Man United Coming to America, GolTV in HD And More

Manchester United looks very likely to be the opponent in this summer’s MLS All-Star Game, according to press reports. That’s just one of the headlines in the news. Here are the latest Premier League-related stories that are making the news in the past 24 hours:

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13 thoughts on “Man United Coming to America, GolTV in HD And More”

  1. Talk out of Toronto is a TFC / United tilt. The mayhem of United at BMO will make last year’s Real visit look like a U 16 girls division 2 match*. As a Canadian, when I heard Toronto, Chicago and NYC, I immediately thought NYC, then Chicago. Don’t want to be anywhere near Toronto and the shameless gouging of MLSE / Touts for that match!

    *No offense to U16 girls division 2. Fine effort, but not hysteria-inducing.

  2. ^This. I really feel like everyone has been ignoring Chicago lately. No WC bid, now this?

    Also, even though I’m going to be in England all fall and going down to the Lane as much as possible, I REALLY REALLY HOPE SPURS COME TO THE US THIS SUMMER. GAH.

  3. If Cablevision adds GolTV HD I will get the sports package just for that but if they don’t I’m keepin my money. Our sports package is wired anyways according to their website of all the channels that you need the sports package to get the only ones I don’t have are GolTV, Big10 Network, the regional Fox college sport channels, and the crap channels like OTB, Fuel, and the Outdoor channel. I get ESPNU which they just added, MLB, NBA, NHL, Tennis, Golf networks, CBS College sports, and Versus.

  4. Stupid AT&T U-Verse…I have a GOL TV SD and a GOL TV HD and they both obviously only show SD, and all I have is FSC SD and they’re actually broadcasting in HD…so wrong. Oh and no FSC+.

  5. United coming states side is huge. Lets hope the EPL and the stations covering the EPL capitalize on this marketing opportunity. Madrid is a huge club with a strong following but the BBVA isn’t nearly on TV as much as United so less familiar to the everyday supporter. I think United coming stateside could help bring the sport out more into the mainstream and brings nothign but good no matter what citys they play in. People will travel from far away to see these matches.

  6. Happy that United are coming to the States but please let the news of them coming to Chicago be true. Why are we getting shafted so often? The Glazers are looking to promote the brand and make some money right? Then why wouldn’t you play some friendlies in New York and here in Chicago at Soldier Field (which really should be our official NT stadium).

    We already won’t be getting any WC games here should U.S win a bid. Ridiculous.

  7. FYI, reports that the Red Sox are trying to get a couple of “big name European soccer clubs” to play a game at Fenway this summer. The only reason that makes sense is the novelty of a big footy match at Fenway, but the sightlines will be crap, the place can only hold 38,000 or so, and I’m not even sure a regular size pitch can fit. But it’ll make all those twats in Cambridge who walk around with Rooney kits on feel good.

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