Hammers Executive Ponders Name Change to West Ham Olympic

west ham olympic

President Barack Obama’s favorite footie clubWest Ham United, could undergo a radical identity change if the club’s new vice-chairman has her way.

Karren Brady, who was appointed vice-chairman of the Hammers by the new joint chairmen, David Sullivan and David Gold, just this month, fancies the idea of changing the club’s venerable, and 110-year-old, name from “West Ham United” to “West Ham Olympic.” Brady is an enthusiastic supporter of a proposed move to the under-construction Olympic Stadium in Stratford, about 4 miles west of the club’s current home. Discussing the move she said, “[t]he target I find most bracing is to move the club away from the Boleyn, which does no more than serve a purpose, and take it to – where else? – the 2012 Olympic Stadium only a couple of miles away…[the move makes sense] in so many positive ways that I think opponents of the move must be blind or a bit crazy.”

Brady, who boasts an outdated website that still lists her with Birmingham City, went on to make the comment that will drive supporters up the hamm-, er, up the wall, “I love the idea of calling the club West Ham Olympic.” Of course, UK law affords strong protection to the International Olympic Committee and their precious brand, so such a change is rather unlikely. But a move to the Olympic Stadium, once pondered by Tottenham Hotspur, does now seem more and more of a possibility.

7 thoughts on “Hammers Executive Ponders Name Change to West Ham Olympic”

  1. It’s a good job that Gold, Sullivan and Brady are apparently going to save the club from financial ruin.

    If not, I suspect there would be a lot of anti-porn feeling around at the moment. Firstly, I don’t think a move away from Upton Park to a ground with a running track and 50 yard gap to the pitch is too popular, not sure if ground can be modified to make it more like a ‘proper football ground’.

    Then to consider a name change, I don’t think any more need be said.

    If thats not bad enough, they apparently offered the injury prone van Nistlrooy £100,000 a week, with them debts.

    1. A ground with a running track around the pitch isn’t optimal, but it’s part of the requirement if they’re wanting to move into the stadium. For West Ham, this is the chance of a lifetime to get a brand new stadium with a large capacity and the facilities they need to be a bigger club.

      Unfortunately, though, the football supporters are going to get the raw end of the deal by being so far away from the action. It’ll feel more like a game at a stadium on the continent than in east London.

      The Gaffer

  2. Actually, aren’t they going to try to convert the stadium like they did with City of Manchester Stadium after the Commonwealth games? I know that the Olympic people don’t want that to happen, but if it means it going to a big football club, rather than a Rugby League team or sommat, wouldn’t they be willing to allow them to drop the pitch down a few dozen feet and add in a bunch more seats closer to the field?

  3. Gold has just been on 5 live with Gary Richardson and put pay to the rumour of the name change.

    He said the new owners were doing what they could to secure a favourable move to Stratford and that he was getting support from some high places. With a change of government coming up, you never know, it just might happen. When asked about a running track, he said he didn’t like the idea but thought that retractable seating might be an option.

    Gold barely flinched or baulked from any question that Richardson. As a fan of the club for over 40 years, I’m finding this openness and apparent honesty from our new owners somewhat strange (we’re not used to it, are we?), but refreshing.

    It looks like we’ve been pulled back from the precipice once again and hopefully some stability and good times we’ve longed for are coming back to us.

  4. While the new stadium may not be a perfect fit, if it can increase revenue than it would be a good move. Right now they can fit slightly over 35,000 fans into the stadium, which is poor by most standards.

    I find it refreshing to have the owners also be fans. I wish it would happen to other teams.

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