Should Premier League Clubs Allow Vuvuzelas?

As of press time, eight Premier League clubs have taken the precautionary step to ban the controversial vuvuzela still a few weeks until the domestic league starts.

Other clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester City and Blackpool have openly spoken of their intentions to not ban the plastic South African horns and to leave it up to their supporters regarding whether or not they wish to bring them to matches.

The Premier League itself has decided they’ll leave the decisions up to the clubs themselves in terms of if they wish to ban the vuvuzela’s or not. Personally, I think the Premier League itself should ban the horn before it’s presence itself could cause a problem at a match.

With no real disregard for the horn, the Premier League isn’t South Africa and I believe the horn should be left as a cultural staple in that country and not try to re-invent itself in England.

The vuvuzela’s presence in the Premier League will be met with distaste by many supporters attending matches. All it will take is one person blowing it in the ear or close by a supporter who hates its over-bearing sound and a potential flash point could break out resulting in crowd trouble or fighting.

What are you thoughts on the vuvuzela making an appearance in the Premier League? Should the league take a stand and ban them from all grounds or allow the clubs to make their own decision? If you attend matches in England, will you be taking a vuvuzela with you to matches?


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