4 thoughts on “Bayern Munich Wins DFB Cup Final: In Pictures”

  1. This only heightens my interest in the CL final, with both teams now going for a treble. This is fantastic!

  2. I felt sorry for Werder (plus I support them). If just one of the first ten minute “pinball” shots had gone in at the Bayern-end it might have been a different story. I’m not sure that the scoreline validated the Bremen teams overall performance. Bremen have struggled against Bayern in the league this year too. Bremen’s playing style doesn’t seem to work against Van Gaal’s tactics, although SVB have been relatively successful this season in the Bundesliga, Europa Cup and German Cup. Bayern got the goals and deservedly won the cup. Bremen generally need to score more goals, and Hunt needs to get over his jitters or Thomas Schaaf should let Almeida start. It is also nice to see Ozil actually making an effort again. All winter he looked like a mangy depressed dog, half interested in the ball.

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