Is This The USA World Cup Jersey From Nike? Photo


The above image is the rumored jersey that the United States team will be wearing in the 2010 World Cup. The red, white and blue shirt features a Nike logo and US soccer crest, but is it real or not? We’ll find out soon when Nike and the USSF officially unveils the jersey.

If this actually the shirt, what are your thoughts about it? Click the comments link below and let us know.

78 thoughts on “Is This The USA World Cup Jersey From Nike? Photo”

  1. Horrible. Asymmetry in design usually works but not at all in this case. The current kits are pretty classy. I don’t see the need to mess with them.

  2. Oh, come on guys, the US would hardly be the only national team to use an asymmetrical design like that.

    I agree that the current kits are good looking, though.

    Mostly I want the team to settle on one design and stick with it. An iconic “US” shirt would be awesome.

    Oh, and a new badge for the USSF. That’d be nice, too.

    1. Actually, that design was all but trademarked by Peru (been using it since the 30s).

      And can Nike and the USSF stop dicking around with completely different designs and just stick to one template? Oh that’s right, you can’t make tons of money that way.

  3. i love it! i love our current whites, but think the Germany 06 white kit was better. Either way, I really like this one, and I’ll definitely pick one up.

  4. Ditto what Hendrix said. Maybe it will match Landon’s prima donna attitude. j/k
    It honestly would be a lot better on the women’s team. Can’t we just keep it simple like a club jersey? The fact that some person at Nike probably got paid a good bit of money to come up with an ugly, assymetrical piece of trash like this convinces me I am in the wrong line of work.

  5. It’s not my least favorite of all time, but certainly not my most favorite either. How nice would it be if we had a signature style like the Argentines, Brazilians or Dutch? Pick a style and stick with it, tweak it if you must, but don’t change it entirely. Worst jersey ever was the WNT golds a few years back. It was an affront to our national dignity and the seeing world.

    1. I think it’s a bold change for the Nats. I agree with the others how we need to have a standard look that receives the occasional minor tweak. As for the worst ever jersey: WC’94- the blue jersey with white stars…

  6. Yes and no, tg. By the way, Peru even finally incorporated that design in their red jerseys. Anyway, sashes are used by River and Vasco and were part of the Colombian design when they wore, get this, salmon and white.

    The US should wear navy blue and not a cheesy royal.

  7. I gave you a thumbs up for the story.
    The jersey ? Two thumbs down.
    The problem with changing your jersey design every five days is you run out of ideas. Pretty soon, as someone said earlier, you are dressed with a beauty queen sash.

  8. A classic design would be great – I’ve been hoping for one for years – but that’s another thing that the powers that be keep from us.

  9. That’s what you call “butchering” the logo? Gimme a break.

    Anyway, I don’t give a fuck if USA wears tie-dye, as long as they win some games and don’t make us look like idiots.

  10. These are fine as long as they keep the whites. The blacks look nice but have nothing to do with our colors so i think these are an upgrade.

  11. RED, we want RED

    That being said, I like this design ok. Reminds me of the 1950 jersey, remember the retro red jersey we had around 2006? That rocked.

    I would like an explanation from USSF as to why we can not have RED natl team jersey for the USMNT for WC? Do they let NIKE decide? Do they have some marketing study that says blue is better? Mr Gulati – I’m hoping you will respond and provide an explanation to us – the fans who love and support this team!

    GO USA.

  12. Keep the current whites. Use the red kit, which is pretty outstanding IMO, for aways. Scrap the other two.

    I liked the blue one at first, but the beauty sash comparison has ruined it. I thought that when I first looked at it, and said “Nah, no one else will make the connection.” It only took about two comments….

  13. Guys, you haven’t been paying attention for the last fifteen years if you hope that the “current whites” will be used at the World Cup.

  14. This is a 110% fake, and can guarantee this is NOT what the US will be wearing. It’s a template that a website called footballshirtculture gives out, a photoshop file that many people use (for instance, look at the entries here
    This is likely some kid’s design that someone saw and thought OH THAT MUST BE THE US NEW JERSEY! Do you really think Nike would create that shite of a photoshop job? If the jersey is going to be leaked, it will be a picture of the actual jersey, not a blueprint design, as I can guarantee they already have their plans drawn up for the jersey and have several already made.

  15. The only reason I hate it is because the swoosh is so prominent. If anything, widen the sash, place the crest in the white and put the swoosh where the crest is currently. Damn Nike…..

  16. I don’t mind the white Jersey, But make the large sash diagonal Blue & the two thin lines on the outside red. Other than that, it’s not bad.

  17. so bad design…..I am so embarrassed. here come ms. USA. don’t forget the crown….and the flowers. I hope the players oppose the jerseys.

  18. The shirt IS based off the 1950 kit when the US beat England 1-0 in the World Cup, however I’m not positive the red or blue shirts are legit. The white shirt IS LEGIT. It not not meant to be a copy of the 1950 shirt but it is based off that design. I personally think this could be a look we can distinct as our own.

  19. The all white uniforms make us look like we’re in the Navy for God’s sake! No disrespect, but it’s too plain! We may look like beauty queens with our Miss America sash, but at least wear the blue or red ones. Go U.S.A.!

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  21. Man these jerseys are not appealing, it looks like a rec team’s jersey. “2 4 6 8 who do we appreciate Super-Duper Lightnings” this is all i think of when I see this.
    The current white tops are tight they should do something similar to that.

  22. What is it with Nike?? Honestly, the designs get worse with every new iteration…. Now Adidas – they know how to design a decent jersey. Nike keeps reaching for this retro-ugly, simplistic, crappy, generic, junior varsity-look that just doesn’t suit the US MNT. The last jersey that I liked, and own, was the ’02 World Cup jersey. That had some good memories associated with it. I dislike everything since then, except for the gray away jersey that people have been dissing.

  23. i like this design but i dont love it…the jersey we have now is good too but its too plain we need some color
    it would be cool to maybe see the one we have now in different colors but i like this…i think it could be the iconic look people want

  24. Ughhh!! Lets hope NOT! It’s so nasty looking! If so, somebody should kill the designer righ away!

    I’m trying to find out which one is the official jersey, I’m pretty sure they don’t have the official jersey yet(public).

  25. by the way, im so sick of people loving the fact that its been inspired on the 1950’s crap. My God, It’s just freaking England!!!!!!! Focus on the World Cup people!! OUR GOAL IS TO WIN THE WORLD CUP, NOT JUST ENGLAND!!
    You guys act like you’re Mexicans, once they beat the US they think they own the entire world.

    ugghh.. sorry, im just so pissed about the jerseys and people talking about “england, 1950’s, blah blah blah”. WORLD CUP BOTHERS, WORLD CUP!

  26. I personally think its too much like the new england home jerseys. Too plain, if they’re going to change it (again) they need to put something new on it. Adidas did great this year with their new, but classic style to country jerseys–maybe the US should switch to adidas or puma…?

  27. This is terrible. USMNT needs to get a new, simple, USA shield (get ride of that soccer ball in the crest. This jersey sucks, the whites they wear right now are awesome. Use that template with a red jersey.

    I hope this uniform is never made.

  28. the worst f**ken jersey ever! Who in the hell designs this crap? Terrible choice if it is and I will never buy it! What are they thinking???? Damn it!!!!

  29. that jersey is ugly as hellllllllllllll. the old one is easily one hundred times better. idk if i even wanna buy this one or if anyone else will.

  30. come on guys the last time the usa beat england they had jerseys similar to this. So of course the USA is bringing out the sash. I think its awesome i love the old school look

  31. this is probably the worst jersey i have ever seen in my life…. my little sister coulda made a better jersey than this

  32. historically, Team USA jersey=bland, poor design. Unlike the horiz. stripe white, grey 08-09 jersey, this World Cup jersey continues that tradition.

    Amazing how many people have graduated from design schools and how many people must sit around comparing designs… THIS is what they decide to manufacture? GIVE ME a number/email address, I will learn to use a graphic design app and make a better jersey than this.

  33. Ugly…I was going to get one for me and my daughter until I saw it. The Adidas USA t-shirt isn’t any better though…Who the hell is designing these things?

  34. The shirt’s basic design is just OK – nothing special. I have a REAL problem, however, with the Nike logo. I do not think that promoting a sponsor, other than the particular country, is at all appropriate for any national team – much less ours. Save that for MLS!!

  35. It is by far one of the ugliest kits I have ever seen ever. The old ones were so nice, what happened. Disgusting.

  36. Don’t think beauty queen… think continental soldier with a flintlock musket slung over his soldier, off to defend his country’s honor.

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