EPL Talk Podcast: Stefan Szymanski

Stefan Szymanski, noted sports economist and co-author of the book Soccernomics (with Simon Kuper) joins us on the EPL Talk podcast to discuss the book and other economic trends in football.

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4 thoughts on “EPL Talk Podcast: Stefan Szymanski”

  1. I will listen as soon as possible to this pod, but let me say based on the earlier interview with Simon and other favorable comments by the Talk staff I had the book on my Christmas list. It has made excellent reading and should be a must read for any serious fan of football and especially the English game. Many of the topics we comment on in the blog are explained by the book and the research presented by the authors

    Intelligent comment which has been the strong point of this site on the English game will be greatly enhanced by Soccernomics. Get it now if you haven’t already.

    1. EPLNFL, the interview with Stefan is excellent. Lots of intelligent questions asked by Kartik and very scholarly answers from Szymanski. This is another must-listen episode.

      The Gaffer

  2. Yes it is a must listen. I did listen in after I had to put the book down last night.

    Chris: How did you feel about the idea that tradition is hurting the modern game in England? More than one author makes out Wenger to be an icon of modern football in England but at least from this side of the pond the English media certainly does not make him out to be the ground breaking figure that he is.

    1. Lou, I disagree with your assessment that the British media don’t make him out to be a groundbreaking figure that he is. If anything, certain groups in the English media fawn over the man and understandably so given the beautiful way he has his team playing as well as the skillful players that are abundant at the club.

      As for whether tradition is hurting the modern game in England, I agree with Szymanski. I love tradition probably more than the average football fan, but it holds back the evolution of the game. FIFA, by being traditional to the laws of the game, is hurting the global appeal of the sport.

      But I would argue that tradition has a key role in the game too, which adds to the sport. Relegation is a traditional system. Evolution would dictate that relegation should be stopped so the Premier League could be a closed-door NFL system. That evolution would be detrimental to the evolution of the league, IMHO.

      Definitely a great interview and a great book. Everything should go out and buy it if they haven’t done so already. Read the book review of Soccernomics on EPL Talk at http://epltalk.com/soccer-by-the-numbers-soccernomics-reviewed/13261

      The Gaffer

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