MLS Talk Podcast – Former USMNT Captain Thomas Dooley

thomas dooley MLS Talk Podcast   Former USMNT Captain Thomas Dooley

Thomas Dooley, former USMNT captain, joins us to talk about the US team and other topics.  After retiring as a player who spent most of his career in the Bundesliga, Dooley now lives in California and works with youth soccer and also for Match Analysis, a company that complies soccer statistics and sells the information to soccer clubs and federations.

Among the subjects we cover are:

  • The draw and what it means for the US team
  • The impact that Jermaine Jones can have on the US team
  • The problem the US youth development system will have producing world class players.
  • The use of statistics in soccer and whether those statistics can ever be accessed by US fans.

This and much much more on today’s MLS Talk Podcast

2 thoughts on “MLS Talk Podcast – Former USMNT Captain Thomas Dooley”

  1. Jermaine Jones is back in training with Schalke, but he is not quite ready to suit up yet. There is a chance he will get in a game before the Bundesliga goes on its winter break, but if not, he should be back withthem aftter. There is a good possibility that we will first see him in a US uniform when the US plays a European friendly in early March.

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