The Life Of An Arsenal Supporter Down Under: Video

Three: An Arsenal Web Documentary (Part One) from Andrew Weber on Vimeo.

Earlier this week, we shared with you a video that showed you the experience of going to the Emirates to see a match. But what is the experience like if you go to a pub to watch a match? Not just any ordinary pub, but a pub down under in Australia. And because of the time difference, the match kicked off at 2am.

Andrew Webber, blogger with Arsenal FC Blog, takes us on a journey with his mate on a Sunday night at 8:30pm and then try to waste time in the build-up to the Monday 2am kickoff time.

The video paints a brilliant picture of what the experience is like down under as well as what it’s like being an Arsenal supporter. The game that the Gooners watched at a pub was the 3-1 loss to Manchester United.

While the video mentions that this is part 1 of a series, Webber decided not to create any more videos but may release a follow up later in the season.

3 thoughts on “The Life Of An Arsenal Supporter Down Under: Video”

  1. Gaffer, sorry for the unrelated post, but is it strange that I am now more of a fan of Donovan’s since he is suceeding in EPL? Maybe I am in a minority here, but I can’t say I liked watching him that much previously. Guess it may be that it just feels fruitless to root for a star in MLS, suceeding against lessor talent. It could also be that he is just keeping his mouth shut and reminding me what a great player he is.

    Great video btw!

    1. Brian, I think it’s a common feeling among many soccer fans. When a player competes at a higher level, it’s easier to see whether they’re a better player or not because they’re playing against some of the best in the world. In the case of Donovan, he’s risen to the occasion and shown that he can be as good in the Premier League as he is in MLS.

      The Gaffer

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