Jozy Altidore Affected By Devastating Earthquake In Haiti

jozy altidore on CNN

It’s been a tough week for alot people around the world. First, the shocking attack on the Togo international football team in Angola and most recently, a devastating earthquake in Haiti where more than 100,000 people are feared dead. Haitian-American Jozy Altidore who applies his trade with Hull City FC was hit especially hard. Altidore made a brief appearance on CNN’s Larry King Live Wednesday via satellite from Leeds to discuss the impact of this disaster and the tragedy bestowed upon the Haitian people.

Family members and Uncles of the Altidore family who reside in Haiti are reportedly still missing. As the international community scrambles to provide money, aid, food and water, Altidore can only sit, hope and wait for good news on the whereabouts of his family. 

Altidore’s appearance on Larry King was only seconds, he was competing for air time with Hollywood actors such as Ben Stiller and Tea Leoni, who were also on the show to discuss the tragedy. CNN made right and featured Altidore on a separate segment where he spoke elegantly about the character of the Haitian people for a few minutes.

There have been no announcements from Hull City as to whether or not Altidore will feature in Hull’s upcoming fixture this Saturday v Tottenham. The disaster in Haiti will obviously be weighing heavy in his heart and on his mind as his thoughts and energy are sure to be with his missing family members in Haiti. The full CNN video interview can be seen here.

EPL Talk wishes the best to the Altidore family and the people of Haiti who have been affected by this tragedy.

9 thoughts on “Jozy Altidore Affected By Devastating Earthquake In Haiti”

  1. I just wished CNN would have given Jozy more air-time. I read that he drove for three hours through the snow to the studio in Leeds, but then was on the show for approximately one minute.

    The Gaffer

      1. James,

        I provided the direct link to the full CNN interview in the last line of the last paragraph. Jozy gets 2 to 3 minutes there. I was particualarly impressed with the way he handled himself and was able to speak in a clear and concise manner while understandably dealing with tough circumstances.

        He represented the Haitian people, Americans and footballers respectfully and professionally.

        1. Oh I saw the link and had viewed this morning. I was speaking about how it got bypassed last night. Many people did not see the later segment.

  2. hatti im am so sorry about what happend . i am in 4 grade and my teacher said we can donate money to you and held you . tommorrw im going to donate 5 dollars to you all . Im so sorry about what happend. GOD BLESS YOU

  3. I saw the interview yesterday live on CNN with Jozy. I have been watching all the news coverage of this tragedy. Its sad what has happened to all the haitians. They were in a very bad situation even before the quake. They are one of the poorest countries on earth and they need so much from all the international community. If you can donate money please do, as citizens of the world we need to do our part in helping.

  4. Not the best Larry King interview but it’s the effort that counts by the network and Jozy. CNN is doing a great job of being a worldwide link to the people there so in need of help. They are doing a superior job of getting the story out and helping the aid workers. Jozy driving for hours for only a few seconds shows his commitment. Well done.

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