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Chelsea’s win at Manchester United sees a new leader in the English Premier League. On this edition of the EPL Talk Podcast, Kartik Krishnaiyer and Laurence McKenna join me to discuss the match at Old Trafford as well as the match’s officiating before shifting our focus to the race for fourth, where the EPL has another new leader.

On this week’s show we ask you whether the teams in England are stronger then their corresponding sides last season.  Is the 2009-10 version of Chelsea FC better than their 2008-09 counterpart?  Manchester United?  Arsenal?  Blackburn? West Ham?  Are this year’s teams better than last?  And is the Premier League a stronger league?

We’ll get your best feedback on the mid-week review show.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Review Show: EPL Talk Podcast”

  1. First time I’m listening to your podcast and I’m impressed.
    I think you guys might have just won yourself a new regular listener =D

  2. A couple of points…

    it’s a world cup year, league’s with heavy percentages of foreign players are going to be stressed more than in other years (and particularly non-euro/non-world cup years). in the epl, squads such as those in the big four should be more tired and more likely to get hurt than in other years which inevitably strengthens those typically second tier squads and typically second tier leagues. hopefully this window springs a tottenham or villa ( I would say man city as well but we can clearly see that that is eventually going to happen regardless of this year’s results. likewise, there is a fear that man city is going to merely replace liverpool in the short term if liverpool don’t get sorted soon. nonetheless, if a tottenham or villa can get a couple of champions league runs (or even a 3rd place with chelsea, united, or arsenal knocked out of the qualifiers here and there), we might get back to a more dynamic top of the table. the worst thing that can happen is to continue to have a big four when there are 4 champions league spots.

  3. In answer to the question on the pod today, I think Chelsea has improved since last season and Man United has stabilized. Out went Ronaldo, but up stepped Rooney.

    The Gaffer

    1. which Chelsea? the one with Michael Essien or the one without? Scolari gets a lot of blame (and I’m not trying to defend him) but the fall and then rise of Chelsea last season wasn’t just Hiddink. With most of their squad and Essien, Chelsea is one of the top sides in Europe. Without we’re one of the better but certainly not a consistently elite side. We’ve coped better without him than last year but we’ve been much more wounded this year as have everybody else. IMO, the Chelsea that finished last season would consistently destroy the Chelsea that is playing now. But since everybody has a weakened side, we have a chance at a 4th title. That said, it’s hard to see Chelsea getting anywhere near a champions league final again soon given our age and flailing discipline unless we get some bad calls or weird luck in crucial matches.

      Rooney has been unreal but he would have likely been unreal if ronaldo sustained anything serious and overall they would have been a more dangerous team. more capable of cloaking their age in the middle, probably more capable of avoiding or at least minimizing injuries to key players and certainly a stronger side in europe. They would have blown away arsenal and chelsea and likely challenged chelsea’s record 95

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