Who Will Advance from the World Cup Group Stage?

World Cup Winners

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to make your predictions for the 2010 World Cup. Who will advance from each group, and who will go on to win the tournament?

The top two teams from each group will advance past the Group Stage and into the round of 16. Then it’s into the quarter-finals, then semi-finals and finally, the World Cup Final on July 11.

During the past week, you’ve probably been listening to the World Cup Buzz Podcast where Richard Farley, Kartik Krishnaiyer and Laurence McKenna have been making their predictions and telling us who they think will go through each group. Now it’s your turn.

Please go ahead and review the following groups and then post in the comments section below who YOU think will advance from each group and who will win the tournament. After the tournament ends, let’s see who ends up being the closest to getting all of the answers right!

The groups are:

Group A:

  • France
  • Mexico
  • South Africa
  • Uruguay

Group B:

  • Argentina
  • Greece
  • Nigeria
  • Korea Republic

Group C:

  • England
  • Algeria
  • Slovenia
  • United States

Group D:

  • Germany
  • Serbia
  • Ghana
  • Australia

Group E:

  • Holland
  • Japan
  • Cameroon
  • Denmark

Group F:

  • Italy
  • New Zealand
  • Slovakia
  • Paraguay

Group G:

  • Brazil
  • Ivory Coast
  • Portugal
  • Korea DPR

Group H:

  • Honduras
  • Spain
  • Chile
  • Switzerland

Again, please post your answers in the comments section below.

Thanks to reader Scott Alexander for the excellent article idea.

41 thoughts on “Who Will Advance from the World Cup Group Stage?”

  1. I am going to go against conventional wisdom in a few of these

    A) 1)France 2) Uruguay
    B)1)Argentina 2)Nigeria
    C)1)England 2)USA – although I think Algeria may just pip 2nd
    D)1)Germany 2)Nigeria
    E)1)Netherlands 2)Cameroon
    F) 1)Italy 2) Paraguay
    G)1)Brazil 2) Portugal/Ivory Coast – edging on Portugal here
    H)1 Spain 2)anyone’s guess but will say Chile

    I just think the African Nations will do pretty well in the group stages

  2. A: France, Uruguay
    B: Argentina, Greece
    C: England, Algeria
    D: Germany, Ghana
    E: Netherlands, Cameroon
    F: Italy, Paraguay
    G: Brazil, Ivory Coast
    H: Spain, Chile

    Overall winners: Brazil

    Comment: Am I the only person in the states who is afraid that the US won’t make it out of the group stages? I think everyone is just blowing off Algeria and Slovenia and they shouldn’t be.

    1. Algeria and Slovenia will give both England and the USA problems without a shadow of doubt especially if they go in there being cocky and thinking the result is a foregone conclusion. No such thing as an easy game at the world cup people play their hearts out.

    2. @SanDimas1988. I am afraid too. I am worried the US won’t make it out. I think that you are right and a lot of people are blowing off Algeria and Slovenia. But, the US just beat Australia and they did well last World Cup when they almost, and they probably should have, beat Italy. So I hope this is a good sign for the US, but it was only a friendly. Since there is an African country in their group I think the US will come in third.

  3. oops yup Ghana not Nigeria in group D oops – and nope I have a weird feeling that Algeria could pip the USA but my other half is American and I am English – so got to say 1)England 2)USA the heart ruling the head in this case

    Overall winner my heart says England my head says most probably Germany

  4. A: France, Mexico. (Uruguay not as strong as Mexico IMO)
    B: Argentina, South Korea. (Or Nigeria for 2nd, Not Greece though)
    C: England, USA (Don’t underestimate Slovenia though)
    D: Germany top & think 2nd will be between Australia & Ghana.
    E: Holland, Denmark (Possibly, Cameroon could cause an upset)
    F: Italy, Paraguay (Really want New Zealand to go through though)
    G: Brazil, Ivory Coast (Portugal are really weak under Quieroz, Ivory Coast have world class players all over the pitch)
    H: Spain, Chile (Would love to see Honduras through though)

    Final Spain v Brazil.
    Winners: Spain.

  5. A: Uruguay, Mexico.
    B: Argentina, South Korea
    C: England, Slovenia
    D: Germany, Australia
    E: Holland, Denmark
    F: Italy, Paraguay
    G: Brazil, Ivory Coast
    H: Spain, Chile

    Winners: Spain.

  6. A: France, Uruguay
    B: Argentina, Nigeria
    C: USA, England (notice who I put first. And please, stop over rating Algeria, you’re all starting to look stupid)
    D:Germany, Australia
    E: Holland, Cameroon
    F: Italy, Paraguay
    G: Brazil, Portugal
    H: Spain, Chile

    1. Someone will look silly, Jason. I agree that it could be those that over-rate Algeria but it could be you putting USA at the top of the group. We’ll only know after the group stages. :)

      A) France followed by Mexico
      B) Argentina followed by Greece
      C) England followed by United States
      D) Germany followed by Serbia
      E) Holland followed by Denmark
      F) Italy followed by Paraguay
      G) Brazil followed by Portugal
      H) Spain followed by Chile

      1. You don’t have one upset in your order of teams getting out of group play. This has never happened and neither will this.

        1. What can I say, I play it safe.

          Again, we’ll just have to wait and see.

          Though I do have South Africa not getting out (rarely does a host nation not advance). Does that count?

  7. Group A: (1) France (2) Mexico
    Group B: (1) Argentina (2) Nigeria
    Group C: (1) England (2) United States
    Group D: (1) Germany (2) Serbia
    Group E: (1) Holland (2) Denmark
    Group F: (1) Italy (2) Paraguay
    Group G: (1) Brazil (2) Portugal
    Group H: (1) Spain (2) Honduras

    Final: Brazil v. Spain
    Winner: Spain

  8. A: Uruguay & Mexico
    B: Argentina & South Korea
    C: England & Slovenia
    D: Germany & Serbia
    E: Holland & Denmark
    F: Italy & Paraguay
    G: Brazil & Ivory Coast
    H: Spain & Chile

  9. A: France, South Africa.
    B: Nigeria, S. Korea
    C: England, USA
    D: Serbia, Germany
    E: Holland, Cameroon
    F: Italy, Paraguay
    G: Brazil, Cote D’Ivoire
    H: Spain, Chile

    Group A: the home team has never failed to qualify out of their group. I don’t think SA will fail either.

    Group B: every tournament there’s a noted team that flames out early. This year I’m going with Argentina. With Maradona at the helm, they’re either going to win the whole damn thing or completely implode. I’ll bet on the latter.

    Group D: Picking order of finish is tricky as sometimes teams will rest their best players if they win the first two games. I think Germany is the best team in the group, but they’ll finish second to Serbia after resting in game 3.

    Group G: Sorry, Portugal.

  10. A- France, Mexico
    B- Argentina, Greece
    C- England, Algeria
    D- Germany, Serbia
    E- Holland, Denmark
    F- Italy, Paraguay
    G- Brazil, IC
    H- Spain, Chile

    Final 4- Brazil vs England, Argentina vs Italy

    Finals- Brazil over Italy

  11. A: Uruguay & France
    B: Argentina & South Korea
    C: England & USA
    D: Serbia & Germany
    E: Netherlands & Denmark
    F: Italy & Paraguay
    G: Brazil & Ivory Coast
    H: Spain & Chile

    So Ivory Coast would be the only African team going through. All South American teams go through, along with USA, SK and 8 from Europe. That seems too optimistic for South America.

    Just realized that if USA finishes second, they’ll be rooting for anybody but Germany to finish first in Group D.

  12. A – France, Mexico
    B – Argentina, Nigeria
    C – England, USA
    D – Germany, Australia
    E – Holland, Cameroon
    F – Italy, Slovakia
    G – Brazil, Ivory Coast
    H – Spain, Chile

  13. A: France followed by Uruguay
    I think Mexico is going to flop

    B: Argentina followed by South Korea
    South Korea just narrowly squeaks by Nigeria. This Greek team looks vastly overrated

    C: England followed by USA
    Let’s not kid ourselves, I love our squad this year, but they aren’t finishing ahead of England. I just want them to get out of the group and give the Germans a scare.

    D: Germany followed by Australia
    I like the Roos, but I’m not confident about the pick. D looks like a toss up for 2nd

    E: Netherlands followed by Cameroon
    The Oranje go 3-0 and score 60

    F: Italy followed by Paraguay
    I didn’t realize I liked the CONMEBOL teams as much as I did until i filled this out

    G: Brazil followed by Portugal
    I love the Drogbas, but I think Portugal can hang on.

    H: Spain followed by Chile
    (Spain should sleepwalk through this group also)

    Final: Netherlands v Spain
    Winner: The Oranje! Get past that collective lump in your throat! I love their offensive potential even with the shaky back 4.

    1. Agreed. Except I believe SA will definitely advance, it’s the host nation after all. I love the idea of The Oranje making it to the finals against Spain; and claiming vitctory as well! That would be one happy ending for me.

  14. Nothing like leaving a trail to be embarrassed by later :)

    A) France, Mexico
    B) Argentina, Nigeria
    c) Germany, Serbia
    D) England, USA
    e) Holland, Denmark
    f) Italy, Paraguay
    g) Brazil, POrtugal
    h) SPain, Chile

    Holland to beat Argentina in the final.

  15. Group A: France, Mexico
    Group B: Nigeria, Argentina
    Group C: England, USA
    Group D: Germany, Serbia
    Group E: Holland, Cameroon
    Group F: Italy, Paraguay
    Group G: Brazil, Ivory Coast
    Group H: Spain, Chile

    Spain to win it in a final against England.

  16. Group A:

    Group B:

    Group C:

    Group D:

    Group E:

    Group F:

    Group G:
    Ivory Coast

    Group H:

  17. Did these back in April with some friends.

    A1 – France
    A2 – Uraguay
    B1 – Argentina
    B2 – South Korea
    C1 – England
    C2 – United States
    D1 – Germany
    D2 – Australia
    E1 – Netherlands
    E2 – Cameroon
    F1 – Italy
    F2 – Paraguay
    G1 – Brazil
    G2 – Ivory Coast
    H1 – Spain
    H2 – Chile




    Ivory Coast


    Ivory Coast

    Third Place:
    Ivory Coast

    First Place:

    1. Netherlands
    2. Argentina
    3. Ivory Coast
    4. England

  18. A: France, Uruguay
    B: Argentina, Nigeria
    C: England, USA
    D: Germany, Serbia
    E: Netherlands, Denmark
    F: Italy, Paraguay
    G: Brazil, Ivory Coast
    H: Spain, Chile

    England beats Argentina in final. And I am not an England fan…

    Denmark to Win it ALL—most 😛

  19. A) Uruguay, France.
    B) Argentina, Nigeria.
    C) United States, England.
    D) Germany, Australia.
    E) Netherlands, Denmark.
    F) Italy, Paraguay.
    G) Brazil, Ivory Coast.
    H) Spain, Chile.

  20. Group A: Mexico , South Africa
    Group B: Argentina , Nigeria
    Group C: , England, United States
    Group D: Serbia, Germany
    Group E: Holland, Cameroon
    Group F: Italy, Paraguay
    Group G: Brazil, Ivory Coast
    Group H: Spain, Chile

    Going to say the Netherlands win the whole thing… US Makes the Semi’s (what?)

    1. Possibly correct about Netherlands, but US has no chance. They probably won’t even make it to the knockout rounds

  21. Group A: France, Mexico
    Group B: Argentina, South Korea
    Group C: England, USA
    Group D: Germany, Ghana
    Group E: Netherlands, Denmark
    Group F: Italy, Paraguay
    Group G: Brazil, Cote d’Ivoire
    Group H: Spain, Chile

    Guessing both France and Mexico get eliminated in first knockouts although Mexico only if they don’t finish first in Group A. South Africa first host to falter in the group stage? Think Argentina either loses in quarter finals to Germany or makes it to the finals. South Korea knocks out France. If Ghana is the D2, then I pick Ghana to progress but a really a flip of the coin. If D2 is Serbia, I’d pick South Korea. If England make it that far then I’d pick England over South Korea. England & USA look unfortunate on second round matchups. Loser loses to Germany. First place either gets Ghana or Serbia. England would have massive match up problems with Ghana & Germany. England would get by Serbia but I am guessing Ghana over England in controversial fashion. England has no chance versus Brazil. England could beat Netherlands. USA would need to win group and draw Serbia to get to quarterfinals. Netherlands probably gets full points in group and the winner of Netherlands Brazil get to finals. Group F very interesting group with massive ramifications. My prediction, Italy and Paraguay tie on points going to goal difference. If Italy gets first then they upset Spain in the quarter finals (maybe it goes to PKs again?). Spain is a great team but Italy is a nightmare matchup. If Paraguay gets first then either they or Denmark beaten by Spain and Spain loses to Argentina or beats Germany in Semi-Finals. Brazil wins group, poor Cote d’Ivoire gets to see Spain in first knockouts. Horrible horrible draw for Cote d’Ivoire first they get group with Brazil and Portugal. Then they get Spain. Not fair. Unfortunately, Chile’s reward for getting second is Brazil which they have no answer for.
    So either Netherlands or Brazil probably Brazil in finals versus the winner of Argentina Germany probably Germany with Brazil beating either or Netherlands losing to Argentina or beating Germany unless Italy fails to win group in which case Spain re-emerges as a second favourite.

    Alexis Sanchez, Simon Kjaer, Lee Chung-Yong, Ki Sung-Yong, Marek Hamsik, the Ayew brothers, Kwadwo Asamoah, and if they get any playing time Jesus Navas & Nilmar all young players for us to revel in/make big names for themselves. Milos Krasic and Michael Bradley players to watch as well

  22. A1-South Africa
    C2-USA (Algeria wouldn’t suprise me)
    G2-Korea DPR

    Round of 16:
    South Africa over Argentina
    England over Ghana
    Holland over Italy
    Switzerland over Portugal
    Greece over Uruguay
    Germany over USA
    Paraguay over Cameroon
    Korea DPR over Spain

    South Africa over England
    Holland over Switzerland
    Germany over Greece
    Korea DPR over Spain

    Holland over South Africa
    Korea DPR over Germany

    Third Place:
    South Africa over Germany

    Holland over Korea DPR

    I base this off historical research, plus we don’t know much about Korea DPR so that my case.

  23. Group A: (1) France (2) Mexico
    Group B: (1) Argentina (2) Nigeria
    Group C: (1) England (2) Slovenia
    Group D: (1) Serbia (2) Germany
    Group E: (1) Netherlands (2) Cameroon
    Group F: (1) Italy (2) Paraguay
    Group G: (1) Brazil (2) Portugal
    Group H: (1) Spain (2) Honduras

    Round of 16:
    France def. Nigeria
    England def. Germany
    Netherlands def. Paraguay
    Brazil def. Honduras
    Mexico (Suprise Team of the Tourney) def. Argentina
    Serbia def. Slovenia
    Italy def. Cameroon
    Spain def. Portugal

    England def. France
    Netherlands def. Brazil
    Mexico def. Serbia
    Spain def. Italy

    Netherlands def. England
    Spain def. Mexico

    3rd Place:
    England def. Mexico

    Spain def. Netherlands

    **Just a note, I dislike Spain heavily. This prediction has no bias involved. I am an England fan, but I do not think they can beat Netherlands, as they are the best team in the tournament. Netherlands have the best team because of their goal scorers. It comes down to who can score the most goals, and it will be the Netherlands who score the most goals; however Spain will beat them in the finals

    Watch out for England in 2014!

  24. Group A-Uruguay,France(Mexico just misses it)
    Group B-Argentina,Nigeria(Nigeria plays strong)
    Group C-England,USA(Algeria almost…)
    Group D-Germany,Ghana(I’m liking the african teams)
    Group E-Netherlands,Cameroon(Denmark SO close)
    Group F-Paraguay,Italy(Paraguay WILL explode)
    Group G-Portugal,Brazil(I don’t see Brazil as a factor in this world cup)
    Group H-Spain,Chile(easy group for Spain)

    Final 16-
    Uruguay over Nigeria
    England over Ghana
    Netherlands over Italy
    Portugal over Chile
    Argentina over France
    USA over Germany
    Cameroon over Paraguay
    Spain over Brazil

    Final 8-
    Uruguay over England
    Portugal over Netherlands
    Argentina over USA
    Spain over Cameroon

    Final 4-
    Uruguay over Portugal
    Argentina over Spain

    Runner-up Match-
    Spain over Portugal

    2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Final-
    Uruguay over Argentina

  25. Brazil is the best team of this World Cup… Spain is always the favorite in every World Cup, but always lose against a second level team (let’s say in this case Chile) or against a real team (France or Italy).

    The Champion will be: Germany or Brazil.

    Remember: Europe has never won a World Cup outside of Europa. Brazil has won two Cups outside America (Sweden 58 and Japan-Korean 2002)

    P.S: Sorry for my english.

  26. A: MEX & RSA
    B: ARG & NIG
    C: ENG & USA
    D: GER & GHA
    E: NED & JAP
    F: PAR & ITA
    G: BRA & POR
    H: SPA & CHI

    MEX def NIG
    RSA def ARG
    GER def USA
    ENG def GHA
    NED def ITA
    BRA def CHI
    PAR def JAP
    SPA def CHI

    ENG def MEX
    GER def RSA
    BRA def NED
    SPA def PAR

    BRA def ENG
    GER def SPA

    3rd/ 4th:
    ENG def SPA

    GER def BRA

  27. I’d like to see Spain win, but… after what’ve seen so far.. the final will be between Argentina and Brasil. The USA will move to the next round, though. Good for them! Along with the Spaniards are the most “simpatico” and cleanest team.

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