Haiti Situation Critical for CONCACAF


It goes without saying that the devastation from the Haitian Earthquake is unlike anything we have seen in this region in recent times. Not even Hurricane Kartina comes close.

As somebody who has regularly seen the Haitian team play live in person (since the majority of their friendlies are held in Florida, not Haiti) I am still at a loss to rationalize the  loss of life related to football. This article sums up the dire reality.

As previously mentioned on this site and the podcast, the Haitian team is the national side, that I have been able to follow closest personally other than our own USMNT. I would like to personally ask each of our readers to give their ideas on how as a network, the EPL Talk family can contribute some football specific relief or ideas for charity please leave them in the comments section.

Thank You.

One thought on “Haiti Situation Critical for CONCACAF”

  1. I’ve already donated to the Haitian Football Federation a couple hours after the disaster and encouraged others to do so via my twitter account. There’s a Pay Pal donate button at the top of the site. I don’t have the link handy, but hit up google and you should find the URL to the site.

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