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Questions for Declan Hill, Author of The Fix

the fix book Questions for Declan Hill, Author of The Fix

Declan Hill, critically acclaimed author of The Fix: Soccer and Organized Crime (uk, us), will be joining me (later today) for Tuesday’s EPL Talk Podcast: talking about the ongoing potential for corruption in football; reflecting the issues discussed in his previous appearance; looking toward this summer’s World Cup.

If you have any questions or discussion points for Mr. Hill, please submit them in the comments.  I will check this thread throughout the day.

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2 Responses to Questions for Declan Hill, Author of The Fix

  1. Martek says:

    Hey Richard,

    Hill is a great interview. Here are a few:

    What are the highest profile episodes of corruption he came across?

    Characterize the Serie A and Bundesliga match fixing scandals. Tip of the iceberg? Screwed up investigations? Real culprits unnamed and getting away unscathed? Hopeful signs for future investigations?

    What are the signs a casual fan should look for in watching a game that would tip off that it’s been fixed or influenced?

    How insulated are the biggest circuits in the world from serious corruption? We know about the Bundesliga and Serie A. What about the English Premier League? La Liga? Ligue Un? And then how about MLS? Champions League? Europa League? Copa Libertadores?

  2. The Gaffer says:

    Richard, I’d be interested in hearing Declan’s insight into allegations that this past weekend’s game between Chievo and Catania was fixed (more info at ).

    The Gaffer

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