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Inter Bottom of Group F

inter milan badge 300x300 Inter Bottom of Group FInter Milan drew 2-2 at home to Dynamo Kiev in a game that saw them behind twice and could have ended in defeat. Inter Milan are now at the Bottom of group F and only have one remaining home game left to play.

Although it is true that Inter are at the bottom of the group they have 3 points from 3 games but it is not quite as bad as it sounds with the other 3 teams all being tied on 4 points.  It is true though that Inter need to get a result from their next match against Dynamo Kiev or risk the Europa League being the most realistic destination for them after Christmas.

Sneijder and Eto’o have yet to fulfil their potential in an Inter Milan shirt since signing in the summer with the Italian Champions just not clicking properly quite yet. They had a very good 5-0 win at the weekend against Genoa but this doesn’t cover up the weaknesses in the team that clearly exist when they sit bottom of their Champions’ League group.

Inter need to change things around quickly in Europe or Jose Mourinho will come under increasing pressure. They currently still sit top of the pile in Serie A but the fans crave European success which is what Mourinho was brought in to provide.

Written by Danny Watson a Sports writer who also blogs about football kits.

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0 Responses to Inter Bottom of Group F

  1. Adelaja Alex says:

    I want the club badge on my face book.”THE BEST CLUB I KNOW”

  2. klandi says:

    the best club i know is inter…inter will win champions league because inter has the best trajner and the best player in wourld

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