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Premier League News, Daily Ticker: July 20

 Premier League News, Daily Ticker: July 20

Brazil Planning To Spend $3 Billion On Airports Ahead Of 2014

The Brazilian government has approved a $3 billion package to upgrade the country’s airports over the next four years.

It was the first step in the massive overhaul needed to Brazil’s infastructure. The package also included an additional $400 million to upgrade the port system.

Government officials created a timetable detailing construction deadlines on stadiums and transportation after FIFA’s outspoken concerns over Brazil’s preparedness to host the world’s premiere soccer tournament.

“I received a few reports on the stadiums and they are not good. It is not only Morumbi (Sao Paulo) or Maracana (Rio de Janeiro), but all of them. The deadlines have passed, and Brazil is not in the right direction,” said general secretary Jerome Valcke.

The country is planning to invest $16 billion over the next few years for both the 2014 World cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro and officials are confident in their readiness.

“Things are happening very quickly,” said Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Blackpool Encourage Fans To Bring Vuvuzelas To Matches

Premier League newcomers are not looking to make friends as Blackpool encourages fans to utilize the infamous Vuvuzela.

The long, plastic horns came to prominence during the 2010 World Cup and were the root of much controversy as some in the worldwide media called for their banishment. Blackpool is the first EPL club to openly welcome the divisive instrument. “We are keen to ensure the atmosphere created by our fans is better than ever before,” said a Blackpool spokesman.

Tottenham was the first EPL team to officially ban the Vuvuzelas categorizing them as an “unnecessary risk.” Other clubs are expected to follow in White Heart Lane’s footsteps with an official ban.

Didier Droba being pursued by Manchester City

Chelsea striker and 2009-2010 Premier League Golden Boot winner Didier Drogba is being wooed by Manchester City according to his agent.

Drogba’s agent, Thierno Seydi, confirmed that City is interested by cautioned that a move for the Ivorian is unlikely.

“There may be surprises before August 31. The only direct contact I have had was with Manchester City. But getting Drogba out of Chelsea is not an easy task because he has all the conditions he needs to flourish there,” Seydi told The Sun.

Latest Transfer Rumors

Blackpool are trying to sign former-Everton striker Francis Jeffers and Isreali center-back Dekel Keinan

Liam Lawrence is likely to leave Stoke for Celtic for around £2 million

Sol Campbell is on the verge of signing with Sunderland after leaving Arsenal

Manchester United is trying to sign German World Cup star Mesut Ozil

Greek club Panathinaikos is attempting to sign Arsenal defender William Gallas

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