EPL Talk Podcast: Shane O’Rourke, Premium Sports

Our old friend Shane O’Rourke formerly of Setanta Sports North America fills us in on his newest venture, Premium Sports.

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EPL Talk Podcast: Shane O'Rourke, Premium Sports


After 14 years working for Setanta Sports North America, Shane O’Rourke, President of North American & Australian Operations of Setanta Sports, has left the company and is now the chief executive of Premium Sports.

In this exclusive interview, O’Rourke reveals:

  • why he left Setanta Sports,
  • what his biggest achievement was at Setanta,
  • the impact that Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta Sports has had on soccer in North America,
  • new cable deals for Setanta Sports,
  • how Premium Sports will impact sports fans in North America,
  • and more.

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8 thoughts on “EPL Talk Podcast: Shane O'Rourke, Premium Sports”

  1. Any word on if Setanta is still going to be carrying the Premier League since any mention of it’s been removed from their website? Also noticed the Champions League has been removed from its list of leagues/tournaments covered; both are sublicensed from Fox.

  2. Gaffer, was his brother one of the founding duo of Setanta Sports?
    Didn’t they just change the name over the door in SF and revert to the old business model.

    1. John, yes Michael O’Rourke was one of the founding partners of Setanta Sports. As for changing the name over the door, that I’m not aware of that since I don’t live near SF.

      The Gaffer

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