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Top 10 Football And Premier League Related T-Shirts

tshirts Top 10 Football And Premier League Related T Shirts

As the warm spring weather prepares football fans for summer’s heat, supporters of the beautiful game are faced with some pertinent choices concerning their footballing wardrobe. As heavy jackets and scarves make way for shorts, sunglasses, T-shirts and replica kits, EPL Talk extends the right hand of friendship to you the readers by hopefully guiding your fashion discretion’s into the late spring and summer.

We’ve all seen and probably collected a number of replica kits throughout our years as football supporters. This article will feature more of the casual and creatively designed football T-shirts from some of the top designers and websites across the Internet. Without further explanation, here are the top 10 football or Premier League related T-shirts:

jack the lad shankly Top 10 Football And Premier League Related T Shirts

  • 9. SOCCER JOCK, from Etsy- Etsy is a sort of social commerce website that focuses on handmade and vintage items. The website itself is very community orientated where one can purchase anything from arts and crafts to coffee mugs. The shirt featured here is from JOCKSHOP. I love the way the designer has created the shirt to simulate the movement of sport through the slight blurring of the image. It’s neon green color is fresh, vibrant and will be sure to stick out in a crowd and will without a doubt let everyone who sees it know the sport you love.

etsy Top 10 Football And Premier League Related T Shirts

  • 8. THIS IS FOOTBALL, from CafePress – A classic. What better way to reclaim the word itself back from the bloated and commercial-driven NFL than this easy design. Available in an assortment of colors, THIS IS FOOTBALL will surely get under the skin of American football fans all the while you’ll be looking good doing it.

this is football Top 10 Football And Premier League Related T Shirts

  • 7. Johann Cruyff Total Footballer, Objectivo- The Dutch master appears in all of his attacking glory on the front of this design. Cruyff is an absolute legend of the game, his pace, touch, finishing and football intelligence allowed him to almost single handily invent a new style of football. I’ve always loved T’s that feature the face of an athlete, musician, or character. The design of this shirt will be sure to strike up conversation when you wear it around town from the ex-pat Dutch in your community, football fans, or people asking you about the picture. Objectivo features American Apparel shirts of the highest quality.

cruyff objectivo Top 10 Football And Premier League Related T Shirts

  • 6. Evolution, from Zazzle- Witty and sure to provoke conversation from weary on-lookers. The shirt depicting Homo sapiens evolution into not boring office workers, but footballers is creative and funny while relevant to our passion for football.

evolution zazzle Top 10 Football And Premier League Related T Shirts

  • 5. Fourth is the New First, Who Are Ya Designs- Tired of Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal always fighting it out for the title? Think the race for fourth is a bit more exciting? If so, this is the shirt for you. Who Are Ya Designs has been seen advertising on FSC and is a great stop for a number of cool T-shirts. Their catalog spans numerous countries and their “beer brand” retro style shirts are worth checking out.

who are ya designs Top 10 Football And Premier League Related T Shirts

  • 4. Brian Clough quote, World Soccer Shop – “I wouldn’t say I was the BEST manager in the business, but I was in the top one“. Another legendary quote from one of England’s greatest all time managers. World Soccer Shop is your one stop shop for just about anything you’ll ever need football related. Great selection of DVD’s and hard to find football videos as well.

WSS brian clough 300x300 Top 10 Football And Premier League Related T Shirts

  • 3. England Football, Objectivo –  One of the most important summer’s ever for the England national team as (oddly enough) an Italian leads the brave young lions to South Africa for the World Cup. Whether you’re English watching the matches at the Pub with your mates, or American watching the US v England match with a group of not so friendly American buddies, this is the shirt for you.

england objectivo1 Top 10 Football And Premier League Related T Shirts

  • 2. Friends Don’t Tell Friends Footy Scores, Who Are Ya Designs- How many times have we all had a match ruined because we’ve recorded it for later only to have a friend text, email or call us with the score? Who Are Ya Designs is attempting to change the face of social networking in regards to this atrocity ever happening again. Funny, creative and relevant to being a footie fan in this day in age, the shirt is sure to get a laugh or rise out of your closest friends, and will hopefully allow you to record matches for later without finding out the score on Facebook or other social networking sites.

who are ya designes Top 10 Football And Premier League Related T Shirts

  • 1. Maradonna Good, Pele Better, George Best, Objectivo- Best was a true, natural talent in the game that had some unfortunately dark times in his life. Manchester United and Northern Ireland fans can celebrate the time football had with George Best with this great shirt from Objectivo. I love the use of color in this shirt and the way Best is accurately depicted doing what he did best: running at pace with the ball glued to his feet.

george best objectivo Top 10 Football And Premier League Related T Shirts

There you have it, the Top 10 football or Premier League related T-shirts available online. Now there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy your football and look good while doing it.

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13 Responses to Top 10 Football And Premier League Related T-Shirts

  1. Masha says:

    I remembered when I travelled to Hong Kong a few months ago, my friend got me a locally designed football shirt and I absolutely loved it.
    (Not spam or anything… just the site that shows the collection)

  2. Chris says:

    Love the Who Are Ya Designs t-shirts!

  3. Evan says:

    The Shankly quote is a paraphrase of an earlier quote from UCLA football coach Red Sanders, on beating USC : “”Beating ‘SC is not a matter of life or death, it’s more important than that.” Sanders died in 1958, so he said this much earlier than Shankly.

    I’m not saying that Shankly plagiarized Sanders, but I get annoyed when people act as if he was the first person to say something like that.

  4. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Slogans and quotes:

    Stoke t shirts:

    Old Skool Shirts:

  5. chris says:

    objectivo t-shirts are sweet and the prints are quality. they have the soft-hand feel. the zazzle, cafe press and who are ya are less than quality product. fabrics are cheap and designs are heat transfers or gluey ink.

  6. Duke says:

    ” the bloated and commercial-driven NFL ”

    Ah, and the rest of the world’s professional football leagues are non-profit organizations?

    I understand the point of the shirt, but to complain about the NFL because they’ve operated as a single entity and incorporated revenue-sharing, a salary cap, etc. to make themselves profitable as a whole and put every franchise on equal footing does NOT make them any more bloated or commercial-driven than any other sports league. Smarter than other sports leagues, yes, probably.

    To the point: Just got a “Defend the Bridge” T-shirt from Objectivo. I figure if I bump into someone else who knows what it means, we must become instant best friends. And maybe travel to London together to watch a match in person…

  7. CTBlues says:

    I just picked up the Super Frank shirt from who are ya designs:

  8. Jason Allen says:

    Although the George Best shirt is nice, it seems to have been done several times over. I personally prefer Punk Football’s version…

  9. Brandon Gish says:

    Chula, you are a poet. The way you weave your words into a gorgeous tapestry is truly a tribute to the greatest sport on Earth….. Send me a free T-Shirt!!! lol….. But seriously, I want to buy all of these shirts just because of the way you’ve suggested them. Thanks for the great tips.

  10. FTBLL TSHRTS says:

    Football t-shirts without the vowels???


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