Happy Holidays From Fox Soccer Channel


EPL Talk received a Happy Holidays card late last week from Fox Soccer Channel, so I thought I’d share it with you. In previous years, Fox have sent holidays cards via e-mail such as this one as well as Flash greeting cards. If I get any holiday cards from GolTV, ESPN, Setanta Sports or others, I’ll post them online so you can see how the networks spread their good cheer.

10 thoughts on “Happy Holidays From Fox Soccer Channel”

  1. Damn, I hope they make thier exisiting channel in HD…because im sure my cable compay wont get FSC in HD if its in a seprate channel.

  2. LoL, I was thinking the same as the other commentators. “All I want for Christmas is more than one EPL game per week in HD”?

  3. I contacted my local Time Warner outlet about how soon after Jan. 1 they would be carrying the HD version of FSC.

    “We will post any changes to our HD lineup on our website.”

    Well, gee, thanks.

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