Premier League Race: 'When 3 Became 2'

Who can handle their nerve in the final weeks of the Premier League?

Last weekend the Premier League was full of drama, the story of ‘when 3 became 2’ as finally, Arsenal’s legs went in the final stretch, United gained a ‘leg up’ and Chelsea looked as if they were start to roast theirs.  It all seemed to be going well for Arsenal, 2-0 up, looking comfortable and in control with Wigan not posing any real threat, but lack of concentration, professionalism and just old fashioned ‘grit and determination’ give Wigan an inch and then for them to take a mile.

Arsenal’s problems are all to clear to see. In the summer, Wenger (who will still be in charge) must buy a top class goalkeeper. If you look back at history, teams who have been successful have always had top class goalkeepers. United had Schmeichel, Liverpool had Grobbelaar, Everton had Southall and Arsenal had Seaman. In a nutshell Almunia and Fabianski are not in their league. Two centre backs are needed as Gallas, Campbell and Silvestre are all out of contract and up front as good a job as Bendtner has done over the last few months, Arsenal need another top class goal-scorer – someone who can score 25+ a season and work alongside Robin Van Persie. Could it be Chamakh? Only time will tell.

Up the M1 motorway it is a very different matter – Manchester United are still in the hunt following another late, late show in the Manchester Derby (that’s twice this season). In an un-enthralling match Paul Scholes squeezed a superb placed header in the 4th minute of injury time for three precious points.

A result that galvanised Tottenham and took the wind out of Chelsea’s sails. Why? Tottenham realised that with a win they would be two points clear of City in the race for fourth place, and all the pressure had been put back on Chelsea as the gap was down to a single point.

It clearly showed as Chelsea, as in midweek against Bolton, looked nervous and edgy, as for the first 45 minutes they were completely outthought and outclassed by a more determined Spurs side.

Now as we reach the climax of the Premier League season, get used to seeing a little ‘cat and mouse’ between Chelsea and Manchester United due to our friends Sky Sports showing all games live – each will be fighting to apply pressure to the other. First it will be United vs. Tottenham in Saturday lunch-time kick-off 12:45 BST. If United win the spot light, pressure on Chelsea (who play Sunday 4pm BST) will be magnified to an exponential level having looked odds on favourites.

With three games remaining, the key weekend could be when Chelsea plays Liverpool and United go to the Stadium of Light to face Sunderland – one thing for sure is that this Premier League goose hasn’t cooked just yet.

3 thoughts on “Premier League Race: 'When 3 Became 2'”

  1. I think Chelsea might still take it. Tottenham have been sensational lately they will not be easy to beat at the weekend. Harry Redknapp has got to be in contention for the manager of the year, he has done an amazing job. That is not going to be an easy game at all.

    Chelsea on the other hand should overtake Stoke and IMO with some margin too. Chelsea still have Liverpool to play but Torres is out for the reason of the season.

    It’s always hard to bet against either United or Chelsea, while they have their slow days they play very well on other days. I think one of them will end up stumbling and dropping 2 points by playing out to a draw.

    My personal prediction is United will win their three remaining games and Chelsea will win 2 games while drawing against Liverpool giving Manchester United the thinnest margin for victory.

  2. I agree Tyson,

    I can see Liverpool getting something out of the game against Chelsea and United winning their remaining games.

    Good shout re Harry and manager of the year, Alex Mcleish should be put into the mix as well.

  3. Liverpool has no chance against Chelsea on Sunday. I’m actually glad since I can’t stand Manchester United winning it for a fourth time in a row.

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