Fox Soccer Channel HD Coming to DirecTV on August 11

Fox Soccer Channel HD is expected to launch on DirecTV on August 11, sources confirmed to EPL Talk on Tuesday.

It’s been a long and anxious time for soccer fans in the United States who have been waiting for news regarding the announcement. Fox Soccer Channel HD began broadcasting in HD in late January and then originally launched on DISH Network in early February. Slowly but surely, Fox Soccer Channel HD has been added to TV providers across the United States. But the largest satellite provider, DirecTV, hasn’t added the 24/7 soccer network as of yet, but will now do so in August, six months after the launch of Fox Soccer Channel HD.

DirecTV is also working on adding Fox Soccer Plus in HD in the near future.

As of press time, there is no word from Comcast regarding when they, as one of the largest TV providers, will add Fox Soccer Channel HD to its programming. But as soon as we get news, EPL Talk will report it here. In the meantime, please reference How to Demand Your TV Provider Adds Fox Soccer Plus or FSCHD.

In addition to the expected launch of Fox Soccer Channel HD on August 11, sources advised that GolTV HD is supposed to be added to DirecTV on August 4.

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  1. I chatted with someone online today from Comcast and he said they plan to have FSC in HD by the end of next month and plan to add FS+ as well. When I asked him what has changed since the last time I spoke with them he said it is because of the demand.

    I spoke to someone from Comcast last week and they said hopefully in the next few months, so hopefully the guy I talked to today knows his stuff. I’m really not that confident on this because I have fed the same lines of bull since March.

  2. I just received a response from Comcast to my inquiry of earlier today to their e-mail address “”

    The reply (the respondent indicated he is a huge soccer fan on the east coast and is well aware of the desire of many to get FSC HD and GolTV HD up and running as well) indicated that “where I do not have an exact date of these channels being in HD, I do know (once we) finish the whole digital conversion we will have the room and availability to add channels like these. We are probably looking to the end of the year.”

    Gaffer – thanks for keeping all of us up to date on this evolving saga.

  3. Comcast is really starting to bother me with this. Somehow I have access to the ESPN 3D channel, when only 95% of households (me included) don’t have 3D tv sets. Oh, and by the way there’s no programming on said 3D channel. So I sit and wait and have my precious cable tubes clogged by an empty channel. Comcastic, indeed.

  4. I have RCN, which is one of the slower cable providers when it comes to adding HD channels, so I’m not expecting anything soon. With that said, sometimes it becomes a question of a channel going for widespread distribution in one fell swoop (as was the case with NBA TV last year).

    I’m hoping (praying!) this sets the dominoes falling and FSC HD gets added by all cable systems by the start of 2011 at the latest.

  5. I called as well as e-mailed Time Warner last week (Los Angeles) and they have “no timeframe” and no ticket in their database for Fox Soccer coming in HD.

    A bit annoying since LA is one of the biggest soccer markets in this country and FSC’s OWN HEADQUARTERS are in Los Angeles…

    Hoping Time Warner also adds HD soon. I can’t go back to watching this fuzzy stuff after the World Cup.

  6. As a sports writer in western North Dakota, it’s about time that DirecTV added FSC HD. I recently wrote a story on why isn’t available and asked the person at the local cable company (a small provider) in charge of programming if Fox Soccer was on the way, and he said he hasn’t received any requests. I believe him, too, knowing where I live.

    Luckily I have DirecTV.

    1. Jason-
      I’d be interested in knowing why is not available where you are. I watch it for soccer and other sports (I’m in California), but it became available to me only when Comcast (my provider) made it available about a year ago.

      1. The local cable company just started negotiating to carry ESPN3. It sounds like their contract to carry ESPN’s TV channels is ending soon, but that’s just an educated guess.

  7. I’m surprised that this took so long because I thought DirecTV was owned by Rupert Murdoch who also owns FOX. Maybe I am wrong about that.

  8. Matt:
    Murdoch used to but not anymore. His News Corp. was the largest shareholder in the DirecTV Group at one time, but about 4 years ago they sold to Liberty Media which now controls the DirecTV Group (and the Atlanta Braves and much of Sirius).

      1. Jason: Thanks. You’re correct – on Nov 19, 2009, Liberty Media completed its split-off of its wholly owned subsidiary, Liberty Entertainment, Inc. (LEI), and the business combination transaction among the Company, LEI and The DIRECTV Group, Inc. (DIRECTV) (the DTV Business Combination).

        Thanks for the correction/update.

  9. COMCAST Chat tech just told me that Fox Soccer Channel HD WILL be available in my area (SF Bay Area) by the 3rd week of next month….Oh please, please, please be true….

    1. Do you really believe that? honestly? I don’t believe it for one second. If they really were adding it so soon they would have made an announcement. I have comcast in SF and I just find that very hard to believe.

      1. Normally I would agree with you…. But I have never found out about new HD channels in advance with COMCAST… I just happen to run across them while flipping through the channels. At least that’s how it is with Livermore/Dublin COMCAST…So we will see if it is true in a few weeks.

        1. I had that conversation a few months back, and at that point in time they had no clue what I was referring to. I too have comcast in SF, and it frustrates me to my wits about not having FS+ at all. We’ll just have to see what happens in the next few months ….

      2. tell me about it, i’ve had one or two conversations about fox soccer plus with comcast, and they have no clue what that was ….. as for HD channel for that, we’ll see …..

  10. See I heard that Fox Soccer Plus was going HD at the same time as Fox Soccer Channel was going HD on Directv. I only have FSP right now but since Goltv and FSC look to being HD I may have to pony up the extra money

  11. ok another crap from Time Warner:

    You may have heard that Time Warner Cable and Disney – the corporate owner of ABC, ESPN and the Disney cable channels – are in the middle of contract negotiations and Disney is demanding a huge increase in the fees we pay for their programming. To learn more about these negotiations and how TV works today, please visit

  12. Time Warner NY City had previously announced that FSC HD would go live *tomorrow* (July 29); now I understand they have pushed the rollout back until September 1. Still, if that does not get pushed back again, we will have ESPN2 HD on 729, FSC HD on 485 and continue to have FS+ HD on 470. Not bad. Not sure why LA is so much further behind.

    Gaffer (or anyone): is the EPL still only recording the live-on-UK-television matches in HD and the 3 pm Saturday ones in SD?

  13. Gaffer – I just added FSC back to my DirecTV subscription (after taking two months off for the off season), and when I turned it on it was in low def, and I said to myself “where can I go to find out when DirecTV will *finally* add FSC in HD??” I honestly don’t know if you’ve been covering this all sumer, as it seems I’ve been absent from this site for the off season as well, but it’s providence that I should return today. Thanks

      1. Thanks a lot Adam. Strangely I’ve been checking Channel 791 for a month now, but today. FSC is nice in HD.

        1. I pray to the almighty that TW Albany New York is next????????Please HD for my favorite channels in the universe!!!!

  14. Just got a response from wecanhelp@comcast, not looking too good:

    I understand these are huge channels that our soccer folks want. I am a huge soccer fan as well and have been looking forward to it as well. Where I do not have an exact date of these channels being in HD, I do know wants we finish the whole digital conversion we will have the room and availability to add channels like these. We are probably looking towards the end of the year

    1. Two of the major problems of Cable… bandwidth and market based additions. Smaller markets see channel additions usually very late, if at all, and soccer channels only if there’s enough hispanic population. It’s a flawed system which is why I switched to DirecTV.

      Can’t WAIT for GolTV and FSC in HD! I’m expecting to watch more soccer on TV than I have ever before, even games I wouldn’t normally watch, just because they’re in beautiful HD.

  15. Chat I just had with a FIOS rep about Fios:

    Chat Subject: FiOS Product Inquiry
    Your Question: When is fios going to have Fox Soccer Channel in HD?
    A Verizon eCenter Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you. (11:31:31)
    Agent Tanya has joined. (11:32:19)
    Tanya : Chat ID for this session is 07281010905. (11:32:19)
    Tanya(11:33:01): Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. I will be happy to try to check on this for you today.
    Tanya(11:33:08): It is going to take me a few minutes to research your request. In the meantime if you have any additional questions, please let me know.
    will line(11:33:42): No additional questions, just really want fsc in hd,
    Tanya(11:39:01): I can understand. We apologize that the service is not yet available and we do not have a date at this time.
    Tanya(11:39:30): I will forward the request to the marketing team for review with prgramming changes.
    Tanya(11:39:40): We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Guess I’ll be streaming games on my laptop again…

  16. Now it would just be nice if FSCHD was actually, you know, in HD. I have the channel and both CONCACAF Champions League games were shown on it, but in 4:3. I guess the picture could have been in HD as it was definitely better than what’s shown on my standard definition channel. But, how about putting in 16:9 so that we can see more game? I don’t get it.

  17. Come on Comcast!! Get off of your ass and give us soccer fan customers what we want! If I don’t get FSC HD by the end of August, I’m going to find the cutest baby in my vacinity and kick it!

    I’m agree with civrock too, cable screws you in a few ways, I’m in a suburb, Chicago is one the other side of Harlem ave., 3 blocks from my house, yet, Chicago got their full digital transition 2 years before me! Also, they have Gol Tv and I don’t! So frusterating. I talked to a comcast rep about why my suburb doesn’t have Gol tv and they said the “community” chose not to offer it!? There’s more Italian, Polish and Mecican people in my town than any suburb around…..I’m sure we all want as much soccer coverage as we can get.

  18. Anyone who gives Comcast a dime, deserves not to have FSC in HD. I’m sorry, but if you have the means to get Direct TV (or the superior Fios) then you are foolish to stick with Comcast. They offer nothing that the other two major providers do, other than piss poor customer service and of course, an inferior product.

    To all those who have no other choice in their area, and are forced to deal with Comcast–I feel your pain, and am sorry for you. I will keep you in my HD thoughts on match day next month……..

      1. Here are a few reasons why I have cable instead of satellite:

        1) I had DirecTV before and their customer service was awful,
        2) DirecTV is considerably more expensive than cable,
        3) Living in Florida, thunderstorms are very common (especially from May through October) and losing the signal happens a lot with satellite,
        4) My HOA provides Comcast basic for free,
        5) Comcast is also my ISP.

        Yes, by sticking with Comcast it means that I won’t have FSCHD until eons from now as well as not having FS+, but I can live without FSCHD for the time being and works well for me instead of FS+.

        The Gaffer

    1. I want to switch over but everyone I’ve talked to here in Chicago says directv and dish network suck, always dropping signal whenever there’s the slightest bit of bad weather, which we have all too often. Anyone else got any feedback? (preferably if you live here, but any feedback would be nice).

      1. I just switched over from U-verse about a week and half ago to DirecTV due to U-verse not carrying FS+. I am in the suburbs of Chicago and it has not gone out once and I made a point to try and watch when it was raining and I had heavy cloud cover. I was watching Friday night when it was pouring and my signal did not go out. I think it really depends on how strong your signal is when it is clear out if it is the strongest it can be then when it is raining it is very difficult to knock out. But I am sure it will go out one of these days but so did my U-verse and Comcast when I had those services in the past for various reasons. When it comes to pay television pick your poison. Plus both U-verse and Comcast do not have FSC or Gol in HD so I am very happy with my move to Direc.

        1. I had comcast for something like 5 years and just switched to Direct TV. I live just west of the Loop and those storms Friday night did take out my signal for a few minutes a couple of times. But I am paying 1/3 of the price Comcast wanted me to pay for the channels, plus I will now be getting GOLtv and FSC in HD…and you get every single one (!)of the Champions League games each match day with Direct TV. So I will put up with a drop signal every once in a while for all that.

  19. it’s been a frustrating year, waiting and waiting…but overall at the end of the year when we all look back it will be a success for directv. They’ve had several new hd channels, 3d channels, the world cup was a success and am happy with their coverage, and now to top it off soccer channels in hd!

  20. IFSC HD is on a “preview” basis (ch 973) on COX in Phoenix. These channels usually show up in the regular HD package (ch 700’s) within a week or so. guess it’s coming!

  21. I’m about to pull the DirecTV trigger. I’m currious if the Europa League & Champions League channels on DirecTV are in HD also? Not a deal breaker by any means since most of the games will be on FSCHD and GolHD.

    1. They were last year. at least Champs was. They offered 2 feeds, SD on FSC and if you moved up the dial a bit, there was HD. Cant remember Europa, I tend to recall not but not for sure.

    2. Calamity,

      They are in HD also. A lot of the Champions League games are on the other Fox sports channels, which are already carried in HD on Directv. Directv last season had multiple channels dedicated solely to the Europa League as well. All in HD. Directv is definatley the soccer destination now that FSC HD is coming.

    3. Yep. The UEFA channels have been in HD for a while. They are awesome…every game on, and a mix channel where you can watch 6 at once and pick and choose which to jump to.

      Really quite satisified with DirecTV…once they get FSC in HD

  22. please allow me to share my story regarding fox soccer hd. i had directv and was very happy with everything it offered except for the fact that they were not adding fsc hd and did not seem to have any plans to do so. this was back in april. so since i was not under contract with them i decided to make the change to dish network solely for the purpose of getting fsc in hd. i found that dish network was not as good as directv in any other area, but it was worth it to have that extra channel. i got it hooked up in late april so only got a few prem games before the season ended. during the summer i moved to a new apartment and i made sure it was one where current residents had dishes on their balconies so that i could continue my dish network service uninterrupted.

    then when the installer shows up at my new place he says i do not have a clear line of sight for all of the different dishes that they have, so i am not able to get my local channels in hd, though i was able to get all the other channels in hd at that time. that was fine too, b/c i got an over the air tuner to get my locals in hd. then suddenly fsc hd dropped off my program guide. i was still able to get the low def channel. so i called dish network and they explained that fsc hd had been switched to a different satellite or something and that is the one that i do not have a line of sight for. but they would not let me out of my 2 year contract without paying around 350 dollars to terminate it early.

    so now i’m stuck with an inferior service provider AND no access to fsc in hd which is the only reason i switched in the first place. and now comes this news that directv is getting fsc in hd. needless to say i’m pretty pissed off about this turn of events. seriously considering just paying the early termination and being done with dish network entirely

  23. Does anyone know what DirecTV package will be needed to get FSC HD? I asked DirecTV customer service but they did not confirm anything.

  24. Rick,
    You need to have the Premier Package. If you have a lower package, you need to get the Sports Pack. I believe you will need HD Access as well to get the HD feed when it goes live.

  25. Gaffer
    Just had an email from Directv today which states that they have no plans to add Fox Soccer Channel in HD any time soon. I quote ” We hope to have some news on Fox Soccer channel and BBC America in HD soon. While we don’t have plans to add these channels in HD at this time, we’re working to bring you even more HD channels in the near future”.
    Who is giving the right story here – this is most frustrating.

    1. They’re just giving you the corporate line. They won’t admit it’s happening until the press release is released or until they share the information on Twitter. FSCHD will be on DirecTV August 11th.

      The Gaffer

  26. hey guys, just wanted to ask a question. I’m kinda new in the states an a big fan of the EPL, but i realised my mum hasn’t got the Fox soccer channel on her Comcast plan. How will i be able to add that option? must i call the providers? and will it be at an extra cost??

  27. Hey, everyone who thinks this might just be speculation or the company line, DirecTV has a pretty good customer relations twitter feed at — you can look at that feed to see tweets about it. You have to go back a few days. Gaffer’s info seems to be good.

    Info is there such as:
    Soccer Fans– We’re working to add Fox Soccer HD; launch date not finalized but we expect it in time for the EPL season.
    @ArsenaLos GOL HD coming soon. Also, we’re working on Fox Soccer HD and expect to have it in time for the EPL season.
    In addition to adding FOX Soccer Channel HD, we’re working to add live matches in HD on Fox Soccer Plus.
    @TimTreacy FSC HD is expected to launch in time for the EPL season and live matches will be in HD on FS+ soon.

    Direct (no pun intended) from the horse’s mouth. Good stuff indeed!

  28. I’ve called DirectTV today and asked about Gol TV and FSC in HD, they told me to its not on a list of coming HD channels and advised to call back in november.I wish this person was incompetent and we gonna get it soon.

    1. You’ll never get info on what channels are coming if you call DirecTV. All of their info is either comes out through a press release, posted on their website or their Twitter feed.

      A CSR doesn’t have a list of upcoming channels that hasn’t been released.
      As for the channel FSC HD will be on, it will be the same. I have my guide set to hide SD duplicates.

  29. Time Warner in DFW has just added FSC HD to it’s line up.

    If you live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, it’s channel 791.

    I just discovered it this morning while browsing the HD Guide. Just in time for the upcoming season.

  30. Anyone know if DirecTV be showing the Liverpool vs Rabotnicki game on their Europa League channel this week?

  31. Just for those people who were getting the “No timeline” line from different providers…I got the same line from DirecTV in an email I received on July 19th from their customer support. Sometimes the minions in those areas don’t understand what’s happening higher on the food chain.

    Also, from the DirecTV’s twitter, it sounds like FS+HD will be added later in August.
    DIRECTV @guitarearl We expect to have live matches on FS+ in HD later this month. 5:27 PM Aug 2nd via web in reply to guitarearl

  32. this morning goltv hd was launched on directv successfully…they’re on track for what they’ve promised…now goltv hd 620 program guide is not airing what’s on their grid, it looks like they should be airing more soccer and less infomercials, but they’re still airing tons of infomercials

  33. I just saw GolTV on HD. Graphics and picture blow anything FSC even pretends to have. The Celtic taped game was more entertaing than the Galaxy losing their series against Puerto Rico.

  34. Hi, I dont see HD sign next to info in programm grid,I don’t have sport pack yet.What are they showing in HD?,thinking about getting it before season starts.

  35. I’ll be shocked if this ends up being true. Directv announced the GolTv HD upgrade several months ago on their website. There is zero mention of FSC HD on their website even today. I’m not a major conspiracy theorist but i wuold not put it past Directv to put out some BS about FSC HD coming in August to prevent people from switching over to Dish. Their twitter feed does mentioned a date either.

  36. According to its website. TWC in NYC will be adding FSC HD (Ch 785) and GolTV HD (Ch 769) on Aug 11. Last yeat at this time, there was no little or footy available in HD apart from the ocassional USA match on ESPN. Now this year (at least on TWC in NYC) there are 4 channels (plus 3 in Spanish) showing football in HD. Also looking forward to the full season of games on FS+ and not having to schlepp to a bar or pub to catch whatever match was on Setanta.

  37. DirecTV have put out a press release confirming this. We will finally have the HD coverage we have been craving!

    “Soccer fans will be able to enjoy more soccer programming than ever before on DIRECTV this season. In addition to the ever increasing slate of games offered by its television partners, DIRECTV also will deliver exclusively to its customers more than 320 live matches, including up to 28 exclusive European matches a week from the world’s top competitions beginning this month.

    With DIRECTV scheduled to launch Fox Soccer Channel HD on Aug. 11, along with the addition of Fox Soccer Plus matches in HD and GolTV HD, soccer fans will be able to view an unprecedented number of matches in HD during the 2010-2011 season.

    DIRECTV, Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Soccer Plus, Fox Sports Networks, and Fox Sports en Español/FOX Deportes will team to offer viewers every match from the UEFA Champions League beginning with the playoff round on Aug. 17 and continuing through the final match in May. Spanish first division, “La Liga” coverage will kick off Aug. 28, with at least 114 exclusive live matches, or a minimum of three each round, only on DIRECTV, in addition to those already broadcast by DIRECTV partners GolTV and ESPN. UEFA Europa League coverage with broadcasting partner GolTV will start with the group stage on Sept. 16 and continue through DIRECTV’s exclusive 153-match coverage of the final on May 18, 2011.

    Fans will be able to watch up to eight games from UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League simultaneously on DIRECTV’s exclusive Soccer Mix Channel, in both HD and standard-definition. For more details and match schedules visit: soccer.

    “As a leading distributor of 2010 FIFA World Cup™ coverage that included 25 games in 3D, we wanted to make sure soccer fans continued to have a fantastic viewing experience by offering the most comprehensive HD coverage of the major international league competitions,” said Derek Chang, executive vice president, Content Strategy and Development for DIRECTV. “With the growing popularity of soccer in the U.S., and increasing demand for more soccer programming, DIRECTV, with its broadcast partners, including Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Soccer Plus, Fox Sports en Español/FOX Deportes, FSN, GolTV and ESPN, are in a great position to take advantage of this opportunity to engage these passionate fans.”

    The matches in each of the competitions carried exclusively by DIRECTV will be available on channels 480-489. The Soccer Mix Channel on channel 480 will provide a comprehensive view of each day’s UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League coverage.”

  38. Dear Fellow Time Warner Cable Dallas subscribers, Today (August 10th) TWC Dallas launched “Fox Soccer Plus” on Channel 199 and “Fox Soccer Plus HD” on channel 792. They also announced on their website that they would add The “Outdoor Channel HD” to the channel 791, which is a bit surprise for me, as this was just a new channel designated to “Fox Soccer Channel HD”. Hopefully they won’t remove the newly Fox Soccer Channel HD after all.

  39. It’s now a reality… DIRECTV is now broadcasting Fox Soccer and Fox Soccer Plus in GLORIOUS HIGH DEFINITION as of 5:02 AM CT AUG 11, 2010. Thanks DIRECTV!!!

    1. Fox Soccer Plus is not in HD just yet, but it’s listed as channel 621-1 at the moment and listing says “To be announced”

      1. The Directv release says “With DIRECTV scheduled to launch Fox Soccer Channel HD on Aug. 11, along with the addition of Fox Soccer Plus matches in HD”

        I wonder whether this means they will only broadcast FSC Plus on 621-1 when the premier league games are being aired and on 621 the rest of the time?

        1. Fox Soccer Plus HD is a part-time HD channel, as mentioned before, and their agreement only covers live matches. That’s why the guide doesn’t show anything on there, it’ll only lit up when there’s a live match going on the SD channel that’s available in HD.

  40. Currenty watching the Everton match on FS+ on DirecTV, but when I go to the HD-version of the channel (the match is listed in the guide as on there in HD), it says “Channel not purchased.”

    Surely if I pay for FS+ I don’t need to purchase the HD channel separately?

      1. Gaffer,

        Any update on when Comcast (Chicago) might be adding FSC HD and FS+? My building is contracted with Comcast so I have no other options.

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