Man City 10/11 Umbro Away Kit Leaked: Photos

Umbro have released photos of Manchester City’s away  jersey for the 10-11 season.

Designed by Umbro, the dark blue shirt with sky blue trim definitely exudes a confident and appealing design that accentuates the Manchester City crest and the three gold stars above it. As is so often true about Umbro designs of late, the shirt is simple, clean and – above all – classy. It looks like a shirt that would be just as comfortable wearing to dinner as it would be wearing it as you run across the pitch at Eastlands stadium in Manchester.

Here’s another photo of the new Manchester City jersey:

Share your feedback about the new Manchester City football shirt design in the comments section below.

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37 thoughts on “Man City 10/11 Umbro Away Kit Leaked: Photos”

  1. Looks Good. Going by what the Club Shop said before they took it down the White shirt from last year is the Third shirt for the 09-11 Seasons.

  2. This is the away kit, and it wasn’t a leak, Umbro unveiled it on their website.

    It is also a rubbish kit, not city in anyway, blackburn perhaps but not city.

  3. God i hate black! i’ll stick with sky blue – yepper. Would you really ‘sit down for dinner’ in this? (or any football kit…….barbecues not included)

  4. You say it’s not leaked, however, you’ll only find it with a direct link, try to navigate to it through the Umbro website, you want find it.

  5. Why’s he a chump for expressing an opinion?

    I think it’s crap, too. maybe ok as a training shirt, but I’m not buying one.

  6. this uniform rocks like carlos tevez and all the other rocking player ily mancity

  7. I was expecting a maroon away shirt; or at least some element of maroon in it — given the extensive use of maroon in the training tops we’ve seen of late on CityTV.

    I think this will grow on me. It’s clean and simple which is always a good thing and navy blue is a touch more subtle than black (which every other club seems to be using these days). All in all, I’d give it a 7/10. Not a bad effort but not as good as the home kit.

  8. Another masterpiece from umbro- smashing template- oh, that collar- would’ve been even better if it were maroon.

  9. Yea, nothing too special in any of the 3 kits was also hoping for the purply maroon kit but that much be in the training gear, also due a red and back shirt. little difference but nothing outstanding

    ill like it if messi or villa’s name on back 😛

  10. I already have this shirt and it is impressive. The new material is very comfortable and the dark blue w/ subtle stripes exudes class.

  11. Not a city fan here, but I find it interesting that the team is currently in america at the NIKE headquarters training, while their kit supplier is UMBRO….odd?

    1. hmmm, the fact that Nike OWNS umbro may have something to do with it fella.

      As per the umbro logo a la Rooney in an England Shirt was the only other brand in those Nike ads.

      1. Then why not just make their kits Nike? I mean, the team is trying to spend like they are one of the top teams in the world, shouldn’t they have the top brand kit maker on their side, as opposed to being branded with the second choice nike-knockoff?

  12. The links aint working for me and im desperate to see the new goalie top can someone get me a link tht works pls?

  13. 1. Any criticism is going to come from a lack to satisfy personal taste, probably for not being bold enough/too neutral in an attempt to have continuity with the prior kit and maintaining a class look.

    I say mission accomplished and job well done!

    2. Here’s a tip for some of you, as you engage in a debate about whether or not something is leaked, and you’re posting links to support your case of semantics – try saving the image file, that way when Umbro decides to pull every page (that they leaked), we can all see it (in building webs, you actually can/do build the page to see what it’ll look like – you don’t provide public access to the URL).

  14. Your bias aside, Umbro IS a top kit brand maker, they have been so decades before nike was even around.

    Umbro has been making the best club kits hands down for the past year. Even though nike is now their parent company, I believe that they’re still managed indepedently, they have a right to go after business like any other and it’s in nike’s interest to let them do so.

  15. I think that Umbro built the page but didn’t link it so that you wouldn’t find it but someone leaked the URL.

    They definitely worked up to Saturday but they are down now

    Too late. Already got the images

  16. This kit is abysmal – back to the bad old days of nondescript Umbro kits and actually worse than last season’s black and gold, which was a grower. Almost identical to the home kit, which again is a step down from last season’s. What’s that collar/neck all about? Looks instantly dated and devoid of any nods to the club’s heritage – we have NEVER worn navy.
    I genuinely despair of the people who are paid to design these kits. No doubt it’ll sell very well – I don’t buy kits so shouldn’t get so wound up, but it’s not hard to get it right.

    Maroon with a white pinstripe or red and black strips, nice white collar and bring back the diamonds on the arms/shorts/socks.

    Oh well, at least we’ve got one decent kit – the white 3rd with black/red sdash, absolutely faultless.

  17. I was worried because I thought last seasons kits were the best we`d had for a long time However first impressions are good

  18. The navy blue is interesting; certainly better than black. I can see the association with the ‘blue moon’ and their attempt to create a ‘dark side of the moon’ colour range. I hope maroon features in either of the kits (and not just the fancy inside collar trim). Maroon has been a secondary colour of City’s in the past — especially the glorious late 60s/early 70s. I also hope City settle on a specific blue. In the past we’ve had all sorts of shades and that hasn’t help strengthen our identity. So far so good, but why all the secrecy? Other clubs have announced their strips without the rather frustrating fanfare….just get on with it!

  19. Does anyone have a pic of the “new” home kit? As for the third, I believe someone mentioned keeping the white, can anyone verify this?

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