Liverpool v Spurs: Has-Been's Versus Wannabe's


Tonight sees Liverpool and Tottenham go head-to-head in the latest battle between the contenders for fourth spot. If week 22 matches were anything to go by then all teams are doing their best to give the priceless spot to someone else.

Liverpool’s average display against Stoke is a microcosm of their ‘pants on the ground’ season, with performances lacking sharpness, imagination and concentration (not bad luck) in dropping points in key Premier League and Champions League games.  Below par performances from their back four, a workman-like midfield showing as much flair as a Skoda Octavia – and a strike force that sends out an SOS to the half-crocked Torres.

But in their darkest hour there is a ray of light, the 4-point gap from that magical fourth spot.  Liverpool is on the ropes, losing the fight but somehow still can produce the ‘haymaker.’

Herein lies the beauty of Wednesday night’s clash. This is Tottenham’s acid test of their credentials as a ‘wannabe’ big four team. The quality and depth within their squad shows the potential is very much there but potential and actual are two very different things (I should know as an Arsenal fan).  Some days they show they’re the ‘real-deal’ with excellent wins against Wigan, West Ham, Blackburn and a good point at Fulham.  Then dropped points against so called ‘lesser’ teams such as Wolves, Sunderland, Stoke and now Hull (albeit by the brilliance of Maher) shows that at times they get above their station.

Spurs are showing signs that although they will be in the mix, the cake isn’t going to be baked on time. And with all the ability in their squad it may come down to handling the pressure of what is at stake, which is why they will fall short. This match provides Liverpool the perfect opportunity to play with intensity and passion as if this game were to decide their Champions League fate. With a victory a message would be sent to the other challengers Aston Villa and big bucks Manchester City that despite the cracks appearing throughout the club that they are on their tails and will not give up the fourth spot without a fight to the bitter end.

My prediction – a 2-1 home win and a little respite for Benitez…. for now.

10 thoughts on “Liverpool v Spurs: Has-Been's Versus Wannabe's”

  1. You’re absolutely right… having nearly every single player in the starting XI missing at least one match because of injury has nothing to do with luck…

  2. I agree on the whole that tonight’s result probably will swing in favour of the Anfield crowd – it’s the least they deserve – not what the team deserves.

    I would much prefer a Spurs away victory, to not only give the top 5 a competitive look about it, but to also prove to me that Spurs are indeed even a top 5 team. As well as the fact Harry is having a ‘micro Fabio confidence effect’ on the English players at his disposal – King, Woodgate, Dawson, Lennon, Jenas, Defoe, Crouch….this is good to see from a top 5 team.

    For me, time is up for Liverpool until Gerrard and Torres are fighting fit so even a win, I feel, will only further paper over the cracks. It is time to get to the root cause of their average-ness…but that’s another topic altogether!

  3. It is refreshing to see a football blog with some genuine humour and not cheap, re-used football puns..I very much liked the gag on the Skoda…as for the football, I will leave that up to Marshalls well informed opinion….

  4. While spurs are favorite for today, i have doubt the reds will pull a victory as they did against the manutd. It’s the games after this where the reds will fail to win :-)

    Spurs are without Lennon – the most “paciest” guy (in my view) but kranjcar, modric, defoe and even crouch are at their best so will be a tough one for the anfield dwellers

  5. Is this match on air in the US? I checked LiveSoccerTV, and it looks like Setanta has the Villa-Rovers Carling Cup, and FSC has Arsenal-Bolton. I can’t see where Liverpool-Spurs is on – even delayed.

  6. I think an in form Liverpool with all their players available would give Tottenham a good game but a team with injuries will not do well.

    If you don’t think a few key inuries can throw off a team look at Real Madrid without Ronaldo, United without Rio Ferdinand and Vidic and Barcelona without Henry recently, they won little without one of their key players.

    I expect a goal romp from Spurs.

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