Do Liverpool Football Club A Favour Rafa: QUIT

All great relationships come to an end, the natural course having run as far as it can. Sometimes they start passionately and brightly and quickly burn away to nothingness. Sometimes, they are a slowly burning and taut affair that consumes all within them in a supernova of passion oblivious to all around them. Occasionally, despite saying the opposite, things simply aren’t working. The public face presents a lie, when everything behind the scenes falls apart.

Of course, finishing 7th is no insult and 6th is not out of the question but this is Liverpool. European Champions on 5 occasions, runners up twice. League Champions 18 times and runners up on 12 other occasions. The most decorated club in English League history can end up qualifying for the Europa League because Portsmouth are not allowed to enter. Is it good enough to be surviving on scraps thrown by clubs imploding financially? Simply put, no it isn’t.

I saw Benitez’s post match comments on Sunday and was astounded. You can’t position yourself as a champions of the fans and then refuse to commit yourself to confirming whether you intend to be at the club next season. Benitez owes that to the Anfield faithful at the very least. They have backed him 100% throughout his consistent battles with the owners and the boardroom and now he throws it back in their faces. I think most fans of other clubs would be hard pressed to have kept the patience with a manager like the Liverpool fans have with Rafa Benitez.

Of course, his supporters will always point to the 2005 Champions League final victory and to a lesser extent, the F.A. Cup victory the following season over West Ham United. Last season saw Liverpool come within a whisker of winning the title but ultimately missed out due to the points dropped against “lesser” sides. The beginning of the season saw them lose as many leagues games in 8 days as all of last year. Complaints about Real Madrid tapping up Xabi Alonso were treated with the contempt they deserved after Benitez had spent most of the summer of 2008 trying to flog him.

He claims the club needs 4 or 5 great players, unlike the majority of the 77 he’s signed. With the exception of Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, every single player at Liverpool is a Benitez signing. Incredibly, of the 77 players he’s signed, 30 of them have been sold on. His supporters claim the board have tied his hands in regards to the money he’s had to spend, but looking at his transfer record, honestly, can you blame them? A scatter gun transfer policy that currently sees Liverpool using Mascherano as a right back and a £7 million left back in the reserves. A depth of striking talent after Torres that a Championship club would be embarrassed to have at its disposal.

This refusal to commit himself to Liverpool next season surely treats the fans like idiots. He has more support from them and delivered probably less than any Liverpool manager since Graeme Souness’ dreadful tenure in the early nineties. He eventually fell on his sword and resigned after they were beaten by Bristol City at home in the F.A.Cup in January 1994.Yet the 3 seasons he’d spent there were littered with dreadful signings, arguments and badly judged media interviews, such as with the Sun newspaper on the 3rd anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster. Yet even he won the F.A. Cup in 1992.

Souness finished 6th, 6th and 8th and the club were at the weakest they’d ever been in the modern era. Liverpool have finished outside the top 6 twice in the last 20 years and only 4 times in the 47 seasons they spent in the top flight since winning promotion back to the top division in 1962. Of course, they may still finish 6th but that’ not Benitez’s weakness for me, it’s his refusal to treat his supporters with the respect they deserve after all the support they’ve given him and tell them if he’s staying.

Perhaps of course, he’s playing the protection card, asking the board for the moon and then quitting when they quite rightly tell him to get stuffed. Only then will he consider the offer from Juventus that is on the table and has been for weeks. Added to this the fact that he absurdly claims he’s trying to meet up with the new chairman after canceling two scheduled meetings in the last fortnight weakens his position even further.

Liverpool’s fans deserve better, the club deserve better and no-one is happy. Rafa looks fed up and coming from a family of Liverpool fans, they’re fed up. The relationship has run its course and if Rafa Benitez really cared about Liverpool he’d do the right thing and quit. When you get to a point in a season where you want your team to lose to stop a rival club winning the title, I think that’s all you need to say and that’s a fact Rafa. It can only get worse from here.

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  1. very well written..damn rafa..d kop needs someone betta..he deserves to be sacked record no cups no titles..i cant imagine juventus n real madrid r hoverin upon dis loser..

  2. “When you get to a point in a season where you want your team to lose to stop a rival club winning the title, I think that’s all you need to say and that’s a fact Rafa.”

    If you get to that point you don’t deserve to call yourself a supporter.

    Were you calling for Rafa’s head at the end of last season, when we beat the mancs 4 – 1 away or when he signed Torres? No I didn’t think so.

    Fickle is too kind a word.

    1. I don’t support Liverpool, my family do. If I ever get to a point were I want my team to lose to stop someone else winning the title, I’ll quit being a football fan.

  3. The note is ill-founded and vindictive. I disagree completely, Rafa has been an assett to LFC and will be in the future if he has support.

    Ther clown who wrote should remeber that Parry was i/c purchases until recently, and there has been very little to spend since. Rafa’s main priority has been to balance the books. Our only big money purchase has been Torres – compare that with Man United with five or six over £25-mln.

  4. Well said. I too come from a family of Liverpool supporters(apart from one brother who is a blue nose :-/) but our house was exactly the same on Sunday. It has run its course and we all need a fresh start and need to enter the new season with enthusiasm not apprehension. Thanks Rafa but it has to be goodbye.

  5. “we love you rafa please dont quit
    (your a key component in uniteds success)
    hope ya stay forever”

    Yeah, three points from the last 12. Jog on!

  6. Paul you have abslutely no grasp on reality…..please stop writing blogs because it’s idiots like you who give football fans a bad name….As pointed out Parry was the one in control of transfers so the buck stops at his door for the majority of those signings…..and it’s only this season Rafa has had control and what do the owners do…..not give him a penny to spend….So if you finish short of your rivals…..what do you do…..invest… give yourself that better opportunity of success….did they do that….No….Rafa has brought in the Best under age coach in the world bar none…in Rodolfo Borrell….and this will reap rewards in the future…but no….instant success is wanted…..Rafa is supposed to compete in transfer market with Chelsea and Utd…who are outspending him on all fronts…..Utd have a bench full of 20 mill players….1 in particular costing 30 mill. Acquilani the only 20 mill signing on the liverpool bench and there is uproar…..get a grip…..LFC have only one signing costing over 20 mill….Mr. Torres…..WTF does that tell you…..and where is the so called 60,000 Stadium we were promised that would see revenue increase and also allow for greater involvement in the transfer market. Well ??? I suppose that’s rafa’s fault as well. Instead idiots like you like to take aim at the likes of Lucas….a player that cost 6 million. 6 Million….that’s what Utd and Chelsea spend on their Kit Manager for gods sake…..Not only that the guy has improved ten fold and that has shown with his end to the season where he finished with three assists in his last three games and would of been four in four if Gerrard had his shooting boots on in Madrid. This kind of crap from idiots like you puts you in the category of pure out and out numpties. Now did your mother not teach you any manners….if you have nothing good to say…..say nothing at all.

    1. Well, as misquoting’s go, that’s quiet impressive. Having stood on the kop quiet a fair bit in my time, I’d like to think I have a fair idea as to Liverpool’s history and achievements.

      It’s the wild and maddening defensive of Benitez that I find baffling and the complete ignorance of his tactical failings and his simply weird substitution policy i find worrying.

      As for Parry, everyone outside of Liverpool knew they needed a striker last summer, so Benitez buys an attacking right back and Parry was long gone before that. He had absolutely no control over any of those signings then? At all? I don’t believe that for a minute. Other than Keane, I can’t think of a signing he’s publicly tried to move on.

    2. So Rafa dont have the money like Chelsea, Man Utd etc. What happen yerster season when we finish second? Did we spent more than Chelsea? Did Arsenal spend more than Man City. Yes, a good manager must use what he has at his disposal. Rafa cant? He is no a good manager. Fact. You can say a lot about spending, stadium etc the fact will still reamin. RAFA CANT MANAGE EPL TEAM. Liverpool fan must face the fact. What about 2005 Instabul? Didnt all of you praise him for that? Did he spent more than all CL team that season? He was lucky and Stevie G was on fire and that was the factor.

  7. I am just sorry for all the history involved, its just time to move on…I think rafa is superb, but he is done in Liverpool, he should take a break.

  8. disagree completely. two champions league finals, one victory. 2009 is the closest liverpool have come to the title in two decades. without rafa, they would have continued their rapid slide toward mediocrity. one poor season does not make him a bad manager. over the six years he’s been in charge he has not had the kind of money man utd or chelsea managers enjoyed but has kept them in the top four till this season.

    why isn’t anybody holding david moores accountable for liverpool’s current predicament? he clearly did no due diligence before selling the club to hicks and gillette.

  9. Paul it’s well known that Rafa wanted Barry and Keane together to work in tandem……tandem means working together….but again Parry and the board wouldn’t back him on the Barry signature…..if Rafa had his choice he would have both Barry and Alonso…but no….his hands are tied…..Does this happen at Utd, or Chelsea….and yes I know you didn’t slate Lucas but your article is so full of ill informed reason it’s quite obvious you have nothing between the Ears…..What do your mates call you….Bungalow…..Nothing upstairs…..And as for his weird substitution policy let’s look at two of most highlighted in Rafa’s tenure….firstly Torres at Birmingham….hhhmmm he was tired and was struggling stated Rafa….Not two weeks later his Knee flared up….well was that because he was in great health….No….Rafa knew he was struggling and was trying to nurse him through to the end of the season. Secondly a few seasons back Merseyside Derby 1-1 at Goodison…Rafa brings off Gerrard….the media explode…..WTF is Rafa at…..well let’s see the sub who comes on would of gone to score the winner only for the Ugliest pr1ck in worlds football brother to handle on the line….peno….Dirka Dirka steps up and sticks it away…..There’s two subs that the media grabbed a hold of and made a mountain out of it only to be proved wrong….now did you see any of them holding there hands up..No didn’t think so…..Paul next time you write a blog just do some research…..maybe something like this….. …..or this …… …..Now that’s research and that’s reality for you.

  10. 4 articles by Bestall, Chula, Phoon and the Gaffer all writing off LFC in a less than a week. It would seem the league features no teams other than liverpool. And by the way does the writer of this article take into consideration the exodus of players should Benitez quit??

  11. Author: Do LFC a favor and stop writing. Rafa took us to Istanbul and we were 2nd last year. Not his fault he doesn’t have the cash the other clubs do. He has spent something like 20m pounds per year (on average) in the market. That is nothing compared to Man City, Chelsea, etc.

    1. Matthew – Istanbul was 5 years ago with an average team he inherited and got the best out of with his tactical skills and lots of luck.

      2nd place means nothing.

  12. Fact: Liverpool is a better team on the pitch now than before Rafa took over. That wasn’t the case with Souness.

    Fact: However, Liverpool is simply not good enough. Just like Souness, Rafa has a habit of signing too many mediocre players. He is too stubborn to buy two world class strikers and the players that do show promise, he doesn’t have the confidence to give ample playing time. Liverpool has no strength on depth, therefore – they have to treat every match as a cup final, and that is not going to win them the league.

  13. finishing 6th or 7th is an insult to this great club, no excuses for Rafa, he has spent over 220 million pounds, that should give a decent team. No heart, no passion, this is not Liverpool, please go Rafa.

  14. cant understand y ppl r glorifying d 2nd place n d fact dat rafa was not given enough funds..he has spend way too much on irrerelvant players..he cud av avoided dat n bring in one our 2 cant be credited to him…also,lucas is is he good enough?does he fire off in crucial matches???rafa has to der wil be a possibility of torres n gerrard stayin..

  15. yes well done,,,but it is time to move on,,,liverpool a team of winning,,not looseing,,,,so sorry to say,,,thank,s what u have done to liverpool,,,but it is time to go,,,,,,y,,,n,,,w,,,a,

  16. Matchgoing red here. The bond between us and Rafa is still there. We know what the situation is behind the scenes, and what it’s been like for the past three seasons, so we have nothing but respect for the man. If he goes because it’s finally got to the stage where he’s forced to sell his best players without that money going back into the team, then I’ll wish him the best because he’s behaved in the best traditions of Liverpool managers.

    I guess a lot of outsiders don’t quite understand the mentality of Liverpool’s traditional support. But you don’t call for the manager’s head (unless he does an interview with a certain newspaper) and you show loyalty and support through the rough times because that’s what Shankly taught us.

    Got to say that article is a huge pile of steaming nonsense though mate – you honestly suggesting Rafa sent his team out to throw the match? We’re Liverpool not some small time no-mark club. More evident was the fact that we’d played Thursday night with extra time and it had taken its toll on our reduced squad which was reduced even further by injuries to two players during the match.

  17. The fans will never turn on the waiter because he delivered the 5th CL win and that’s all they care about so they can sing their catchy song. Did Steve Heighway have nothing upstairs when he called Benitez ‘crazy’ for undermining his work with the youth squad? Not one player has emerged through the ranks at Anfield since he has been in charge and he has just carried on the destruction of the youth process that Houllier undertook. You have United obviously under your skin as a bitter red so compare that to Fergies record. Benitez has simply blocked the progress of local youth to justify the selection of the misfits that he has brought in. No cash? Crap stadium, blah blah blah, you did have a £20 million player on the bench, Robbie Keane. The man is a genius, he’s going to cost you ill afforded cash to get rid of him, he’s laughing at you while you sing his name. Nothing upstairs? All you have got is a red carpet lar.

  18. quite obviously haven’t a clue……Not one player has emerged through the ranks at Anfield since he has been in charge… you have any idea why ???? Because he undermined Steve Heighway….and he has carried on his destruction of the youth process….Lol…Seriously what are you smoking….Rafa went and got the Best youth team coach in the world….Simple as….he recognised the deficincies in the youth set up and when he was granted the running of it, only at the end of last season….he got the best coaches in….You really haven’t a clue. And he had Robbie Keane on the bench…..that was after he had his usual 70 mins on the pitch and 5 chances to score and not taking one….And haven’t a clue what you mean by a RED CARPET LAR…!!!!!

  19. Happy Cinco De Mayo, everyone. In Arizona we’re celebrating w/ state-mandated racial profiling!
    For the author: you only allude to the massive financial and organizational problems at the club and I think such analysis is necessary for your argument about Benitez.
    He has certainly made some transfer mistakes and I’m no tactician but his formations, line-ups and substitutions are beyond my understanding.
    But if you consider that the debt, mismanagement and poor internal politics have been at the club for most of Benitez’s time there, you must rate his performance in previous seasons much more highly. That isn’t to say that this season is a total anomaly; it seems more so that the dam finally gave. That the scab fell off to reveal an infection, or any other horrible analogy to say that Benitez has been key in staving off the rot at Liverpool season after season and this time around it simply couldn’t be done. I think that he is more responsible for their success (however relative) than he is for their current abject state.
    I also think you’re wrong to begrudge him for being ‘dishonest’ w/ the fans about his future plans. As though every other top manager, player and administrator weren’t engaged in the same exact cycle of kissing badges and lying through their teeth up until the moment they sign the next contract. I’m sure there are contrary examples, I can think of a few, but those should be considered exceptions to the rule. I think it’s noble but perhaps too much to demand honesty from Rafa unless you’re prepared to do the same w/ every other actor in the sport.
    Thanks for generating the debate!

  20. I think that’s called closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. Help me to have a clue and answer me this, what trophies has he delivered over his period with the club and irregardless of his spending record have you been happy with the calibre of player he has brought in? Red carpet? OK I apologise, I will leave out the sarcasm if it was a little too subtle for you. The red carpet tenuously referred to you seeing things through red coloured glasses and lar is common Scouse slang.

  21. Liverpool “fans” don’t deserve better, nor does the club itself. What they deserve is exactly what they have now. Rafa is not going to quit, and unfortunately the club can’t afford to sack him. It’s time for LFC to sell Torres and accept the fact they are out of the football elite. They should look to try to emulate other mid-level clubs like Birmingham or Stoke and maybe they might be able to stay in the first division for an extended period of time.

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