Why Aren't There More Good Soccer Blogs From England?

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While compiling the list of the best of the best blogs to include in the 2009-2010 EPL Awards competition, I was struck by how few blogs from England are on my must-read list. I’m originally from the UK. And sure, I often find myself reading soccer blogs from the UK such as Zonal Marking, Some People Are On The Pitch and Fantasy Football Scout, but they represent such a small percentage of the tens of English soccer-related blogs I read each day scouring the ‘Net for news to share with you, the readers of EPL Talk.

The Guardian does such a good job with its blogs, so maybe some soccer supporters from England feel as if it’s not necessary to create their own. However, even before The Guardian had sport blogs, there was a lack of good soccer blogs from England, so The Guardian‘s perfection can’t explain that.

While the United States is a much larger country based on population, the number of people who are die-hard soccer fans has got to be less than the number in England. In the States, though, many of the blogs fill a void because of the lack of good soccer coverage in newspapers and in the media. If we in the States had to rely on traditional media such as television and local newspapers to follow our favorite Premier League team, we’d be clueless how their season was going.

But at the same time, I’m disappointed that there aren’t more quality soccer blogs from England. Many of them are club blogs instead of blogs that focus on a specific topic or a specific league. Living closer to the epicenter of the Premier League, it’s perhaps more understandable that soccer fans in England feel they need to support their team by creating a supporter’s blog. But that still doesn’t explain why we don’t see an abundance of quality soccer blogs from England on other topics.

Perhaps the reason was the expensive rates that companies such as BT Internet charged for broadband usage and the caps they created to limit the amount of bandwidth consumed. At least that’s what I experienced when I last visited my cousins in London when I was there in 2006. Nowadays, an unlimited broadband plan from BT is the equivalent of $43 a month.

Maybe I’m unrealistic, but I would expect to see a lot more quality blogs created and published in England.

Here’s a rundown of quality blogs from around the world and which country the chief blogger resides in:






United States of America

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it’s meant to give you an idea of where many of the quality blogs originate from.

How do you explain why there are so few quality soccer blogs from England? Click the comments link below to share your opinion.


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