The Truly Terrific Thomas Muller

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Hearing the surname “Muller” in association with German football automatically creates imagery of the legendary German striker Gerd. German football followers expect him to play with the same prowess and quality that “Der Bomber” oozed in the ’60s and ’70s. How Thomas has delivered.

With only 7 full international caps to his name, this Bavarian native has exploded into the World Cup and has scored four goals in this World Cup, including two clinical finishes to kill England’s hopes of a comeback in the second round, 4-1 mauling by Germany.

Louis van Gaal had faith in Muller at Bayern Munich this season, playing him on the right side of a 4-5-1 formation which saw them win a tremendous double and reach the Champions league final with a contribution of 13 goals from the German number 13.

However, Muller offers more than just goals. Apart from his knack for scoring, he contains pace, vision and exceptional versatility with the ability to play on both flanks for club and country. His progress has been exceptional, as he only signed his first professional contract in February 2009 and now, is playing a vital role in the World Cup as Germany look to progress pass Spain to the final. Muller will be suspended for that game and his presence will be missed by the Germans, who will have to compensate his absence with Piotr Trochowski on the right side, who is smaller than Muller and has a yard or so less pace. Expect Muller to be back for the final (if Germany get there) and expect him to be in the team of the tournament. If he isn’t, it’s a travesty, because as the title shows, he is truly terrific.


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