Red Bull Arena Supporters March #1

Marching or walking to Red Bull Arena after getting off the PATH Train at Harrison, NJ.

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3 Responses to Red Bull Arena Supporters March #1

  1. Charles says:

    Love your excitement. I hope they sell out that place all year.

    When you look at how close MLS is to becoming very big time, it is fun to dream.
    LA can draw 25,000, if NY draws 25k, Toronto just needs to build a real size stadium to draw 30k, Seattle will hit 36,000, averaging over 40k with friendlies. That is 1/4 of your teams averaging close to 30,000.
    When you consider that Seattle, LA does and I am sure NY, probably Toronto do have better luxury box setups than your typical losing EPL team….is American soccer on the verge of competing ? TV rev, obviously needs to show up, but still…..

    Congrats on the Crown Jewel of American Soccer Stadiums.
    Let me know when they will try and take Best Soccer Stadium in the World away from Seattle.

  2. Daniel Feuerstein says:

    Prom Dresses. It’s already happened, since March 20th. They can fill up an NFL Stadium, but as Welsh International Carl Robinson has said “IT’S A PROPER FOOTBALL STADIUM”

  3. OC says:

    Yes, MLS is coming of age!

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