Tottenham Ball Boy Runs On To Pitch and Stops Play: Video

Many of us want the season to end as soon as possible so we can begin the countdown for the World Cup. For one Tottenham Hotspur supporter, he got a bit ahead of himself in this past Saturday’s match against Bolton Wanderers when he ran on to the pitch and lost his bearings.

For a good laugh, watch this one-of-a-kind video (see above). Maybe the boy was sensing the chances of Spurs qualifying for the Champions League and he wanted to speed up time before Wednesday’s massive match against Manchester City?

2 thoughts on “Tottenham Ball Boy Runs On To Pitch and Stops Play: Video”

  1. Poor kid.

    Classy move by that Bolton player to go shake his hand afterward. I’m sure the kid was completely red-faced

  2. That kid will have a story to tell for years to come! And I agree, a classy move to go shake his hand.

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