Nani's Twists and Turns Against Bolton: Video

Bolton Wanderers 0 – 3 Manchester United

Bolton Wanderers 0 – 4 Manchester United

Every once in a while, you see a footballer make an incredible move. It’s so good that you have to rub your eyes, rewind the DVR and watch it in slow motion to see how he did it exactly. In the case of Nani, Manchester United’s left winger, he did an incredible twist and turn to beat his defender Saturday against Bolton. His move opened up valuable space in the penalty area where he slotted the ball into the middle to allow a Manchester United teammate to score.

The move was remarkable, but it was even more outstanding when you consider that he tried the same exact move (except for turning a different way) against the same defender just minutes later and he again slotted the ball across the goal into the path of another teammate which again led to a goal.

The way that Nani leaned one way and pulled his leg back to shoot which sent Bolton defender Sam Ricketts one way was sublime, but then Nani faked the shot and rolled the ball the other way leaving Ricketts off balance. That gave Nani enough space and a second of time to slot the pass across the box and into the path of Dimitar Berbatov for the first of Nani’s two wonder assists.

The second was almost identical but Nani this team did the same trick and turned the other way and fed the ball to Darron Gibson who rifled the ball into the top of the net and the ball bounced down inside the goal for wondrous celebrations and relief from the Manchester United players and fans.

Nani is pulling these twists and turns off more successfully lately which is a beautiful thing to watch. He did it earlier this season against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. And I’m sure he’ll do it again on an unsuspecting defender in the coming weeks before the season ends.


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