Soccer Channel today launched a beta version of, its broadband website, in time for the 2010-11 Premier League season which begins Saturday, August 14.

The biggest change is that has switched broadband providers from RayV to Perform. Perform’s client list includes Virgin Media, Marca and But Perform is perhaps best known to readers as the company that manages and maintains the majority of the websites for Premier League clubs. Some readers experienced issues with RayV’s platform last season, so the change to Perform’s platform is an encouraging move.

The launch of beta is just in time.’s schedule of Premier League games shown live begins this weekend with the availability of five Premier League games all at once, the 10am ET fixtures featuring Blackburn against Everton, Bolton versus Fulham, Wolves against Stoke, Wigan versus Blackpool and Sunderland against Birmingham City. Plus the coverage featuring Premier League clubs continues mid-week with the Champions League qualifying play-off match between BSC Young Boys versus Tottenham Hotspur. For the schedule of upcoming games on, visit this page.

Starting this weekend, will feature a pop-out media player so that you don’t have to keep a full browser window open. Plus, DVR capabilities will be added August 28th and a picture-in-picture feature later this fall. Even more exciting is that an iPhone app will be released later this month to watch games on your phone as well as an iPad version later this fall.

All of the Premier League games shown live on Fox Soccer Plus will be available on, so if your local TV provider doesn’t have Fox Soccer Plus or if you prefer to watch games online, is worth considering. Plus, has the Premier League games that are shown on Fox Soccer Channel available on demand on

To coincide with the launch of the beta version, is offering a free trial between now and August 27. Fox is also advertising monthly and annual pass options.  The monthly subscription is $14.99, while the annual subscription is $159.99, a savings of $19.89 compared to the monthly option.

In addition to Premier League coverage, offers live and on-demand games from the Champions League, Championship and Serie A as well as rugby. is Windows and Mac compatible and features HD high-quality Flash stream video.

For soccer fans in the United States, especially those that follow Premier League clubs, everything has come together this week. beta has launched. Fox Soccer Channel HD and Fox Soccer Plus HD are now on DirecTV. ESPN has announced their schedule for Premier League games over the next week including coverage on, TV and Mobile TV. The season is all set for us to sit back and enjoy.

154 thoughts on “Fox Relaunches In Time for EPL Season”

  1. Bad thing… it is beta.

    Good thing… just about all the other news!

    $15 a month for the mounds of games is a great bargain. I got an email saying that the first two weeks would be free, so time to get the feet wet and hopefully this will be a great experience.

  2. The only thing I dont like about it is nothing is seprated . They have all the games there in a big group. I would like all the EPL games under a section of EPL and Serie A in a section of Serie A games. Like the old one. Other than that…its great. I watched a little bit of rugby and the stream was great.

    1. It’s a beta for a reason. That means they are still making changes. Perhaps they are already working on what you propose, but in case they aren’t, you should write in and let them know what you think. You clearly care enough that you took the time to write in to EPLTalk. Cheers.

      1. I got in touch with the peeps at Fox Soccer and they said that they are looking at separating the different leagues to make it easier for everyone to see what’s available. Great site though, I saw the Spurs game yesterday and the adaptive streaming is amazing, it was like watching TV!

  3. They used to have a 24 hour option for $4.99 – was great for those of us who are already subscribed to FSC and FSC+ and just want the occasional extra game from the web.

    The new version doesn’t have this – bad move in my opinion.

    They could at least give FSC+ subscribers some kind of discount.

    1. I Really don’t see that much of a need for the $4.99 for a day option. I’m guessing not many people took up that option and that is why it’s gone.

      But I would have to agree with you as far as giving FS+ subscribers a discount. Actually those people should be getting this service for free. They are already paying the $15 monthly fee to just add one channel when FSC is already free. Still doesn’t make much sense.

      1. “They are already paying the $15 monthly fee to just add one channel when FSC is already free.”

        You must be talking just DirectTV subscribers. I live in eastern NC, have Time Warner Cable and pay nothing extra for FSC or FS+.

        1. Not to mention DirecTV people also have to either get the top tier programming package or buy the $12.99 a month sports pak to even get regular FSC, let alone the extra $14.99 a month for FSC+.

          1. HD is free if you are under a new contract. FSC, FSC+ and GolTV are all in HD on DirecTV so at least we have that. I don’t pay for FSC+ that they do not have as much premier stuff anymore.

            Also are you a Fulham fan? Just wondering b/c of the avatar.

  4. I took the bait on the free trial. Hope quality is up to a high standard since we know ESPN3 will be top rate. Monthly price is ok, it could be a couple bucks lower.

    Does anyone know if the ESPN3 games will be available on replay for seven days?

    Hey, Chris, how many years ago was it just you, TT, BC, and I in the chat box with a bad web cam shot. We have come a long way in a short time and this site has made it all possible.

    1. A couple bucks lower? It could be twice the price and I’d say it was still reasonable. I paid nearly twice that to get one or two games a week, less than 10 years ago. This gives you an option to watch almost everything in the EPL. There are probably people in the UK that would give their left leg for that coverage, forget at the price of $15 a month.

    2. Lou, I’m still stunned at the growth of the Premier League in this country and how far we’ve come. Times sure have changed just in the last few years!

      The Gaffer

      1. Hey Gaffer,
        Would you be able to tell me what kind of coverage people in the UK get of the Premiership and even other European leagues such as Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A. Do we in the US actually get more coverage then them?

        1. U.K. viewers get two matches on Saturday and generally the one or Sunday matches. U.K. viewers don’t get any matches that start at 10 a.m. Eastern. No coverage of Ligue Un. We get much more soccer over here than U.K. viewers get and a lot cheaper.

          Top Up TV is offering Sky Sports 1 & 2, and ESPN UK for 40 pounds ($62) a month, with no HD.

        2. I have the full Sky package, no HD and no ESPN UK. It costs me £50 a month (not sure what that is in dollars). I get movies, discovery channels, music channels and so on included. HD is another £10 a month. ESPN I think is £15 a month.
          We usually get 2 games on a Saturday and a game on Sunday. ESPN UK also gets a game but I don’t have that so usually watch it by another means (wink wink).
          SKY and ITV share the Champions league so we get to watch those games too. Sky also shows quite a lot of La Liga so I watch a lot of that too. We don’t really get much of any other league.
          There’s also all the other sports, Cricket, Rugby, Golf and so on included in the SKY package.
          Finally SKY have Football first which shows all the games that are on that day on delay and it starts around 8pm GMT and you can watch the games in full then.
          ESPN UK is a rip off, I think it’s about £15 a month and shows one Prem game a week plus some other sports stuff, not worth it in my opinion especially as I’m already paying £50 a month for my SKY package.

  5. Any idea if there are plans to begin offering the FSC programming as well (fox soccer report, sky sports news, the new phone in show thing, etc.)? If so, cable is gone for me.

    1. just drop your sport package and get this. because yesterday i just got dish from comcast. but no hd tho :P, well at least have FS+.

  6. EPL coverage used to be 1 hour of highlights on a Sunday night – otherwise you had to find a pub with a commercial satellite and most often pay a cover fee per game. It really has come a long way.
    I tested out the steam quality with some rugby and it was very good – 16:9 ratio and quite sharp on a large TV. I’m sorry to see they’re still delaying the Fox Soccer Channel games – it looks like they will still be delayed to the following day.
    Layout could be cleaned up – mixing up Currie cup rugby cup games with EPL seems unnecessary – a few tabs please
    Overall I think its great value, especially when they’ve added the DVR capabilites – an absolute must have in my opinion

    1. Ya, if the DVR feature really is that, they will have my $15 a month for sure. If not, I don’t know how much use it will be for me as I rarely get the chance to watch any of the games live. If I didn’t have a DVR it would suck.

    2. Ya, if the DVR feature really is that, they will have my $15 a month for sure. If not, I don’t know how much use it will be for me as I rarely get the chance to watch any of the games live. If I didn’t have a DVR for my dish it would suck.

      Anybody know what all of the leagues .tv will be showing? ….and the number of games from each league?

  7. William of Comcast emailed this morning to my latest request and said the same old thing about World of More and no ETA for Fox Soccer Channel in HD. We are so tempted to go to Directv but we will see how things pan out.

  8. Will the broadcasts be live? How does the HD quality compare to ESPN3? Good enough to stream to a 720P TV?

    I checked out last year and it seemed pretty weak.

    1. I signed up and will answer my own questions:

      1. based on the live “Bay of Plenty v Auckland” rugby game, the quality looks very good. It’s HD and should look fine on my TV.

      2. Looks about the same as ESPN3, but it’s tough for me to be sure. I get ESPN3 at work on a lower bandwidth.

      3. Looks like the non-ESPN (in the US) games will be available live. Hopefully everything will be available on replay.

      Looks like this could be a winner. Have to see what the quality looks like with higher traffic than the New Zealand Rugby at 10:30pm EST…

  9. So I just re-subscribed my monthly account so I could get two weeks for free. My question is do I need to download something else to be able to wach the games like I did with the RayV? I do not see any option to download anything.

  10. Great news, really pumped for tomorrow’s Wolves game, let’s just hope this beta site works. If it does, kudos to Fox Soccer for getting this done in time.

  11. I’m disappointed that their annual subscription is $159.99 which isn’t that big of a discount over the monthly rate. Also, if you’re only interested in the EPL or other content that runs through till the end of May 2011, then the monthly plan is cheaper.

    Anyway, with I won’t miss not having FS+ which my cable carrier doesn’t offer. I’m hopeful that will be better than it was last season.

  12. I hate to get off subjet here from the EPL but are they not going to show MLS on there ?…I thought they use to show MLS on there ?…

  13. Will probably pick it up at least for the trial, if it works out then go month to month until don’t hold your breath for FIOS to have FSC and FSC+ in HD any latest news on this?

  14. Looks like they took a step backward with their User Interface. All that investment in the previous gone to waste! Nevertheless, hope for better streaming quality this year. Kudos to on their coverage – what a site! Truly sets streaming standards for everyone to follow.

  15. Well this company does not matter to me anymore. Won’t take my card information, why the hell should I care about them?

    As far as I’m concerned now, Fox can go out of business or go to a company that will accept all payments. Oh well, their loss…not mine.

  16. This is my only option for footy. The student housing here doesn’t get Goltv,, or FSC so for me the 15 per month goes a long way.

  17. It took some serious effort, but I finally was able to get them to cancel the service and stop billing me in July. FoxSoccerTv must have some chimps running things behind the scenes (the streaming and customer service stunk big time!). I will wait for reviews of how things are going for them this season before I would think about paying for the service again…. Right now I will stick to the ten trillion other places to watch football online each weekend.

  18. So wait… has all the games on Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Soccer Plus? So all you’re really missing is the Saturday / weekday ESPN game (as far as EPL / Champion’s League).

    Is that right?

    In my area, Fox Soccer is not in HD and Fox Soccer Plus is not available. Why not just cancel Fox Soccer Channel and have this.

    All I need is DVR capabilities to be added to the site and a VGA cable to hook up the laptop to the television.


  19. Gaffer,

    Do you know if one can cancel out his subscription at any time? I checked on their website but couldn’t find any info.



    1. After you register and set up your account, you can click the “My Account” tab on top of the page and there is a “Cancel Subscription” option there.

      1. Ha ha … Fox would like you to think it was that easy to end the service…

        I clicked all sorts of tabs etc … to cancel and was charged for two more months …. Fox would not cancel the service …. Until I provided them with the original Email notification that my service had started (that they had sent to me a few months previous). i had to track down that email, save it to my computer as a PDF file and attach it to my email to Fox soccer …. And then they finally cancel the service…. My biggest complaint besides the crappy feeds, was the difficultly in canceling the service ….Needless to say this was such a hassle! Who knows maybe this years setup is a little more user friendly, But fox steered this die hard footy fan away from their online service.

  20. The new still has many problems. First I couldn’t get the Blackburn vs Everton feed, tried all the other matches and could only get the feed to Wigan vs Blackpool. Finally got the feed to Blackburn vs Everton about 4 minutes into the match. Now it’s half-time and I got a frozen screen. Again tried all the other matches to see if I could get any of the feeds and could only get Wigan vs Blackpool.

    If this holds up I’m going to cancel during the trial period. Can Fox get ANYTHING right?

        1. Worked great for me as well, what an improvement from last season. Was able to switch from match to match with no problems at all and the only time I encountered a freeze was during the Wigan-Blackpool match and that lasted perhaps 5 seconds or so and came right back without having to refresh.

          Very impressed with the picture quality so far and hooked up to my 42″ it sill looked very good.

      1. Dear Gaffer –

        I’m glad it’s working for you. It’s not for me – I was one of the few idiots who actually bought a “Championship Pass” last season, which was supposed to guarantee me a season of football from march 2010 through most of this season. I tried to log on and could not. After a string of email with customer service (at least they responded quickly), and finally sending the confirmation email of my payment from last march I got the email that I cut and pasted below:

        “Hi S_______

        This goes back to 3rd March 2010 for a company called Plimus.

        Fox Soccer online is now undertaken by a company called Perform which when live today. As this relates to the previous supplier we have no details or records of this.

        Kind Regards

        Customer Services”

        Am I losing my mind or was I just imagining that the package I bought was NOT supposed to end August 14th? Considering the few matches I actually wanted to see last year either froze, crashed, or had a black screen, it’s really an insult to injury to be treated like a creditor of a make believe “bankrupt” subscription service – at least itvn and setanta actually went out of business. For the current “owners” of to pretend or not care enough to take on the liabilities of the previous management is rather disappointing. They said they’ll look into it.

        1. brn442, sorry to hear that, sincerely. That’s a horrible way to be treated. If you’re not able to make any progress after you hear back from them (they said they’ll look into it), let me know. I know the people inside Fox who are responsible for, so I can try to help if needed.

          The Gaffer

  21. Took about just over 4 minutes for Stoke v Wolves to start showing. Otherwise, flawless performance, and I was doing a little browsing at the same time, something I couldn’t do last season. I only have about 2 Mbps speed. So I’m happy so far.

  22. I had lots of problems getting Blackburn-Everton to show. When it came on the quality was good with occassional chopiness. Unless they improve the product I won’t continue.

  23. I was not impressed with the new Couldn’t get the stream to any of the matches right away. Took for ever to find one. Had one freeze in the middle of the Wigan-Blackpool game. Lost the feed at half time and again took forever to get it back and when I finally did it was in the 52nd minute.

    From the above posts it seems like some people had no problems and others had some problems. Still 50-50 as to whether I will get a subscription when the trialm period ends.

  24. Watched the Bolton and Fulham game on and it was great. it was a tad choppy sometimes but other than that…it was perfect…I just want them to hurry up and get that DVR thing going. So I can watch the other matches.

  25. I had a few problems with today. It took forever to finally get the Blackburn-Everton stream and when I did it was with the game in the 5th minute. I had one freeze and a few chopiness issues during the entire game. Otherwise it was fine. I’m going to wait till they move away from their beta version to their final version to decide if I’m going to continue my subscription beyond the trial period. I’m concerned that when teams like Man United and Liverpool play each other, for example, these problems I see now maybe even worse. Let’s hope they sort it out soon.

  26. just got better. They are giving you 40 min highlights of the each game. It gives you a good highlights to. lets you see the build up to goals and gives you bits and peices of the game. Sort of makes you feel like your watching the game instead of highlights.

  27. This is a massive massive improvement on the old product. Watched Spurs, hooked up to my 50 inch plasma and it was like an HD picture. The player loading was a little slow but this is the best product i have seen of its kind.

    Simple and clean

    Dave the yid

    1. Dave, I 100% agree with you on the the product – all I can say is that it’s off the hook!! Great website and very easy for an expat like me to follow all of Utd’s games.

  28. I couldn’t get any of the 10am matches to load as I kept trying each one to see what I could get. After about 3 minutes I was able to get the Wigan vs Blackpool game which I watched for about 10 minutes then switched to Blackburn vs Everton and this time it loaded fine. Had no problems with the picture for the rest of the half. Then I got a frozen screen at halftime. I tried loading the game again but wasn’t able to for about 2 minutes then it came on and everyhting was fine, except for a few chopiness issues, till the end of the game. When it works the quality of the picture is better than the old . Now if they work out the bugs it could be a great product. Looking forward to the non-beta version. Hope they have it ready before the trial period ends so I can evaluate it better.

  29. Does anybody know if they will be showing A League? I thought they used to, but it doesn’t seem like there is as much on the list at this time.

  30. I watched the Chelsea-WBA game “on demand” tonight. Good quality feed however I was disappointed that I could only view half of the game. Also there was no announcer or intro showing the roster/formations or anything else for that matter. Checked some other on demand games and all of them were cut to 45 minutes. What gives? With the old fox the on-demand replay games were actually the full game. Are we going to be stuck with just highlights this time around or what? If so I might not be willing to pay $15 a month, especially when ESPN3 offers better quality for free!

    1. This is my biggest problem with it too. The “on demand” feature is complete shit. I understand blacking out a live game that is being shown on regular fox soccer, but then to only offer a edited version of that game later is complete BS. For the delayed viewing capabilities, is a complete fail. It’s a glorified sportscenter.

      1. Wow, from “Great” to “Lacking” in a rather short amount of time. The live material seemed good, but the website is buggy, I’m having a hard time just getting a “replay” made available. I need to do a search to load something?

        And if the replays are just partial matches, I’m having a hard time justifying this, unless there will be a DVR option. Why in the heck do they do this to us? Two free weeks, but the product clearly isn’t ready yet if these are going to be problems. No DVR or real on-demand makes this less valuable. It’d be hard to catch Aussie rugby live all the time.

  31. The biggest disappointment I see is the quality of the live matches, which were quite good when they did load versus the quality of the match highlights. They are quite poor in comparison. I noticed that the live matches did not give the option of setting the speed. I guess this is what Fox means as the adaptive technology. The highlights do offer the traditional low, mid, and high options; however, even on the highest settings the video playback is quite choppy compared to the live stream.

    I agree with Daniel’s comments as well. $15 for a highlight package is not worth it. I was hoping that all matches could be played back in their entirety.

    If Fox soccer allows full match replays and equals the quality of the live matches, I will gladly stay on as a customer. If they don’t, I will stick with ESPN3’s matches.

    1. Yeah I don’t know what the deal is with the 45 minutes or so highlights of the matches, that is not mentioned anywhere on the site. The rugby on-demand however shows full match replays.

      On the other hand, I didn’t notice any sharp degradation in quality set to the highest level as some have mentioned (although it isn’t at the level of the live broadcast) and the ones I sampled played back with no glitches or choppy video.

      As this is the first weekend and the site is still in “beta” mode I am willing to wait until the end of the 2 week trial to see what if any changes/revisions are going to be made.

      1. DaveRam hit the nail on the head for me. Why don’t they make any mention of the fact that they are only going to give us highlights anywhere on the site (all I see is “on-demand” matches, it is only when you click on the match that you see it is only highlights)? How about those of us who used the service last year? Where they going to tell us that we get to pay the same fee but that the content has been vastly degraded? Really poor service on this one. I really miss setanta-i, a much cleaner and higher quality service IMO.

  32. The “On Demand” section is now titling is files “Extended.” This seems to indicate they have no intention of show full match replays. That’s a bad move, in my opinion.

    Gaffer, any idea what they’re exact plans are on this?

    1. Just received this email back from customer service in response to an email I sent asking if they planned to show full match replays:

      “Thanks for your message.

      Unfortunately we are only able to show full matches when they are live.

      Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.

      Best regards,
      Customer Services”

      That’s that then, I suppose. That is a significant fault in the product, as far I’m concerned.

      1. Well, that certainly is not what anyone bargained for and is disappointing. While I should not be surprised, somehow I find that I still am.

        I know it is easier to just pick and choose from a list of matches and hit play to watch when you want but perhaps as The Gaffer alludes to in his article above, the DVR option they should be coming out with will at least alleviate some of this problem as long as you remember in advance to record the matches you want to watch at another time. Setanta-i had that feature and I found it quite handy.

  33. Overall I have to say I was very impressed with the service and the quality of the streaming. I used to log on to all the illegal streaming sites but that was a pain in the ass – the streaming on those sites are very choppy and it took ages to find a bloody link that worked! has solved all my problems and the actual streaming is HD like for like. I would recommend to this to all EPL fans, definitely splash your cash on this (especially if you’re a die hard UTD fan like I am!!)

  34. The quality of the video is a definite upgrade from last year, which was probably the previous’s biggest fault. I do realize it’s in beta form, but the site really needs to be better organized (broken down by leagues, etc). Probably wasn’t the wisest idea of Fox to not include replays of full matches and instead give us extended highlights, but honestly since I don’t have an EPL team I need to follow every week, 40 minutes is enough for me to warrant following other matches I wouldn’t watch live. I’d argue it would become an issue for Champion’s League for me, since I’d want to see more CL matches, but I have a subscription so I can see any full match replay I want.

    If organizes it’s site better, puts up every live program it shows on FS+ (mainly looking at lack of Ligue 1 weekly match), AND provides a DVR as it says its doing, I can see it being worth $15/mo. easy. It would also be vastly improved over last year’s product.

  35. I don’t know if The Gaffer is planning on interviewing a representative from FSC and GolTV, but I’d ask the FSC rep why was gutted. I assume they are trying to push FS+ subscriptions. With full replays, $14.99 a month is a good deal, but highlights only on demand really makes the product lose its luster.

    1. 40+ minutes of highlights in a game isn’t that bad, I suppose when I stop and think about it, though I was expecting full replays. One thing I’ve quickly noticed is that only EPL matches (no rugby) are receiving highlights (“replays”).

      What I’d like is for the matches to be more properly organized and for them to actually explain what programming they were offering, ie what is live, what is “on demand” whatever that means, what gets a replay and what matches you have to watch live, or else you aren’t going to see it.

      Ultimately, it is probably still worth the $15 a month, but the lack of full replays (or apparently replays for most content?) does sting a lot. That, and the typical uncertainty of the product.

  36. I’m guessing that when (if) they implement the recording feature that has been suggested you’ll just be able to set the site to record full games for you.

    That way you just go in at the start of each week and make sure you record all the games you’re interested in. If you happen to miss one, you’ll still have a 40 minute highlight package to fall back on – not too shabby if this is how it ends up working.

      1. It has nothing to do with a TV, this is the broadband service. It would be a feature on the website which you would set.

  37. I also had some problems getting some of the games to load yesterday at 10am. Sometimes it took 3 or 4 minutes to get a game to come on. I wonder how bad it will be when more people subscribe and the demand to watch the big games goes up? Not a good beginning by Maybe they’ll have it sorted out soon. Let’s hope so because I cannot get FS+ and going online is my only other option.

  38. Okay, I need to revise some of my previous comments because the fault lied squarely with me. If anyone sees that the replays are playing worse than the live matches, make sure you have the latest version of Flash. Upgrading to 10.1 for the Mac last night made a huge difference. The picture quality is still less on the highlights compared to the live matches, but not as much before I upgraded Flash.

    Now, as for the “extended” highlights. I am still confused why Fox is stating they cannot stream full match replays. Didn’t they do this last year? Doesn’t not do the same thing with its one or two matches that they show per week? Even old Setanta-i did this. Perhaps the Gaffer and can bring this up when he interviews the folks at

    I read somewhere in the above thread that the extended highlights offer a neutral observer to watch more of match than if they would only have the chance to watch full matches. That’s a valid point, but I was hoping that would allow its viewers to make that call.

    Perhaps the biggest flaw in the extended highlights is that even at 35 or 45 minutes, it does not show the run of play effectively and ruins sense of possession that a team may have. I have marveled at teams (especially ManU) knocking the ball around even when it did not culminate in a goal. I hate to think I would miss that based on some editors take on the match and not my own.

    So, the jury is still out on whether this is worth $15 a month. I wish would have started this well before the first weekend of the EPL. Some of the features — the pop-out screen (did anyone see this promised option this weekend?), the DVR, and even the iPad viewing — make this appealing, but I hate to purchase something on what the product may be in the future.


  39. I will likely just stick with Fox Soccer Plus after the trial period is up.

    Some thoughts:

    – While I think full match replays would be optimal, they seem to include enough of the match before and after goals and other meaningful plays to allow the viewer to see the flow of the match prior to the buildup and goal. In my mind, a 40-45 minute highlight of the match is better than a lot of American football condensed game replays.

    – I think the negativity that comes through stems from the robust ESPN3 site. We have to remember that ESPN3 began 5 years ago as ESPN360. This site is still in its relative infancy. Granted, ESPN3 is free, while is paid, so you’d expect at least as good of a product. That’s not currently the case, but perhaps another year or two will bring more utility and a better product.

    – Personally, I think that is a great idea, and hope that there are enough people without FSC and FS+ who are willing to help fund the service, because over time I think this could become a great asset to soccerlovers in the US. But for right now, if I’m paying for FS+, I don’t see a great reason (besides DVR room) to pay for

  40. By looking at the replay site it seems like the type depends on whether the match was broadcast on FSC or FS+. Replays of the FSC matches state “45min” and replays of FS+ matches state “long”. Might be an attempt to keep subscribers from dropping FSC of their broadcast tv service.

  41. Well, the continuing uncertainty certainly continues.

    Looking at replays and the Currie Cup rugby match and the Championship football match are both full length. I ponder whether this is because it’d be very hard to compress all of these games and the EPL is involved with the 45 shortened replay.

    So, my opinion has increased in the positive direction again.

    1. I don’t think it has anything to do with the EPL. ESPN3 got its rights from Fox and they play full replays. I also don’t think it is because of compression since the $15 everyone pays a month should cover the server costs. I might try to see if the service improves (most of all by adding full match replay) after a month and if not, I’ll cancel and just watch ESPN3.

  42. Well after sending some annoyed emails to fox customer service (mostly complaining about the fact they were gimping our service but still intending to charge $15) I received this response:

    “Dear Daniel,
    Thank you for your email.
    We have discussed the situation with the account manager of Fox Soccer and it has been confirmed that after the 28th August full match replays should be returning to the website.
    Also, we are going to update the schedule with more information for end users as to what games are upcoming. Moving forward we will also have a drop down to select the sport.

    [As far as DVR is concerned] We will need to investigate this as it is unlikely that recording will be allowed of EPL games due to broadcasting restrictions. If you can forward us the URL where you have seen this information.

    Best regards
    Customer Services”

    Perhaps they were simply trying to placate me or perhaps they actually intend to fix this stuff. I guess we’ll have to wait until the end of August…
    As far as DVR goes, I sent them the URL to this thread. Who knows at this point.

    1. Full Champions League match replays from yesterday were put up early this morning (after midnight). Hopefully fox keeps their word and does the same with EPL. Having said that, last year, CL matches were up by 6pm on (the ones on FS+ and FSN), so I could always watch them when I got home. I tried watching Zenit-Auxerre on but it’s VERY choppy and poor picture quality.

  43. I’ve just enjoyed watching the Spurs/Young Boys game on the service. At this point I’d say the quality is right up there with If they can just sort out the business with archiving full games, and also the issue of the long delay for games transmitted on fox soccer channel (particularly the big Sunday games), I’ll be very happy with the service.

  44. Just watched that abomination versus Young Boys, I have to say it was as good streaming quality as I have ever seen. Granted it lacks some functionality, but it is still so much better than the piece of shit before and lets hope they do as they promise and make some cool changes.

    I’ll be sticking with… at $15 / mth

  45. I am also having a problem getting to watch anything on . I keep getting the message:
    “Oops! Sorry, something went wrong
    We couldn’t find the page you were looking for.”

    This does not bode well at all. Very frustrated right now. And they don’t even have any live help.

  46. isn’t working this morning. I also got the same response as Cricketlover. Definitely will be cancelling now that I know what to expect. You would think they will have some king of help where you can chat with a person to resolve issues.


    1. Getting all the same problems as above. I have such high hopes for this service — keeping my fingers crossed they can get these issues resolved.

      Good quality video streams that scale to tens of thousands of viewers is the tough stuff. The rest is just window dressing.

      1. Looks like is back working now… at least it was a few minutes ago. Almost everyone missed the first half of all of the Premier League matches. Very dissatisfactory performance this morning from

        The Gaffer

      2. very disappointing indeed. Gaffer whenever you get to chat with a rep from, it would be nice to know
        1/ what are the plans for time delayed 90 minutes full-game replays
        2/ is today a result of an unexpected high level of demand, and if so are there plans to increase capacity
        3/ alternately, are are there any plans to mange demand by offering different levels of access (a la UEFA – live package at a higher price, reduced price time delayed package, etc.)

  47. They are a bunch of flippin amateurs. I’m having the same problem. Would you trust these idiots to handle a Manchester/Liverpool match?

    First I have to pay for a channel that I should be getting on cable.
    Second – They will refuse to honour my “championship” pass I PAID FOR this past march BECAUSE THEY ARE NEW OPERATORS.

    Now this – what a bunch jokers – I’m sure veetle or some other pirate service is working just fine – BLOODY AMATEURS.

  48. Just got this reply from their customer services ,FWIW!

    Dear user.
    Thanks for contacting us.
    Unfortunately we are experiencing technical difficulties with our site. This is affecting the log in procedure. We are working hard to rectify the problem.
    We apologise for the inconvenience.
    Best Regards
    Web Support

  49. Why don’t they just let show all the matches. They know how to do it well. drops the ball again. I refuse to pay for such crap.

  50. Yeah this is the first time I have had problems with this product and, I just couldnt get the player to load or when it did load the game would never come on. Worked fine when i watch a championship game this morning.

  51. It’s just past half-time and I finally was able to get something. I’m able to watch West Ham vs Bolton, but cannot get anything else. I am unable to watch Stoke vs Spurs which is the match I wanted to watch. I sure hope they get it sorted out soon or they will be losing lots of customers.

  52. Spurs match only has audio. The screen has the dreaded black picture with spinning wheel. Absolutely terrible on’s part.

  53. looks like all matches are up now… just got an email from their customer support apologizing! says everything is back to normal

  54. It’s back to the drawing board for . After this morning’s fiasco I’m not sure who is going to want to subscribe with such bad service. Another fox incompetence show.

    1. The tricky part is that for many of us, is the only legal option. The most amount of Premier League games are shown on Plus, for people like me who don’t have access to Fox Soccer Plus (because of an incompetent cable service), is the only way we can watch those games.

      Patience is key. Let’s hope today’s technical difficulties are a rarity and won’t happen again.

      The Gaffer

      1. Gaffer, most of us have been patient the last few years: ITVN, Setanta, Foxsoccertv part one and two screwing up. We all know things happen, nothing is perfect but in 2010 – what happened this morning was beyond disappointing – it wasn’t exactly a top of the table clash was it?

        I’ll have more faith buying a “gold” watch off a fella on the street not turning green than in these muppets. I hope I’m wrong believe me.

  55. In your post you mentioned Champions League coverage. Why does Fox keep getting the coverage rights? Has ESPN stopped bidding for the rights for the matches or is FSC willing to spend more? Will we ever see the UCL on ESPN again?

    1. I think FSC outbif ESPN. all matches are available on aparently – let’s hope issues today were an exception

    2. Fox outbid ESPN for the rights to the Champions League. The contract, I believe is for two more seasons (including this one), which – at that time – ESPN will have a chance to outbid Fox to win back the rights.

      The Gaffer

  56. Gaffer,this is two weeks in a row where I’ve had a problem with . Why is it that, which I’m sure has more people accessing their site, is able to cope but not Does anyone know what caused this morning’s problem? I sure hope they get it sorted out soon since I cannot get FS+ on my cable system and am therefore reliant on for matches not shown on FSC or ESPN.

    1. I’m same as you CricketLover, I cannot watch EPL by any other means, but I’m sure these issues will be put to bed soon and remember they are still in beta mode as well.

    2. Cricketlover, has been live for a few years. The new version of launched one week ago. I’m as frustrated as you are with the technical issues, but I’m hopeful they’ll get everything fixed so it doesn’t happen again.

      The Gaffer

  57. Great, is messed up, now FSC is off the air, and they’ve pulled the feed (illegal) from Unreal, do they not want people to watch the games? If not, please sell the rights to ESPN or anyone for that matter. This is unacceptable. But then again is anyone really surprised?

  58. Not sure how reliable Perform (the company that hosts is because when I went to their web site to send them an email using their email form I kept getting an error message. This doesn’t look good. If they cannot design their email form to work properly how can we expect to have to work properly. We may be in for a long, difficult season if these guys are in charge of .

  59. Not sure where to put this complaint, but this seems like a good place:

    WTF is up with FSC and joining games late? They joined the second half of Everton-Wolves in progress, after missing the first 25-30 seconds of Aston Villa last week. How incompetent do you have to be to mess this up 40-50% of the time?

  60. I guess what troubles me the most is if knew they would go to a new video provider and host for the upcoming season, why on earth wouldn’t they Beta-test the platform over the summer in order to fix these bugs before the EPL season began? In essence, they are asking all their customers to pay $15 to beta test their software. Trying to go live (in Beta form) during the actual season is a dreadful decision and a PR nightmare.

    The inconsistencies baffle me. Case in point:

    The first half of Newcastle—Villa played wonderfully. Popped into the shower at half-time, came out for the second half and now there is just audio. What is going on?

    In addition, the biggest mistake is not having an “official” forum on its site. I think it’s quite poor that there is no official way of contacting the company (outside of an email page that always says “Oops!” when I try sending a note.)

    My apologies to the Gaffer. I think I (and many of other fans) have made this the defacto forum for Gaffer, you deserve better. I owe you a pint.


  61. I’ve e-mailed them a few times at “” and have received a reply within an hour every time, and not a standard response either ,a big improvement from days or a week with the old system.
    Not that you should have to contact them anyway…

  62. Just wanted to say they have now added the games they will show of the Serie A this weekend and the French Leauge games they will show live.

    I havent really had alot of problems with, only this past weekend when everybody was having problems.

  63. yanno, you think by now they could at least tell what league and sport each game is from on the listing.

    Also the quality on the replayed games seems to be getting worse. The framerate which is fine on the live games is very poor on the On Demand games.

  64. I see to be having problems now with waiting for the UEFA Champions League games to start. It will load and say the game will be live shortly, and then it will say internet explorer is closing. then it says there was a problem with the program or website that caused internet explorer to close. So this is the first time this has happened.

    Is this happening to anybody ?

    1. I’m getting a screen telling me that the live event will be starting shortly (for the Ajax game). Seems to be working fine.
      I’d like to see the Spurs game live, but for now it looks like the games shown on Fox Soccer Channel #1 are on a midnight time delay. I’d like to see that changed, and would happily pay more to get those games.
      I have no problems with the quality of the time delayed games – I do make sure the select the ‘high’ speed option – the default option seems to be medium and it is quite easy not to see it.
      Overall I’m definitely willing to give this service a try. They sent out a note today apologizing for Sat morning’s problems – at least they’re trying!

  65. Well seems like this prodcut is getting worse every game you watch. The audio was behind the video and the stream would stop around the 75 min and when finally start working, then it would skip a couple of mins. Really made me mad to be honest.

    Then after the Ajax game I swtiched to the Newcastle game and it AGAIN gave me the message internet explorer was closing and said this program or website has caused a problem to make internet explore stop working.

    SO, ive waited and waited and have been okay but now they have just pissed me off. What a shitty product.

    Welcome to the U.S., poor service but makes sure they take your money.

    1. I used it this afternoon to watch the Newcastle United Carling Cup game and then flipped back and forth between several of the Champions League play-off matches, but I had no problems with any of them.

      The Gaffer

    2. Chris (and everyone else that’s complaining so bitterly about this site):

      Maybe $15 should matter way more to me than it does, but I really want this site to be a success and I’ll happily take the free two weeks and pay another month or two and hope they can get the bugs worked out.

      The HD stream has been rock solid for me (once I can actually login in and find a game…) and if blow $30 for 10 weeks of HD broadcasts that kind of works but isn’t perfect, well big deal.

      You all are on your way to football-sized ulcers — it’s not worth it.

      1. What ?…im not bitter. Hell i payed the 159 dollars to have it. it has worked perfect until now. god man haha and I dont even have FSC or any of those channels so this is my only way to watch football with a decent stream to be honest.

  66. The streaming quality is obviously much better with this attempt (Flash vs whatever RayV was using). But they can’t even get the simple things right like keep the schedule up to date nor organize the web. The Full Schedule link states “Live schedule for the next 14 days” but the program listing stops at August 29th. I’d love to purchase this service since the neither of the Chicago cable providers nor Uverse offer FS+, but Fox doesn’t seem interesting in providing a quality experience/service. It feels like this is being run by a 15 year old in his dad’s basement.

    Off topic for this site, but there’s no Magners League Rugby listed in the FS+ schedule although they announced (Feb 2010) this would be part of the programming and the FAQ states that 80 matches will be shown this season. This whole FS+ and deal is bordering on disappointing. I sent a note to the FOX folks listed on the FS+ announcement last week but haven’t heard anything.

    1. Just as a response to the Magners League question – I contacted Fox about this and I got the standard reply to “keep checking the schedule on the website”.

      I then followed up telling them they did not address my original question and that I could do without the standard B.S. customer service response. They then responded “I can confirm that we are expecting it to be available, however the rights still have to be secured for the new season. Therefore we suggest you check the site for the most up-to-date information”.

      Don’t know why they couldn’t have responded that way the first time I asked, but hopefully they will be able to get the rights done by 9/3.

      1. Thanks for the info Dan. I’ve sent multiple requests through Fox and Perform on the schedule issue and sent multiple requests to Fox on the Magners League issue and have not had any response.

        Although I just checked the schedule and they do have most of the provincial rugby matches listed for Sept 2-4 (Currie Cup, ITM Cup, & Aviva Premiership) that they are showing live on FS+. But are missing other live matches and all matches that are not shown live but are picked up delayed. Poor restart the service, imo. Top it all off with the Case Study on the Perform website ( that includes a statement about several things that do not exist…

        “Featuring a pop-out media player, DVR capabilities and Facebook and Twitter integration”

        I know the Gaffer has stated the DVR capability will be available on the 28th, but there’s no popout player nor Facebook/Twitter integration so I highly doubt there will be DVR capability in a couple days.

        1. I think the issue with the rights for this season is that they have all been broken up among the countries involved.

          In the past, Setanta had rights for the Irish and Scottish teams and SC4 in Wales had the Welsh rights. This season, the rights have been broken up and split among six broadcasters – BBC2 Wales, BBC1 Northern Ireland, SC4 (Wales), RTE (Ireland), TG4 (Irish language channel) and BBC Alba (Scottish language channel). And now with the 2 Italian teams added to the league an Italian pay TV broadcaster, Dahlia, just acquired the Italian rights.

          So where in the past it was pretty straightforward, it now appears that agreements may have to be worked out with each individual broadcaster and that is what is causing the delay.

          As far as the DVR feature, I remember reading a post from someone who inquired to customer service about its availability and that person was told it didn’t seem like it was in the plans for the immediate future. Hope that is not true.

          1. Hopefully they get Magners League. It’s one of the main reasons I have FS+. If not, it’s BitTorrent time. It also doesn’t look like the Aviva Premiership will be in HD.

          2. Makes sense I guess. But it still irks me that when Fox announced this channel they clearly stated Magners League would be part of the programming and that the FAQ page still states “Magners League (Sept.-May) – 80 matches”.

  67. Yep, DVR is a must for me as I usually have a lot of things going on Saturdays. So if that won’t be implemented for a while I will be canceling until it is implemented.

  68. You know what would solve everything??

    Push for ESPN to make a channel called “ESPN UK,” just like Britons have “ESPN America.”

    I would pay extra for that!

  69. I watched the first half of the Chelsea v Stoke game and had no problems streaming it live. Started right up and I only have a 1.5 MB connection. I just joined on August 25th because I didn’t think I would have a high enough connection to handle the streams. But I have been very impressed. There maybe a few seconds of delay every once and awhile when there are big actions going on in the game. But other than that perfect picture.

    Since I am a Bolton fan, I figured I better go with this for 15 bucks a month since my cable provider only has FSC but not FS+. So if you like a club like Bolton your not gonna get to see them that much unless you have FS+. Very happy and maybe they are starting to figure out some of their problems that people have been talking about in previous posts. But no problems here.


  70. Anyone else having problems loading replay videos on the FS site? I’m suddenly getting a black screen and endlessly spinning cursor in the Flash player box. Happens with any video. I have the latest version of Flash, and the problem exists in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari alike (on both a Mac OS X and a Win 7 machine). I’ve rep-installed Flash, flushed cookies, etc etc. Minor problems aside, the site has functioned perfectly for me until now. I’ve been back and forth with FS “customer service”/tech support: their replies are not helpful (and most of them are probably automated). Does anyone have a phone number for tech support from a live human?


  71. Any recent positive feedback on this service? Thinking of signing up later today or tomorrow, and they don’t have trial option. I just dropped cable, so hoping this subscription + high speed internet + laptop-to-tv will be worthwhile.

  72. 3duk8,
    Another thumbs up from me on adding .

    I’m actually glad my cable provider doesn’t offer FS+ as it forced me to sign up for The advantage over FS+ is that you can choose, usually from 3 to 5 games, which games to watch on which you cannot do with FS+. The quality of the picture isn’t as good but it isn’t bad and I much prefer choice over quality. There’s the odd hiccup on but overall I’m satisfied and am glad I have it.

  73. i’ve been a member of foxsoccertv for a day and really like it, except for the flash plugin headaches in firefox and chrome. seems to work well in Internet Explorer though. the quality is great, at least way better than Comcast’s FSC on my HDTV (i live in an area where FSC isn’t offered in HD yet)

    Looking around the web, I came across this service, free-football dot tv, which doesn’t seem to have any previews on the site, but their rate for the whole year seems too good to be true (~20 USD), or if it is true, i can’t imagine the video quality being great. has anybody tried it? hit the reply button if you are aware of any web streaming alternatives to the fox soccer tv. i’ll probably stick for them for a while unless i find a cheaper option.

  74. Well it’s Saturday and is effed again. How on earth do they think they can stream seven live EPL games at once? I can’t even send them email to complain without getting an “oops” message. I’ve tried two different PC to access today’s matches and both are the same — “oops, something went wrong.” That’s the understatement of the season. ESPN3 got it right and it works great. Someone needs to tell Uncle Rupert that he can’t do this on the cheap. People are paying good money for this service, although maybe not for much longer after today’s shambolic display.

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