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Thomas Mueller: The Heir To The Throne

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Thomas Mueller Could Be The Next German Goalscoring Hero After Miroslav Klose.

Germany and Bayern Munich star Thomas Mueller has exploded onto the world football scene after exemplary performances at this summer’s World Cup tournament in South Africa. Mueller has played a pivotal role in the success of the German national team during the World Cup, scoring four goals and adding three assists.

Thomas Mueller is one of many in a long line of German youngsters who have shone during this World Cup tournament, but Mueller’s role in the team is an interesting one. At his club side Bayern Munich, he is played just behind Ivica Olic as a supporting striker. His finishing ability, his creativity, and his lack of an ego makes him excellent in that role. For Germany, he is played on the right-hand side of the midfield. But, with record-breaking striker Miroslav Klose likely to retire after the 2010 World Cup, Germany will be in need of a central striker. Enter Thomas Mueller.

Mueller, because of his very young age, could be transformed into one of the most formidable strikers in the game in years to come. His off the ball movement, his finishing ability, and his eye for a pass could make him an excellent lone striker for Die Mannschaft and for Bayern Munich. Everytime I’ve seen Thomas Mueller break into the opposition penalty area, he takes a quick glance to his left or right to see if there is a team-mate in a better position than him. His willingness to pass instead of being selfish and trying a shot from an impossible angle is a fantastic asset that almost no players seem to have. His ability to create goals, then, is just as important and just as impressive as his ability to put them away. At 20 years old, Mueller has been one of the players of the tournament. Mueller could realistically be around for three more World Cup cycles, which makes him a very exciting prospect.

Having only been capped seven times by the German national team and having already scored four goals, Mueller’s goal-to-game ratio is also very impressive. Having seen Miroslav Klose become Germany’s top World Cup goalscorer of all time today, we may have also seen the next player to take that title; Thomas Mueller.

The sky is the limit for the young German striker, and his progress will certainly be interestring to watch through the league seasons and into the next World Cup tournaments.

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3 Responses to Thomas Mueller: The Heir To The Throne

  1. Angular says:

    Excellent articles today!
    Let’s hope germany can beat spain even without Müller.

    • Dylan Thomas says:

      Cheers mate. Who do you think starts ahead of Muller, Kroos? I’d like to see him get the nod. Maybe Marin.

  2. Angular says:

    II’d really like Kroos to take his place, but I think he will be held in reserve to substitute for Khedira or Schweinsteiger, as he is pretty much the only one who can take their role.
    I’m all for Marin, but I think Löw will choose Trochowski. And while I don’t like Trochowski’s playstyle, I guess Löw knows best.

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