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World Cup 2010: Where Have All of the Goals from Free Kicks Gone?

 World Cup 2010: Where Have All of the Goals from Free Kicks Gone?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe there has a been a goal in the 2010 World Cup thus far that has been scored directly from a free kick. In a sport where the difference between a winning and losing team is often a goal from a direct free kick, it seems odd that there have been none thus far.

Yes, David Beckham is not playing due to injury. But how many free kicks have we seen that have floated over the bar or hit the wall of defenders?

Why do you think that is? Is it because of the ball, poor free kicks by teams or something else?

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20 Responses to World Cup 2010: Where Have All of the Goals from Free Kicks Gone?

  1. Did you watch the Nigeria vs Greece game. Nigeria scored directly on a free kick. Blog post Pwned.

    • Jeff says:

      This and the Italy/Paraguay games are the only games I missed or didn’t see highlights of. Anyway, 1 out of say 100 chances from free kicks is pretty bad. I have only seen a few even come close. I think it’s the ball and probably a little to do with the altitude.

      Hopefully Adidas loses their deal for supplying the World Cup ball and Fifa gives it to Nike next time. Nike is so much better. Sorry I have a strong bias towards everything Nike.

      Anyway, the free kicks have been one of the biggest disappointments of the tournament. Hopefully we will see some goals from Free Kicks soon. Drogba might get one against Brazil and Ronaldo is certainly due.

      • BobbyB says:

        Nike? Ugh. If Nike makes the ball we’ll have something with a lot of flashy colors that falls apart before the match even reaches 90 minutes.

        • Jeff says:

          The Nike T90 ball is used in the Premiership, La Liga, and Serie A and I have never seen a problem. You sound like an Adidas fan boy.

      • Phenoum says:

        Heh, Nike Fanboi here.

        Ever thought about the altitude? Any ball would be behaving the same way. More info posted lower down. Why not produce an article about that? Cmon now – look into it and let’s see it. That’d be real reporting :)

    • The Gaffer says:

      Free Kick Master, correct. But that free kick was more of a cross than a direct shot.

      The Gaffer

    • Mark Palmer says:

      it wasn’t a direct free kick shot / attempt (dummy) it was a delivery into the box, where “again” the flight of the beach ball caused the keeper & defence to leave it.

      The ball at this World cup is a disgrace and FIFA should be held accountable

  2. brn442 says:

    All the free kicks are in the same place where all the proper pre-jabulani footballs are.

  3. Great Article, i am shocked to see how the major teams losing their games:(

  4. Dave C says:

    I’m with you Gaffer–the free kicks, crosses, and shots from distance have been all over the place. I’m starting to buy into there being something up with the ball.

  5. Geo says:

    I don’t think I will ever get over the disallowed U.S. goal v. Slovenia. If this comes back to haunt us after group stages are finished, it will be a travesty. Best free kick in the cup….. so far.

  6. rej4sl says:

    Football always seems a game of what ifs – what if Green had saved the Goal – England would not be in this mess, what if the US had the 3rd goal allowed, what if the Hand of God had not happened …… you could go on and on – it is just a case of picking yourself up and getting on with it – or not as in the case of England …….

  7. Simon Burke says:

    The ball. No question. I am sure the ball is fine but if its different to balls the pros usually use and it acts differently….
    Given time I am sure this would change but being given the ball so close to the world cup is daft. Seems to me that someone needs to just whack it low but they are all spooning it over. This ball doesnt seem to dip at altitude.

    • Phenoum says:

      “This ball doesnt seem to dip at altitude”

      Really? well OMG neither would ANY ball. It’s called ALTITUDE!

      And the teams should have been playing with this ball at altitude in training leading to the world cup – that ball’s been around for quite a bit…

  8. Murray says:

    What’s all this talk about altitude?

    Of the venues only J-Burg is considered high elevation at 1750 M, of the remaining eight 4 are between 1200 and 1400 M, one at 700 and 3 at sea level. None of this is high for the Mexican’s – 2250 M or Chile.

    The Ball is having an effect on all games (most teams are not evening trying to score on free kicks)! Why would any sporting body change the weight and dynamics of the ball on the eve of its biggest event! (except for money and marketing) Imagine curling changing from Granite to Plastic just before the Olympics.

  9. camila says:

    Diego Forlan against Ghana:
    HE almost made one against Germany too.

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