Beckenbauer Criticizes World Cup Finalists

The Man Responsible For So Much German Success Has Slammed This Year's Finalists.

The Kaiser, who has become quite infamous in world football for his comments before and during the World Cup. He has publicly criticized the German national team in the past, and coach Joachim Loew. Now, Beckenbauer, who is an absolute legend of German football, has come out in the press and slammed both World Cup finalists.

Beckenbauer stated that the two teams were played a game that was an awful advert for football. He also accused the Dutch of play anti-football, and was dismayed at the amount of yellow cards that piled up in the match.

Beckenbauer also criticized referee Howard Webb. The Kaiser’s comment was that Webb ‘could not control’ the game. Beckenbauer spoke to Bild magazine in Germany and was apparently appalled at some of the decisions Webb made, and more specifically the decision to allow Nigel De Jong to remain on the playing field.

The Kaiser won the World Cup with Germany in 1974 as a player, and in 1990 as a manager. Now, he serves as a pundit on a football program in Germany and has a column in a German newspaper. Beckenbauer also still has a keen interest in Bayern Munich, and reportedly still has quite a bit of influence in Bayern Munich’s board.

4 thoughts on “Beckenbauer Criticizes World Cup Finalists”

  1. I’d be interested in knowing his exact words (even if they are in German). It doesn’t sound like he was slamming Spain in particular – La Roja just happened to get caught in the line of fire…

    1. Associated Press
      BERLIN — German great Franz Beckenbauer says the World Cup final turned into something of an “anti-advertisement” for football and was impressed by Germany.

      Spain beat the Netherlands 1-0 in a bad-tempered final on Sunday when 14 yellow cards and one red were issued.

      Beckenbauer wrote in Tuesday’s edition of German daily Bild that it should have been the World Cup’s high point “but this final unfortunately was rather an anti-advertisement for football.”

      He said the match was “lacking flow, (with) constant protests from the players and a referee who didn’t have too much of an overview.”

      Beckenbauer wrote that Germany’s performance on its way to third place offered the opposite of that, with “likable behavior and attractive play.”

      Hope that helps. I think it’s funny that he loved watching the Germany game. That’s Beckenbauer for you I guess.

      1. Thanks, Dylan. I think his characterization of the match is pretty apt.

        I’m sure this has been discussed, but it’s a real shame for U.S. viewers who perhaps wanted to watch a great match, and are the potential ‘converts’ (I hate that term because I’m no evangelist on this topic), but didn’t get one.

        The Kaiser should be proud of his German team – they were fantastic, but Spain were more experienced and left the Germans looking quite naive.

        I look forward to keeping up with the Bundesliga via your articles…

        1. Oh I agree. Though, I think this World Cup tournament as a whole has been very successful in creating new football fans out of so many people, in the USA and otherwise. A lot of people went into the tournament with their eyes on the familiar, in the forms of Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, and England. Coming out of it, the names on everyone’s lips are Mueller, Forlan, and Ozil just to name a few. I think that kind of unknown will drag people into wanting to see more of these players that they’ve never heard of until this tournament. Someone will see Forlan and start watching La Liga, for example. That kind of growth is what I expect to see as we head into the new league season and out of what I think was a great World Cup.

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