EPL Talk Podcast: A Look At Slovenia

150px Slovenialogo1 EPL Talk Podcast: A Look At Slovenia

We get an up close look at Slovenia the nation and football side from Robert Porderos of the Slovenian Press Agency. Hear about the reaction to World Cup Qualification in the Balkan Nation, as well as details about the nation and football in Slovenia.

2 thoughts on “EPL Talk Podcast: A Look At Slovenia”

  1. Great overview. Thanks to Robert for the assessment. i didn’t realize they were drawing from a pool of players about the size of west virginia; …would’ve guessed double. glad to hear a slovene interpretation, looking forward to Algeria if you can arrange it.

    Here is a fairly high quality highlight of that slovenia v england friendly (also note the mistaken-identity introduction at 0:17, “Slovakia in green…,” not exactly helping with our persistent discernment issues):


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