Birmingham City Home and Away Jerseys for 2010-11 Season: Photos

Photographs of Birmingham City’s new home and away jerseys for the 2010-11 season have been revealed.

Designed and manufactured for a Premier League club by a Chinese company (a first) named Xtep, the Birmingham home and away strips are two of the smartest I’ve seen for the new season. With the prospect of new signing Nikola Zigic wearing these shirts next season, everything is looking up for the Brummies.

The shirt designs are modern without looking outlandish. These Birmingham City shirts are the type that you could expect to see fans wearing down the high streets without any embarrassment at all.

Share your feedback about the new Birmingham City football shirt designs in the comments section below.

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6 thoughts on “Birmingham City Home and Away Jerseys for 2010-11 Season: Photos”

  1. Finally someone who Isnt slating this kit!

    Personally I chose kit b, but the majority went for this. A few changes were made with the angle of the ‘v’ and also the socks were changed. It’s grown on me as a great kit, and I believe that we are going through a new trend of having White at the top of the kits, possibly one dayas famous as the penguin kits.


  2. I love this one. Great stuff! I think the “x” which is the brand symbol actually looks kind of cool and it’s not obviously a brand name.

  3. Jason, the X is the Xstep logo, they are the guys who make out kits and will be on our shirts next season :)

    I think it is the same as last season’s in one way, I didn’t like it but it is growing on me…

  4. doesn’t this design echo the original Small Heat kit? I seem to remember it was a blue jersey with a white ‘V’ on its chest.

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