Fox Soccer Channel To Broadcast Liverpool v Man United Game

fox-soccer-channel1Fox Soccer Channel will be televising the Liverpool against Manchester United game scheduled for October 25 at 10am ET.

Up until now, we weren’t sure whether Setanta Sports or Fox Soccer Channel would show the game, but the game is now listed on Fox Soccer Channel’s TV schedule. Following the game, FSC will show West Ham United versus Arsenal at Noon ET.

Setanta Sports, meanwhile, will show Bolton versus Everton (9:30am ET) and Manchester City against Fulham (11am ET on Setanta Xtra, and delayed at Noon ET on Setanta Sports USA).

Typically, Fox Soccer Channel shows the 11am ET game while Setanta Sports gets the early Sunday kick-off, but in a massive coup, Fox Soccer Channel will be showing the biggest game of the season.

Fox Soccer Channel televising the Liverpool against Man United game will be a massive boost to its TV ratings. ESPN2’s biggest TV rating of the 2009-2010 season thus far was 398,391 viewers for the Liverpool against Aston Villa game shown on Monday, August 24th at 3pm ET. In comparison, the largest TV rating Fox Soccer Channel achieved during the 2008-2009 season was 298,000 viewers for the Liverpool against Chelsea match shown on Sunday, February 1, 2009 at 11am ET.

7 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Channel To Broadcast Liverpool v Man United Game”

  1. This is awesome news. I just wish FSC would get their programming in HD already. ESPN’s coverage looks so much better.

  2. Good news. Now, if only FSC could enter the XXI century and bring the HD feed…I know it’s coming up next year, but that’s about 3-4 years too late.

  3. Once FSC goes live with HD programming, many us may still have to wait for a very long time to actually see it….Companies like Comcast are not quick to ad HD content to there lineup. And while we may know how great it is, if there isn’t a large viewership on FSC, Comcast and other providers may upgrade other channels to HD well before.

    Not a good prospect for those of us unable to get direct TV or the Dish.

  4. liverpool are is quite good form lately , but so has man u . Ill put my money on liverpool !!! i mean come on 2-0 , 2-1 , and 4-1 all 2 liverpool .
    torres and gerrard are in GREAT form , 2 player who are fantastic at there top of there game playing together in positions they LOVE .
    i dont see manchester united haveing a combonation like that !!!

    ps. IM ONLY 10

  5. yea great – and we were just watching it but Fox ruined it for us with their final score ticker tape at the bottom. What are they thinking????????????? We can’t watch a game anymore without finding out the final score in the middle of it.

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