ESPN Doesn’t Know The Difference Between Emirates and Highbury


In the intro to every Premier League game that ESPN2 shows on Saturday mornings, they begin with a graphic of the world and then zoom in on England and directly to the home ground where the match is played. It’s a brilliant sequence, but they goofed this past Saturday when instead of zooming in on the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal Football Club, they zoomed in on the Arsenal Stadium, better known as Highbury.

Both grounds are near each other, but there’s a massive difference between the bowl of the Emirates Stadium and the old fashioned ground of Highbury, which has now been turned into a housing development.

At least ESPN shouldn’t have a problem when they have to identify White Hart Lane for this Saturday’s 10am ET kickoff on ESPN2 in the match between Tottenham Hotspur against Sunderland.

10 thoughts on “ESPN Doesn’t Know The Difference Between Emirates and Highbury”

  1. I remember FSC used to do this (the zooming in on the stadium) back around 2002 or so. It’s really cool and I never understood why they stopped doing it.

  2. I noticed this too. I think part of the problem may be that when Google Earth last photographed that area, Emirates was still being built and Highbury was still in use.

    Even so, if the person making the video had a clue they would have realized the mistake.

  3. If you do a search in Google Earth for “Emirates Stadium, London,” both Emirates and Highbury get tagged. Oddly, so does Stamford Bridge. At least ESPN didn’t make *that* mistake.

  4. If you search in Google Earth for “Dog Turd, England” it tags Manchester City FC player Adebarndoor. No lie….lmfhoasm

  5. Google earth doesn’t have a current shot of the Emirates. If you zoom in it is still under construction. I’m pretty sure that is why they didn’t use that stadium. It would have looked ridiculous when they zoomed in only to see piles of dirt on the field.

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