Thank You Kartik and FC Tampa Bay Finds a Home


Yes it’s been more than two weeks since the announcement was made here on MLS Talk, but as the old saying goes, better late than never. To my colleague Kartik Krishnaiyer may I say congratulations on your hard work and dedication to the game here in the United States for your current position with the new North American Soccer League (N.A.S.L.).

I knew Kartik when he was apart of the Champions Soccer Radio Network (CSRN) as he along with Dave Denholm of 710 ESPN Radio in Los Angeles hosting the American Soccer Show & once in a while I would be a guest or a fill in reporter when Denholm would be doing other assignments for ESPN Radio. It was alot of fun discussing American Soccer in all of its levels. Club football, the US Open Cup and of course the National Team.

During the whole David Beckham fiasco on his demands to be transferred permanently to AC Milan, Kartik introduced me to MLS Talk and of course the Gaffer. I was happy to join this wonderful site and be apart of the MLS Talk Podcast. It is because of the respect that I have for Kartik and his passion for the game that I know he is going to do a fantastic job working for the NASL. He is a tireless worker that believes in what’s right and in my view Jeff Cooper has picked the right man for the right job.

Obviously there has been some form of a backlash to Kartik’s hire. Well let me say that’s what happens when certain people are jealous when they assume they could do a better job than Kartik. Maybe so, but those who are not in favor of Kartik taking this position. Next time call Jeff Cooper so you can beg for a job when it comes up in the NASL front office.

My colleague Kartik Krishnaiyer. I am very proud that you have earned this new job. I wish you great success for now and into the future. I hope everything works out and I already know that you will never forget where you came from. And now for the Tampa Bay Soccer situation.

From the office of Mr. Krishnaiyer in the NASL the Tampa Bay Rowdies have just changed their name to FC Tampa Bay. At the same time the club will be playing their home matches at the Spring Training home of the New York Yankees and the home of the Class Single A affiliate Tampa Yankees at George M. Steinbrenner Field.

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