Chelsea Should Sign Bastian Schweinsteiger This Summer

With another FA Cup final, three games remaining on the Premier League fixture list and one point between Chelsea and second placed Manchester United, it may be a little premature for the Blue’s management and players to think about summer transfers.  Mercifully, as pundits and fans, we do not have to play Liverpool with the additional worry of the reigning champions snapping behind us, and can afford ourselves this idle speculation.

With an ageing but still potent team, Chelsea should only look to replace one member of the starting eleven – Michael Ballack.  The German captain has played plenty this season, but has routinely looked average and tired when on the pitch.  While he is still a fine midfielder, he should no longer claim a starting berth over Lampard, Essien or Mikel.  The reasons for this are simple.  He doesn’t bring the athletic dynamism of the Ghanian, the assists and goal return of the Englishman, or the youth and adequate defensive shielding of the Nigerian.

Essentially he is an old utility midfielder, a player who can be trusted to make the right pass but who can no longer run for ninety minutes, a player with an ego that demands stroking but increasingly, doesn’t deserve it.
But Chelsea have an excellent replacement ready should Bayern Munich prove to be willing bartering partners.

In Bastian Schweinsteiger, the Blues have a flexible player able to take on almost any role in the midfield position, much like his international Captain Ballack used to be able to provide.

“Schweini” could star as a direct replacement for Die Mannschaft captain in the central role, especially given his excellence in this position for his Bavarian club this campaign.  He has displayed both the ability to spread the ball around and to work very hard to win the ball back for his side.  But his abilities and uses are far greater than just being a hard working trooper, a man willing to run down opponents and lay off passes to the creative attacking types.

He can also function as a wide midfielder, and though lacking the pace and intricate dribbling associated with natural wingers like his teammate Arjen Robben, Schweinsteiger can put in enough accurate crosses to force any defense to adjust to this menace.

With Flourent Malouda, Ashley Cole and Yuri Zhirkov wreaking havoc on the left, Chelsea’s right has appeared tame.  Branislav Ivanovic can be counted on for a couple of good crosses per game on top of his usual solid defending, but the right just does not have the same threat for the Blues that the opposite side carries.  The right wingers in the Blues’ 4-3-3 – Anelka or Joe Cole or Solomon Kalou – are not as naturally suited to this role like Malouda is on the left and thus, the wide right attacks suffer.

Adding the German international to the right would improve Chelsea’s options in attack and force any opposition to consider how to contain both flanks equally.  A tactical change to a 4-4-2 to include both Anelka as a pure striker and Schweinsteiger’s wide play would certainly give pause to anyone in Europe.

But, as mentioned earlier, Schweinsteiger has become one of Europe’s top central midfielders this season, and could therefore also fill in that role in Chelsea’s 4-3-3 or Ancelotti’s old favorite, the 4-4-2 diamond.  With now constant injuries to Essien, Schweinsteiger could very well claim his place in the starting XI.

Additionally, he has shown for Germany that he can be a very good attacking player, although the presence of certain French and Dutch footballers on his club team seem to have prevented the repetition of his fairly impressive German goal return for Munich.  Given more room to attack and fewer defensive responsibilities however, he should be able to knock in a goal every few games or so for the Blues.

Further, his relative youth means his performance would not dip so dramatically as both games and the seasons wear on.  While not an explosive player, he certainly won’t visibly deteriorate during every ninety minute match.  In the generally epic, tri-pronged (at least) campaigns Chelsea have involved themselves in over the past handful of seasons, the importance of players with sufficient energy come April and May should not be underestimated.

Lastly, his ego does not seem to reflect his quality on the pitch.  While this might not seem to be so important, it could be argued that one of Chelsea’s biggest flaws of the past few seasons has come from the generally unpleasant attitude conveyed by some of their megalomaniacal stars.  While this is by no means true for the entire squad, having another player who won’t add to this image can’t hurt.

While some might yearn for Sergio Aguero or Luis Suarez or some other player who can help add a cutting edge (although why another forward is needed is still a mystery to me), “Basti” is probably the player Chelsea need to become younger and more competitive in an area that needs instant repair.

The club should make the bid before the World Cup, as his price tag will shoot up come July if he repeats his excellent performances for Germany as he has done for most of his career.  The chance to do so is now; come August, half of Europe may be splashing out on the midfield star.

25 thoughts on “Chelsea Should Sign Bastian Schweinsteiger This Summer”

  1. i wood not Sign Bastian Schweinsteiger i do not think he wood do well. i have to agree with Brad He’s very inconsistent.

    1. no no……… Schweini has still role in Bayern Munich 2012………he is German star don’t make ridiculous comments……

  2. The author is an idiot. If anything, Ballack has proven himself to be one of the fittest members of the side this season – and the man who CAN’T make the pass successfully when he needs to!

    Schweiny is not Chelsea quality, end of.

  3. My opinion of Schweinsteiger is similar to that of Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski. They seem to come alive in international play, but they never quite capture that lightning in a bottle at the club level.

    But, I’m also frequently wrong. Maybe this move brings the best out of him.

  4. I actually really like Schweinsteiger, but I definitely dont think he would ge good for the blues. chelsea has some young enlgish options, such as Mancienne or Cork, that could play a similar role to Schweinstieger. Im not saying theyre as good as Schweinsteiger, just that theyre good players and wont cost millions of dollars.

  5. Hmmm… not a bad shout. As long as there are funds available, the guiding principles of Chelsea’s spending should be “Young” and “Hungry”. We’ve looked so jaded at times this year, it seems like it could be remedied by some youthful blind ambition. Think Chelsea need the following areas addressed, with some preferred options:

    Central Midfield:
    Your ‘Schweinie’ call sounds reasonable; would do anything to see Marek Hamsik of Napoli come though. He’s going to be a very, very big star. If not Hamsik, then Miralem Pjanic of Lyon would be worth a punt, or young Dzagoev of CSKA as a real reach. Unfortunately Sneijder would have been ideal to compete with Ballack — had we gotten him, Bally would have never gotten a game. Dare I say it may be time for a cheeky bid for Kaka who really couldn’t be any more unsettled at Real Madrid? Pipe dream, that one.

    Right Wing:
    Sadly, one of Joey Cole or Kalou needs to ship out, with a more competitive player coming in. Ribery would be the dream, obviously. May be time to give Miroslav Stoch his big break after a great season on loan in Holland, though. The current world crop of stellar players in this position is really quite thin.

    Striker: Personally, I think Pato was absolutely built for the Premiership, and would provide a perfect foil for Drogba. Little chance of that, but it looks like Aguero may well be coming. Concerns about his size, but he’s undoubtedly vastly talented. We’re still searching for that ‘Second Striker’ in the Rooney mould. Missed it in Tevez last year, sadly.

    I’ll be over the moon if Roman stumps up for 2-3 young quality players. Truthfully, I’d be more excited to get kids in their early 20’s with everything to prove than Kaka and Ribery. Youth and Hunger, Roman — we can’t put it off any longer.

  6. “Branislav Ivanovic can be counted on for a couple of good crosses per game on top of his usual solid defending, but the right just does not have the same threat for the Blues that the opposite side carries. ”

    maybe thats due to Jose Bosingwa being out for most of the season. I’d rather bring Miroslav Stoch back and give him a go on the right wing than Schweinsteiger

  7. None of us REALLY know if Schweinsteiger, would be a hit or a bust in Chelsea blue. I do like the over all premise of the post however. It’s time to ship out some pieces of our current puzzle and replace them with younger options. Ballack can go, as can Kalou as well. I’d perfer to keep Joe Cole despite his form at the moment. Pato and Ribery would be dream players to draft into the squad and most likely it will never happen. I think Aguero would be a great signing, I know England could be a tough transition, but I think he would be a spark to Chelsea along side Drogs.

  8. The Author is crazy.What Bastian will do at Chelsea? Chelsea young players were better than Bastian Schweinsteiger. Chelsea isn’t Man City, Chelsea is strongest team in the world. NO place for Bastian Schweinsteiger. Don’t write crazy article.

  9. I don’t know about Bastian, although he is a good player but the author is wrong about Joe Cole, he is one of the best Right Wing player in the world, bit inconsistent these days because he came back after a long injury even Alex Ferguson has an eye on him when his contract expires this year, i really don’t want him to move to any club.

  10. schweinsteiger is not good enough for chelsea? the fulcrum of a cl finalist? are you guys serious? i’ve been in the lucky situation to be able to watch nearly every bayern game this campaign. and you know, quite frankly, schweinsteiger has been dominating so far. he reminds me of xavi, but the german is physically stronger – silk and steel. btw, real madrid is interested – so just in case you forgot: that club is known to be trying to build the new galacticos. well, actually chelsea is not good enough for schweinsteiger, should he decide to leave bayern

  11. Yeah, Sure, Schweinsteiger isn’t enough good for Chelsea because Chelsea have a lot players like him or better him. Don’t compare with German Club and PL club. Chelsea isn’t like Man City or Arsenal.

  12. well, you may have a point there, although im not too sure of that. wether hull really is an that much better and demanding oponent than koeln for example is at least questionable. anyway, schweinsteiger stuck out in the cl as well, for those able to not only praise the goalscorer but also the ball-winner. names like hamsik and pjianic were thrown in, but what do these guys have that schweinsteiger lacks? nothing at all, not even the advantage of age. schweinsteiger has proven himself multiple times during wc’s, ec’s an cl-clashes. he is still young and therefor can become even better than xavi. that guy was nowhere near schweinsteiger in his 25’s. i would be surprised if you can call up 3 central midfielders who display this kind of class and are that young..

    1. Bastian Sch is good player, but not for Chelsea that’s i mean Chelsea have a lot of players like him. Do u know Essien, Mikel, etc …….. thats why…….. In fact, Chelsea need young Strikers like Arguero, Pato etc..

  13. Schweinsteiger has been playing a more central mid role for Bayern lately. If we’re going for a young winger, I’d lean toward Mesut Ozil, from Werder Bremen. Ozil is 21 years old…and can also play an attacking midfielder role.

  14. i don’t think that oezil is already up to the task. but let’s wait until after the wc to judge that. i would like to see aguero with the blues though. in my opinion he is the next big thing, considering strikers. schweinsteiger is superior to mikel and with lampard and essien the midfield dominance should almost always be guaranteed.

  15. None of you know very much about football, if you slag Bastian Schweinsteiger off. The lad is a great player. in comparison to Deco, Ballack, Joe Cole.. He is much better, I am not doubting joe coles ability but he is inconsistent. Bastian is a class act and would fit in perfect no matter the tactic

  16. i very like bastian schweinsteiger
    But i think he good for as bayern munchen as chelsea…
    mau ngomong apa ha kalian bule???

  17. i totally disagree that Mikel is better than Ballack, just because Ballack is being played in the defensive mid position and can’t go upfront to score doesn’t mean he is a bad player. he was very effective this season for Chelsea to do the double.

    But i totaly agree that Chelsea should get Schweinsteiger, he is an amazing player!
    Go Chelsea!!

  18. Whilst I haven’t seen him play day in and out, what I have seen is the guy is class – good at attacking, whilst hard working and aggressive defensively. He’d be a strong addition to chelsea

    As others have mentioned, Sneijder would also be an awesome acquisition

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