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Do Barca Need Franck Ribery?

Ribery1 Do Barca Need Franck Ribery?French star Franck Ribery was a wanted man during the summer yet he ended up staying with Bayern Munich. Ribery was wanted by a number of elite European clubs with Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona all reportedly after his services.

Ribery is going through a frustrating season plagued by injuries which have limited him to just nine league appearances. Bayern started the season in frustrating fashion but have gradually improved to climb the league standings while still competing in the Champions League. Ribery insists he wants to win trophies and while he believes the Bavarians are a big team, he feels they are not up to par with the likes of Barca, Real Madrid and Chelsea.

The Frenchman even hinted his compatriot Thierry Henry who plays for Barca would like him to join the Spanish giants. The intriguing question would be if Ribery joins the Catalans then who would make way? The starting lineup for Josep Guardiola’s team against Getafe included the world’s best player Lionel Messi along with key midfielders Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta and Seydou Keita. Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic also started while  Henry did not feature.

Do the Catalans really need Ribery or would he disrupt the current telepathic understanding built by a team whose stars are familiar with each other? Ibrahimovic has settled in fairly well while Henry has managed 13 appearances in la Liga this season and could be on his way out in the summer. Signing Ribery could imply a hefty sum paid to Bayern Munich for a quality player who might really not be needed considering the presence of a number of difference makers such as Messi and Iniesta.

Interestingly, Barca’s eternal rivals Real Madrid could stand to benefit more if they signed the Frenchman considering Brazilian Kaka has struggled so far to leave his footprints at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.

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5 Responses to Do Barca Need Franck Ribery?

  1. Muzik says:

    This is definitely a close call, because Ribery as you mentioned will definitely cost some money to Barca and considering his age 26 (27 in April), Barca will get most of him for about 4 years, so if they could get him for under 40m euro then it would be o.k.! At the same time is Barca willing to lose [because of overpaying for him] about 12m to 24m euro during 4 years? It’s definitely a close call because who knows what kind of benefit he would bring to the team during the 4 years? Maybe Barca would be steps closer to becoming “dream team”?

    Although others should be considered for this position too: Pedro & Jefren (Barca’s players – Save A LOT of $$$), David Silva, Carlos Vela, and Guardado…

  2. E-wan says:

    I would like to see him replace Henry. Don’t know why we’re after Cesc Fabregas though, we already have the perfect midfield

  3. Muzik says:

    I think Guardiola wants Fabregas because Iniesta could play AML

  4. Nick says:

    it is a tough question, ribery is skilled enough to benefit any team his on but barça don’t really need a guy in his position, especially since we have the best players in avery position and cheap young guns comming up, and if we put him in henry’s position barça would have to change there tactic formation a bit and thats not what they do.

  5. barcelona says:

    Iniesta doesnt like playing as a left winger, although he does it well, therefore Barcelona has to transfer a man for this position. I would prefere Ribery, but Silva is also a good option.

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