Julian Dicks Interview: Questions Please

Boxing - Kevin Mitchell Press Conference
Hammers legend Julian Dicks (L) and boxer Kevin Mitchell (R)

Richard Farley from EPL Talk will be interviewing West Ham United legend Julian Dicks in the near future. If you’ve ever wanted to ask Julian Dicks a question about him, his playing career, West Ham United or anything else related to football, please post it in the comments section below. The best questions will be asked on-air to the Hammers legend.

Dicks, who was nicknamed “The Terminator” for his reputation as a “hard man” and tough tackler, is the manager of non-league team Grays Athletic. In addition to playing 315 competitive matches for West Ham United, Dicks played at Liverpool and Birmingham City.

The interview with Julian Dicks will appear as a future episode of the EPL Talk Podcast, a free daily English language soccer podcast. Founded in 2006, the EPL Talk Podcast is the only Premier League interview podcast on the Internet. During each daily episode, we bring you intelligent interviews with some of the biggest names in football such as Mikel John Obi, Steve McClaren, Toby Charles, Graham Poll, John Terry, Gabriele Marcotti, Martin Tyler and many others. Subscribe to the EPL Talk Podcast today via iTunes.

2 thoughts on “Julian Dicks Interview: Questions Please”

  1. At this stage of the game, with the bloated salaries, the lack of real fight on the team, would it be almost better to drop down to the Fizzy pop for a year. Dump the huge contracts and come back fighting like we did under Pardew?

    And are Zola and Clarkey the men long term, or do you feel they will be gone at season’s end regardless?

  2. Rather a straight-forward question. With the recent news that Grays will be relgated twice this season and possibly a third time, what are the chances of you staying for another season? If not, are you going to look for another job in non-league football?

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