Q&A: EPL Talk Podcast Special Episode

Bhavesh Patel, vice president of interactive media for Fox Sports International, is the latest guest on the EPL Talk Podcast. Responsible for and, Patel answers many questions from you, the readers, that you’ve posted on EPL Talk.

During the interview, Patel answers questions about:

  • whether will add additional Premier League content other than games,
  • what the delay is for Premier League games shown on Fox Soccer Channel that are made available on demand on,
  • whether you can watch two Premier League games online at once on,
  • what we can expect to see on during this summer’s World Cup,
  • if there are plans to make available on the iPad, iPhone or similar devices, and more.

Don’t forget that the EPL Talk Podcast is the only Premier League interview and analysis podcast available for free. In the past few weeks, we’ve interviewed legends of the game such as Dwight Yorke, Andrew Cole, Steve McManaman, Gary O’Reilly and Robbie Earle as well as experts such as Declan Hill, Simon Kuper, Misha Sher, Andy Brassell, Tim Vickery and many others. Why pay $40 a year to rival podcasts when you can subscribe to the EPL Talk Podcast for FREE featuring interviews with the biggest names in football?

17 thoughts on “ Q&A: EPL Talk Podcast Special Episode”

    1. Jeff, Bhavesh’s area of responsibilities do not include the TV side or negotiations with carriers, so I didn’t ask that question.

      No FS+ on the horizon for Comcast customers unfortunately.

      The Gaffer

  1. One question, to see if anyone here knows it: Does include the MLS games FSC shows over the summer (even if is delayed)? I saw they are showing the CONCACAF champions league match of Toluca v Columbus Crew, I wasn’t sure if that was the extent of MLS coverage provided by the site. If not, ok, but then what does show over the summer months before EPL starts up again?

  2. Well took a look at the upcoming EPL matches, they are showing that 4 10 AM matches will be available for streaming live this Saturday. That seems quite spectacular!

  3. WHy all the “can’t comment on that” answers? Bizarre. “Can’t comment” on who owns the online rights to the games currently shown on ESPN2 on Saturday mornings and Monday afternoons? Either they’re owned by ESPN (then why are they not showing on or by Fox (then why are they not being shown) or no one is sure.

    He doesn’t know if he has the rights to the championship play-offs?

    Gaffer, great questions, perfectly done. I’m sort of stunned; do you think he was just unwilling to say or really didn’t know?

    The best positive difference about is that they will have multiple live games at 10 am Saturday! I never understood why setanta-i embargoed games just because they didn’t have room on their regular Setanta channel. So for example this Saturday, while it’s obvious why Fox Soccer + will want to show Chelsea v West Ham live, if you’re a big Villa fan or Bolton fan, you can watch those matches live instead of having to wait til 5 pm or 7 pm. EXCELLENT, FOX! Well done.

    I didn’t get a chance to test this weekend what “as soon as possible after the final whistle” means for when the matches will be available on-demand, but it would be great if someone who noticed could post. And I will try to check some weekend when I am actually home!

    Thanks again Gaffer! And Fox!

  4. Customer service for them is atrocious. STILL. They also had some issues this weekend as well ith “cancelled” games due to “Tech” issues.

    However. The picture qual is awesome. The new programming is top notch.

    Am hoping they develop better support and better UI / Navigation as to what is on at what time.

  5. That guy sounded like a PR robot at times.

    I’m still confused about the programming – will all the games that are on FSC+ also be on Or will there be instances where a game is exclusive to FSC+?

    In other words, will I miss any games by just having FSC and :)

    1. Gaz, most if not all of the games shown on Fox Soccer Plus will be shown on There may be a few exceptions here and there, but the vast majority will be shown on

      If you have FSC +, I don’t believe you’ll miss any games.

      The Gaffer

      1. Good news. Thanks, mate.

        Since the majority of the FSC games seem to be on there too I think I’ll be spending most of my viewing time on in the next couple of months.

    1. Ringo, is not THAT bad 😉 But I will have an article published in the morning that examines my experience with the platform from this past Saturday.

      The Gaffer

  6. i was quite disappointed there weren’t questions about HD. i get that it’s about online stuff but honestly it wasn’t truly clear before i started listening. Entirely my fault since i miss read the itunes info. But HD is really my only issue at Fox Soccer. As for the website. honestly i find the layout confusing. and difficult to navigate. When i need actual information i go to soccer net cause when i click on a link i’m pretty sure it will take me to the clicked on topic. Fox doesn’t always do that. still long time listener. still enjoy you’re interviews.

    Tim Vickery was great.

    Suggestion maybe get Martin Tyler and Derrick Rae again even for 15 minutes to have their thoughts on commentating in the U.S., possibly being british and doing american games. their knowledge of fan disappointment with past commentary teams. etc. Listening to they Reyna one right now.

    1. Hi Derrick, thanks for the feedback about the podcast. As for the interview with the executive, there was no point asking him about HD since it’s not his area of responsibility and even if it was, he wouldn’t have answered the question unless the information was already public.

      The Gaffer

  7. Dear Bhavesh Patel

    Armenian tennagers with compuetrs in their bedrooms are providing a superior streaming service to the one offered by your origanisation.

    I will be contacting you shortly in order to ask for a refund. The build up to todays game, and making sure everything is in place to be able to watch it, has been extremely time consuming for both the customer and people like The Gaffer offering help.

    Today’s service was practically non-existent. Your employers need to purchase a server that can handle the number of people that wanted to watch today’s game. If you charge people for a service, then don’t provide the service, you offer a refund. If I’d have known what a shambles today’ would be, I ould have made arrangements to go and watch the game elsewhere. Not only have fox not provided the service they were paid for, they have prevented alternative plans to watch the game.

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