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Can Spurs finish their run against the table’s top three with a win at Old Trafford? And will rival Arsenal do Tottenham a favor against City on Saturday? To discuss these key match-ups as well as Thursday’s Europa League results, I was joined by the review team – Laurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer – to play new, preview roles on this Friday podcast.

Question of the Week

On today’s show, I bemoan the format of the UEFA tournaments, a format that uses two-legged ties to decide match-ups on the knock-out rounds. As we saw on Thursday, the format gives the away team in the first leg the incentive to conservatively, trying to get back to their home ground of a second leg, where their opponent will not have the luxury of playing for the next match.

But any complaint about the two-leg format carries an implicit question, one we pose to you: What would be a good alternative to the two-legged tie?

Give us your idea as to how clubs could otherwise settle these match-ups, and in the process, give us something to talk about on Monday’s review show. The most interesting ideas will be fodder for the Review Show’s panel.

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